When Hitler came to power he discovered that German’s gold was gone, it had been spent.

They soon invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia and plunders their gold without a shot being fired. He then invaded Poland, they fought back, they held the Germans back enough to get Poland’s gold out of the country. 75 tons of gold are sent via train traveling through Romania, Turkey, and Lebanon traveling South and East before arriving in France.


Hitler’s armies took over The Netherland, Belgium, and France, however, with the French expecting this they had removed their gold from the Central Reserve of Paris and hidden it in 51 different locations throughout the county less than a days drive from ports. Now France prepares to get the gold out of the country. In a secret operation, the gold is moved to ports along the seaside, with German army close behind. All ships were used, merchant ships, warships, trawlers and fishing boats it worked. 85 ouches bounded for the US and Canada. Although a number were sunk by German submarines.

The seabed is littered with gold from sunken ships.

In 1940 Churchill orders that some of England gold with a market value today of 9.9 billion dollars, be dispatched to Canada for safe keeping. It is loaded on a ship called the Emerald, the operation was called Fish. On 1st July 1940 the Emerald docked safely in Halifax. The cargo simply labelled ‘fish’ are set aboard a train and set to Ottawa and Montreal. In Ottawa the gold is stored in the Central bank, in Montréal’s, it is stored in the Sun Life Building then the biggest building in the Commonwealth. There would be many more voyages throughout the war always kept in the secret.

Throughout the war 600 tons of gold is looted by Hitler, it bought oil and armaments from neutral countries like Sweden and Switzerland. Britain responded by buying arms from neutral America. Britain used its gold throughout the war while Charles de Gaulle refused to use Frances gold saying it would need it to rebuild after the war.

The Swiss managed to a to accrue great wealth from the WWII.

Andrew Maguire is a British commodities trader and whistle-blower. He presented evidence to United States regulators alleging that fraud had been committed and that prices in the international gold and silver markets had been manipulated. Maguire showed exactly how and when the trading would take place, however, no regulatory or legal action has been taken as a result of his accusations.

At the height of the great depression, President Roosevelt ordered all American’s to turn in all of their gold. They were paid in paper dollars at 21 an ounces. Supposedly, Roosevelt, had the gold melted down and turned into blocks then stored at Fort Knox in Kentucky. That was the last time the gold was counted. There have been proposals to audit Fort Knox put before congress over the years, however, each time it is voted down. There has been no audit and it is assumed by many that the gold is not there. 


In 2008 when Hugo Chávez came to power in Venezuela, he discovered that Venezuelan gold was being stored in European banks. 211 billion dollars’ worth of Venezuelan gold was held out of the country. Hugo Chávez campaigned and eventually had some of it returned.

Germany, on the other hand, tried to get their Gold out of US Federal Reserve and was denied. Canada, on the other hand, has sold off all its gold.

One of the biggest questions in the world today is ‘Where is the gold, and who owns it?’