The Monarchies of Europe led by the British Royal Family had been involved in the occult for centuries through the sponsorship of clairvoyants: Nostradamus and Sir John Dee.

The British Royal Family is deeply masonic. The Queens cousin, the Duke of Kent is British Freemasonries Grand Master. There is even a Freemasonic Lodge in Buckingham Palace. The Queen and her predecessors were masonic. It is a fact that much of the European Nobility goes back to various houses, especially in England and France, which link the genealogical lines of the Kings of Europe and the Kings of Jerusalem and before that the ruling Egyptian and Babylon leaders.

The British Royal family is more German than British. Queen Victoria was married to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Under pressure from the anti-German sentiment in WWI King George V changed their name to Winsor after one of their castles.

When Queen Elizabeth wanted to marry Prince Philip she strengthened her German roots. Prince Philip is a descendant of the Danish-German house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg, whose members have provided bespoke royalty to Denmark, Norway, and Greece. Prince Philip who was a member of the Hitler youth renounced his titles and took the name, Mountbatten. All four of Philip’s sisters married into German nobility and embraced Nazi philosophy.

Adam Weishaupt was taken in by and wrote more materials for Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was Great Grandson of Ernst II and consort to Queen Victoria the British Royal Family are direct descendants of Ernst II. Since Ernst II became a member of the Illuminati 1783 it is expected that the teachings of Adam Weishaupt are being used by the British Royal Family today.

The British Monarchy were involved in two wars with China over Opium. Since the mid-17th Century onwards Europe had a huge trade deficit with China. Europe wanted tea, silk, and porcelain, but China didn’t want as much from Europe. Chinese Emperors demanded to be paid in silver and gold coin. The problem was solved when British ships started importing opium into China from India. Large areas of China became addicted to Opium. The addiction so intense that in many areas of China opium was currency. The conflict between Chinese Emperors and British traders became so intense that Queen Victoria sent in the British Army to fight the Chinese Army over opium from 1839 to 1842 and again in 1846 to 1860.

The British East India Company occupied India on behalf of the British crown and its traders. Afghanistan and its many poppy fields are occupied today by British coalition forces. In 2007, 93 percent of the world’s opium production came from poppies in Afghanistan. The 2006 Afghanistan poppy harvest was valued at three billion dollars.   

The Venetian Black Nobility fought the 4th Crusade against the Byzantine Empire  

The Queens wealth is divided into three categories:

1)      Wealth as the Monarch

2)      Visible Personal Wealth

3)      Invisible Personal Wealth

Most of The Queens wealth was inherited from her ancestor’s opium trade with China and the slave trading

Queen Elizabeth II owns the island of Jersey.

In 1977 the Bank of England trustees was established to hide the Queens portfolio of wealth.

As the royal monarch, the Queen has access to the privileged information, state secrets, and the world’s top financiers. She is immune from prosecution for insider trading or conflicts of interest. Her financial portfolio includes BP, Rio Tinto, Royal Dutch Shell, GE, and Archer Daniel Midland etc.

The Black Nobility is a ruling power who solidified its power during the 12th Century by intermarrying with the Godfather families of Venice, Italy. During Crusades, the Black Nobility used its power and influence to control trade across Europe.

The Black Nobility is headed by The Committee of 300 (The Illuminati) who enhance their wealth through the illegal Arms & drug trades. Any estimated $200 billion a year flows into the secret Swiss Bank accounts.

The Black Nobility includes:

1)      House of Hanover in Germany

2)      House of Hapsburg in Austria

3)      House of Orange in Netherland

4)      House of Lichtenstein in Lichtenstein

5)      House of Guelph in Britain

Today Queen Elizabeth II is head of State of the great Hebrew coven of Great Britain. Her Genealogy according to the college of Heralds in London traces her blue bloodline back to the Biblical figure Abraham who many believe to be Amenemhat I. 

Today Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Hebrew clan known as Great Britain. Her Genealogy chart proves this her blueblood line traces back to Amenemhat I. By connecting 22 dots the true genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II comes into focus. The meaning of ‘The Temple of Solomon’ means Temple of the Sun God Amen.

All of these families can be found on Queen Elizabeth II family tree. Queen Elizabeth II is head of these 300 ruling families. Their object in to create a one-world government called the New World Order. NWO spelled backward is OWN.

Queen Elizabeth II has much power she has not chosen to exercise including The power to choose and dismiss the Prime Ministers of her Commonwealth Counties through her Governor General, this includes The President of the United States. The power to dismiss parliament, the power to dissolve parliament and call the new for new elections. The power to refuse new legislation passed by parliament. The power to command the Armed Forces and raise a personal militia. To read confidential documents and intelligence reports. The power to declare a state of emergency. She has the power to call elections and enact laws in her majesties name. The power to pardon convicted criminals


Few people realised that not a single law gets passed without the Queens consent.

All of the today’s modern think tanks stem from the Committee of 300 and include The round Table, The Council on Foreign Relations, The United Nations, The Bilderberg’s, The Club of Rome, The (RIIA) Royal Institute of International Affairs and The Trilateral Commission (Founded by David Rockefeller).

Skull and Bones were established by the Russell Trust. Since the colonisation of America member of powerful elite families has established similar fellowships in America like Skull & Bones, which is routed in German Freemasonry. The symbol of the Skull and Bones is derived from the Freemasonic origins of the in the Knights Templar, whose symbol was the Skull and Bones


Chosen member go through an initiation that involves being stripped naked lying in a coffin and reciting their entire sexual history. Senior Bonesmen chant over the new member in a symbolic method designed to represent death and rebirth. The crosses bones in their symbol represent their ability to double-cross anyone to achieve their objectives. Each new member takes a vowel to swearing a lifetime commitment to the Brotherhood, secretly known as ‘The Brotherhood of Death’. Skull & Bones agenda is to get as many members as possible into positions of power, mainly in politics, high corporate positions, and Media.


The New England Genealogy society confirms that nineteen US Presidents were descendants of King Edward the 3rd of England. George W Bush is a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth 11, light England royalty America’s blue blood lines are maintained through intermarriage.   

The think tanks of The Committee of 300 have given birth too many organisations, the RAND Corporation for one. One study group at The Rand Corporation specializes in predicting the timing and direction of thermos-nuclear wars. The institutes and corporations are engaged in the secretive development of brainwashing and population control techniques, the mapping and patterning of animal and human DNA and the genetic engineering of animal and plant life.  

The Black Venetians (Nobility) moved from Venice to Holland where they set up the Great Amsterdam Bank and created the Dutch East India Company. They were also promoters of Martin Luther, The Protestants, Puritans, The Jesuits the Club of Rome and later the Freemasons along with most other secret societies.

There their Banking Empire they were able to put the Tudors into debt to them via Henry VIII, This debt continued to rise during the Stuart reign and was eventually capitalised on via their funding of Thomas Cromwell revelation leaving the England crown sufficiently weak enough to be taken over.  


It was from Holland the William of Orange, House of Hanover (William III of England) launched his successful assault on the British Crown. After installing himself as King he created The Bank of England, which is why the Dutch Royal family have so much power today.

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