Terror is described as: the use of extreme fear to intimidate people: isn’t that what our nightly news does every day. Almost all the leading stories on the news relate to fear in some way.


The nightly news has a formula, a story about terrorism, a story of fear about climate change and the environment. Then a local story or two about fear, car accident, and/or robbery. A story for the feminists, normally focused on domestic violence. A story about medical break throws that never go anywhere. Sport, lots of it if you’re in Australia. Finally there is always a story about animals.


After every fear inducing story on the news they add a rider, either “it is unknown whether it is terror related” or “a terrorist organisation is suspected” Terror is just a noun, it can be applied to anything. How can you declare a war on a noun? It’s like declaring a war on jumping. Quite simply it’s a war that can’t be won and can go on for ever.


Why is the nightly news sponsored “Bought to you by Woolworths’ and then there are the advertisers who run ads throughout the hour. Nightly news is normally the most watch TV show of the day. Therefore you’ve got to pay big for advertising during the news.


How often do you see a story about a road death from speeding, then you go to an ad for new car “goes for zero to 100 in 30 seconds”. That’s why the idea of reducing a cars power is not brought up. All these sponsors have pull with the network. You can guarantee there won’t be any news about their faulty products as long as they keep the advertising dollars coming in.  


Due to our ‘War on Terror’ the very meaning of the word has been forgotten. Having a ‘War on Terror’ really highlighted how stupid people have become. Anything can be considered terror. The road toll is terrifying. The tens of thousands of people die every years on the world’s roads, that is terrifying yet no-one is fighting a war against road deaths.


If the world wanted to do something about road deaths they’d pass laws making it illegal to make cars that don’t exceed the country’s highest speed limit.  There are also very safe cars with numerous safety features yet you have to have a lot of money to afford them. Therefore the wealthier you are the safer you are.


Why isn’t there a ‘War on Cancer’ if four out of five people are likely to get cancer then shouldn’t that be a major priority. I won’t go into it here but I know there are cures for cancer that don’t involve chemotherapy or large doses of drugs and the torment people go through just to get a chance to overcome it.


Cancer is largely a manmade illness. It is created by all the poisons / preservatives in our foods. It is made even worse by genetically modified foods (GMO’s) which are created by the poisons put in the food seeds by organisations like Monsanto. Tests on rats have proven that by the third generation of the rat eating GMO’s, they become seriously ill, and become sterile. Which is what people like Bill Gates wants for us.


Cancer is also caused by the poisons in our water. Fluoride is not a healthy ingredient in water. It is a poison that creates untold amounts of if illnesses and brain damage to the people who use it, which is everyone in the Western world. The western world got the idea to put fluoride in water from Hitler. Hitler used to put it in the water of the people of the people who he invaded, to reduce their IQ and make them more docile.


This effects everyone on the planet yet it doesn’t get a mention on our news, or in our parliaments, or by our doctors and medical organisations and institutions. There is less and less and in some cases no financial support for research into these life changing and life ending conditions.


The dictionary describes terrorism as: the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Who is the overseer of official or authorized violence? We have reached a point in life where we no longer have counties as enemies so we are now declaring war on individuals. One man’s terrorist is another man freedom fighter. Israel / Palestine is a perfect example.


Israel has the fourth strongest army on the planet, and they are now, and have been doing for fifty years, been committing genocide on the Palestinians. The Palestinians are fight this massive army that is stealing their land and killing their children, with stick and stone. Yet the Israeli government has the nerve to go on television and call the Palestinians terrorists. The Palestinians don’t even have a media outlet to tell their story too.


‘War on Terrorism’ is a war on a noun, it is testimony to how stupefied we have become by our media. Every year our governments borrow more and more money of the private bankers who are happy to fund the war that will never end. The war won’t end because ‘terrorist’ now means anybody who disagrees with their government or their media. The military industrial complex which buys and sells arms globally, are funding the so called terrorists.


Military sales worldwide increase every year. These companies are always coming up with more ways to torture and kill people. Who pays for this, we do. Every year health gets a more expensive. Living day to day is a struggle for most of the world. Yet our governments always have enough money to buy more and more artillery. Weaponry sales are a billion dollar a year industry. America and Britain sell their enemies their weapon, then fight them. ISIS is armed with British and American weaponry, and the sales go, the wars go. Meanwhile our media is silent on the subject.


