In 1973 Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller formed the Trilateral Commission to include Asia; Japan and now China. They are an extension of the Council on Foreign Relations designed to bring Asia into the globalist’s agenda. The Trilateral Commission put out a paper in 1975, saying that there was a little too much democracy in the United States and maybe that should be reined in.


Senator Barry Goldwater said in his book ‘With No Apologies’ The Trilateralist Commission is international...(and) intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateralist Commission represents a skilful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centres of power - political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical."


The Council on Foreign Relations was formed in 1921, its creators included Coronel Mandel House and John Foster Dulles, and their purpose was to educate the American public on the desirability of a global government. They felt they needed to do this because they had already made their first attempt with the League of Nations. The League of Nations failed because the United States chose not to join. The CFR logo and the emblem of the Knights Templars are strikingly similar. Not everyone within the CFR is conspirators planning on taking over the world, a lot of them are just ‘wannabes’. Every member of Lyndon Johnson’s cabinet was a member of The CFR.


The power was consolidated a long time ago, in 1947 with the creation of the CIA and the National Security Act. It separated the Army from the Air Force it changed the title of the War Department to the Defence Department. Under the war Department, American only fought three wars; The Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. Under The Defence Department, which was only meant to defend, America has fought wars in Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Panama, Granada, Laos, Cambodia, Columbia, Afghanistan, and Iraq twice.


David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger are examples of people who are at the core of all these secret societies.


Then there are the Bilderberg Group, they don’t really have a name, they have met somewhere, usually in Europe, once a year since 1954. The Bilderberg Group were created by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who gathered some prominent people together at the Bilderberg Hotel at Oosterbeek in the Netherlands. Prince Bernhard had previously been an SS Officer. Every year the Bilderberg Group bring some up and coming ‘nobodies’ to their meetings, and groom them for political offices, people like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. There are massive media blackouts whenever the Bilderberg Group come to town. Again Rockefeller and Kissinger are there every year.


Once a year the leaders of commerce, banking, politics and media hide themselves away from the rest of the world and then they come out and say we’re not going to tell you what we talked about to makes a mockery of freedom and freedom of the press, who are in on it. People need to know who’s calling the shots because sooner or later it’s going to bite everyone on the arse.


Then there’s Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones are a springboard association based at Yale Univercity. They take young men with ability and contacts and try to slot them into high level of media, business, and politics in the hope that they will create an elite network. The number 322 means that Skull and Bones are the three hundred and twenty-second chapter of the Illuminati.


How do these organisations manage to control the media? They can’t control every reporter or editor in the world, however, they can and do control the distribution of the information. Clear Channel was buying up all the radio stations across American, firing people like Art Bell. Clear Channel happened to be owned by The Carlisle Group. So they were and continue to clamp down on the alternative information that is out there. If you make a decision based upon faulty information it’s not going to be the right decision.


With just some ‘tweaking’ of your fuels intake jets on your car, you could be driving around in a car fuelled by hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most common substance on the planet we don’t even need oil.


Why was there a Vietnam War? Right after WWII the CFR published some papers saying American needed to gain control over the mineral resources of South East Asia, which at that time was called French Indochina. On 7th May 1954, the French were defeated in the battle of Dien Bien Phu and they withdrew from French Indochina.


Within weeks John Foster Dulles, who was the Secretary of State to Dwight Eisenhower, went to the Philippines and creates something called The South East Asian Treaty Organisation (SEATO). He later explained that he did it to give the American President the legal precedent for intervention in South East Asia. He was acting in the best interest of the CFR who wanted control over the mineral interests of the area. 58, 000 American lives later the war was over.


While the Vietnam War was going on David Rockefeller was in Russia, meeting with Nikita Khrushchev. With Rockefeller and the rest of the CFR, encouraged Lyndon Johnson to increase loans to Russia at levels higher than in WWII when Russia was an ally. So this was going on while the public was told that North Vietnam was a surrogate of China and Russia.


The story had a domino effect, that if the West didn’t fight the North Vietnamese then they’d take over the pacific region. We were also told that The North were getting arms from Russia and China, which was true, however, the Russian arms were being paid for by the American Government. The Russians took American taxpayer money to give to Kama River (Automobile Plant) which is a Russian truck manufacturer where they would produce trucks to send to North Vietnam.


There was an attempted assassination of Jimmy Carter, he’d asked for national television time in late 1979. He wanted to announce sweeping changes in government including reining in of the CIA. When he went to Los Angles, he was attacked by Raymond Lee Harvey and Osvaldo Espinoza Ortiz. Raymond Lee Harvey had been carrying a revolver and blank cartridges. His story, was later confirmed by Osvaldo Espinoza Ortiz, was that they had been part of a plot involving two Mexican men who had been staying at the nearby Alan Hotel, and who were allegedly going to shoot Carter. Shooting the blanks was supposed to create a distraction for the real assassins. It was most likely a ploy by the CIA. The case was later dismissed for lack of evidence. Carter cancelled the proposed TV announcement and went into seclusion at Camp David where he waited out the remainder of his Presidency.


After Regan was elected he was shot and wounded by John Hinckley Jr, another likely victim of MK Ultra. In all news network tapes you can clearly hear the sound of seven shots, while Hinckley only had a six shooter. The bullet that struck Reagan was of a downward trajectory while Hinckley was level with Reagan.  Could it have been another George Bush attempted assassination? There was no investigation but for months Bush was in charge of the country.


In WWII Hitler was supposed to be the bad guy. Hitler was a Military Intelligence Agent who was assigned to infiltrate the Nazi Party. Hitler was funded by the west to build Germany back up again. Hitler was also supported by another private group The Thule Society. They were made up off some of the leading industrialists and intellectuals in