As I’ve said, Central banks are privately owned organisations who lend money to governments. They buy governments and fund wars and have done so for at least two hundred years. These bankers own everything including the media. Everyone in the Western world has been chronically brainwashed by them from birth. It takes a very special person to see through this illusion, it is often referred to as opening of your third eye. To the rest of the Western world these people are considered crazy.


We all know our media and our politicians lie. Yet we act like they are 100% honest when they talk about terrorism. A Politician is a dishonest person, they lie to get into power and then justify their lies when they are in power. Obama claimed that he would end the war in Afghanistan when he campaigned for president. When he became president he increased the war in Afghanistan by sending in more troops.


The truth is a politician has very little power they are slaves to the private bankers who own everything. When you know this you realise that there is no point in voting. Voting itself is part of the brainwashing process. It is a distraction put there to think you have a choice. You don’t.


Most if not all politicians have been compromised by the powerful bankers and their corporations. These super powers belong to secret societies who carry out satanic rituals where they murder and rape people. To get to a position of power anywhere in the world you have to be approved by the bankers.


The bankers groom the leader by compromising them through their murder and sexual rituals. The bankers film the politician raping a child or doing something that can that they can be blackmailed through. Therefore the politician is completely loyal to the banker and the politician doesn’t care less about what the people they were ‘elected’ to represent really need. This is the case with every politician everywhere who has any real perceived power.


All world leaders are narcissist or psychopath and sociopaths. That is because they have no empathy they don’t care about other people they as supposed to represent. They’re just in it for whatever they can get out of it. This is how they are able to do things like starve to death 500,000 people, mainly children as happened in Iraq through British and American sanctions between the Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq.


Approximately four to five percent of the population are psychopaths. This is how they are able to control the rest of us. Psychopaths are also chosen as police officers, corporate CEO, politicians and all powerful area of society.


If you look at TV shows over the past 65 years you’ll see there is a theme, police, lawyer, doctors and actors. Time again these four professions are drummed into us as being society’s elite. Police officers who always do good things, and struggle with themselves over all decisions they make. Lawyers who are so concerned with their clients that they will turnover every stone and to help their client. Who get personally involved in their clients life. Doctors who care so deeply for their patients that they would do anything to heel their patients. Actors because the media industry is self-obsessed and sends the message to the viewer, that everyone’s aspiration should be to want to be famous.


None of these thing are true in real life. Police don’t care about the people they arrest. Lawyers couldn’t care less about their clients and doctors don’t give their patients a second thought. All of these things are known by anyone who has been involved with anyone in these professions. That is why the opposite is constantly being forced down our throats by Hollywood, it is all part of the brainwashing technique. 


We are stupid. We just watch the television and take in all their ‘moral’ messages unaware that they (the world leader) do not adhere to these ‘lessons’. It’s all part of social control and it has moved to a new level. People aren’t like sheep, sheep need people and sheep dogs to keep them inline. People are a lot worse, people are kept inline by other people.


This is even worse when you consider that the ‘moral’ that we use to keep each other in line are coming from Satan worshipping pedophiles. There is a lot more of us then there is of us. That is why it’s so important to them to keep us inline. They use the age old strategy of divide and conquer to achieve this goals. If we were to unite and say “we’re not going to take your abuse anymore’ then they lose their power. That is why they divide as up into different groups.


We are divided by social classes, race, religions, genders, work, sports, incomes, political groups, philosophical beliefs, education, marriage, divorce, parents, families, education, home owners, renters, gay, straight etc. this list can go on forever. This is where their power comes from. These world owners count on us all being at war with each other just under the surface. Everyone is in a war trying to ‘keep up with joneses’. We think that the more material gains we have the happier we are, and to a degree this is true.


Our consumer society has us all caught in a trance. We buy something and we feel a short term gratification however the gratification is only short term. It is this very thinking that keeps us from achieving spiritual enlightenment. We are all spiritual being however this trance we are kept in keeps us from becoming all that we can be.


To talk about spirituality these days is considered a social ‘no-no’. People assume that spirituality is associated with religion when the two things couldn’t be further apart. Religion like the way our ruler govern us based upon blind faith and history has proven that the only thing blind faith gets you is total enslavement. Religion makes you believe you are small and, at the mercy of a dominating, controlling and somehow all loving god. While Spirituality is the opposite it helps you realise that you are a free, independent, entity capable of anything.


The basis of unity is the family, in a community of happy united families the possibility of overthrowing the ruling elite is so much greater when we are a united community, and therefore happy families are the enemies of the ruling elite. The rulers used Hollywood to sell the virtues of divorce and broken families.


This in turn spread through society breaking communities up. In turn there was friction at the grass roots level of community this made the elite happy. The community were fighting over their children, step parents and money. The elite saw what they had done and it was good but it wasn’t enough.


Next the elite introduced feminism, which turned the family upside down. Now I have to be careful here because I’m not trying to say women should be kept stupid and locked up in the home. I can’t imagine what like would be like with a woman without a brain. Feminism was a trick though engineered by the Rockefeller family and friends, to be able to tax more people and to break up families.


It used to be that one income could support a family, cover the cost of groceries, bills and mortgage, however everything has changed now. We know live in a world where it takes two incomes to just cover the household bills. Furthermore alcohol has taken on a huge role in society in most cases it’s a destructive force that weakens the family. Drunken parents set bad role models for children. And a child used to learn from their parents.


Children these days are raise by the screens and the governments. The television brainwash children at an early age and most of the times their parents aren’t there to share the experience with their children. Children spend more time in government run child care these days because families are forced into having to have both parents working.


There is a most unfair social attitude attached to parents who choose to stay at home and raise their children rather than ‘get back’ into the workforce. Some situation as so ridiculous they are almost laughable if they weren’t so sad. A parent my work as a child care worker, so they deny themselves the time spent raising their own children to go back to work, because society pushed them, so they then spend time with someone else’s children.  How confusing a message this is for a child. And of course the elite are happy, the children are being indoctrinated into the system even earlier.


Things got even worse when the ‘domestic violence’ trend started being splashed across our television. Behind violent men is normally violent women and alcohol. The governments have created a state where if I man raises his voice to a woman he can be arrested.


The roles of each gender switched and woman started acting like men and men started acting like women. Alcohol and drugs feed the domestic violence craze yet no-one is joining these two things together. The alcohol industry is so powerful. It is advertised constantly in our media, and it sponsors most of our sporting events.


With men and women constantly in fear of each other how is family or social cohesion possible? Again the elite preach but don’t practise. Jeff Kennett the former Premier of Victoria was a well-known spousal abuser. His wife Felicity was constantly being escorted away from dangerous situation to women’s shelters, yet the media kept all of this quiet, because he was towing the elite’s line. 


As I said men are acting like women and women are acting like men. This has led to the whole ‘gay’ media craze. Less than two percent of the world are gay yet the media would have you believe that everyone is gay. How can you have a national plebiscite on gay marriage but not have one about getting into a war that is never ending, it doesn’t make sense.


If you’re gay that’s fine, but don’t let the media shove it down your throat like it’s normal. Our education has stopped teaching important things like history and geography and instead replaced it with gay tolerance and environmentalism. Our children shouldn’t be pushed into decide whether they are gay or straight in primary school, yet that is what our current education system to doing. There is not a mainstream television show in its second season that does not have a gay character. All this breaks families up and for this reason the elite are happy.


Environmentalism is just a just another excuse to mess with society. This earth can provide for every person on earth to farm and support themselves however because of the bankers we can’t. The banker corporations have bought out all of the third world countries and hold them prisoners through the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.


These organisations hold these countries ransom to their corporation by forcing them to buy seeds off Monsanto and other organisations. The IMF does deal with these countries corrupt governments who sell their natural resources to the IMF’s first world corporations at impossible to pay back loans. Hence these countries become slaves to the elite while its people starve.


Environmentalism is also being used by the United Nations to justify the mass culling of the human race through Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is the plan for the 21st century devised by the United Nations to kill off 95 percent of the human population. The plan operates by herding people into major cities closing down all the rural areas by ending all industry in these towns.


The plan is to gather the much smaller population into these cities leaving the rest of the planet to the elite. These plans are already in motion through the education system where children are being taught to worship the planet.  They are also taught about global warming which is also fake. On global warming I’ll just say this. Why is it that the polar icecaps on all the other planets are also heating up? It’s quite simple there is a force somewhere out there in space that is changing the universe as a whole. It has nothing to do with anything we are doing on earth.


This all brings us back to terrorism. Terrorism is a war on us. Every night the news spruiks tales of terrorism and justify why we need to spend so much money to protect us from terrorism. People are dying at much higher rates than ever before in so many other areas of life. Terrorism is an excuse to keep you scared and reliant on the untrustworthy politicians and media.


Terrorism could have been marketed at any point over the past 65 years. The bombing of the World Trade Centre in 1993 or the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. They could have used it during the Iran-Iraq War. They could have used it during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Terrorism could have been marketed to us at any time throughout history however they chose 911 to start to ratchet up the fear.


911 was a manufactured event, if you don’t believe me, then simply haven’t looked into it and you’ve just accepted what the media has told you. Just after 911 the media started playing the news in the afternoon from 3pm right after school finishes. This is a direct attack on the minds of our children. To attack their thought processes while parents are at work. This is just one example of how terrorism was forced into our lives.


From 911 America decided to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. The US didn’t invade Afghanistan because of 911. The Taliban were America allies until they asked for more money for the proposed pipeline. Rothschild’s Shell Oil and Rockefellers Exxon Oil had invested billions in the Kazakhstan gas reserves just north of Afghanistan. Now they needed a pipeline to transport it to the Persian Gulf. The Taliban demanded a bigger cut and turned down the proposal. So in response America, Britain’s military arm declared war.


The war in Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism or weapons of mass destruction. Six months before The American invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussain stopped trading his oil in US dollars and started trading in Euros. As soon as the Americans took control over Iraq they changed the trade of oil back to US dollars.


These two war were hidden behind terrorism, when the truth is far different. George W Bush was responsible for the deaths of millions, yet being the psychopath that he is he joke about the whereabouts of the weapons of mass destruction at the annual dinner of the Radio and Television Correspondents. The media being psychopaths too just laughed. 


We are being indoctrinated into the psychopath attitudes of the media. Reality television has become far crueller than television has ever been before. There is a pronounced difference in watching a TV character and not liking them, and watching a real life person on a reality program and saying you don’t like them. You are not seeing a real person you are seeing an edited version of the person created by the television producers.


As far as cruelty goes we have outright bullies appearing on reality shows like ‘The Block’. The reality programs continue to get crueller there is a show called the ‘Seven Year Switch’ where producer try to break up married couples. This is conduct that would have been seen as sick a generation ago, but today it’s the norm. This is an example as to how the media continues to condition people.


The ‘War on Terrorism’ is another reality program being played out on a much higher level. Any politician who wants to get their face on TV just has to use the word terrorism. How many time did we see Bush, Obama and Blair make public statements about “It doesn’t matter how long it take, we will win this war on terror”.


That’s the issue, it’s a war that can never be won, until every person on the planet is a slave. There is no foreseeable end and that’s exactly what they want. To keep us in fear and enslaved permanently. The governments are meant to work for the people who vote for them, yet this is clearly not the case.


Your average person in the street says “oh yes, we must do anything to protect us against terrorism”. Yet virtually no-one has been directly affected by it. Although everyone has been inconvenienced by it, random police stops, increased surveillance on all of us, Bag inspections and x-ray machine whenever you enter a large building. All these things are done by our masters and we are letting them. 


The world has gone crazy, yet most of the Western world’s population don’t realise it. People are so busy just trying to keep their head above water, no-one has the will to fight. Even if they did they wouldn’t know who they were fighting or why. Despite our futures being at stake our large egos are our enemy. People are too proud to admit they have been deceived their whole lives, so they lash out defensively. All the while a carefully orchestrated and unseen plan is being played out in the background of our lives. Making us weaker, stupider and more enslaved. It is not known how this will end however at the moment thing don’t look good.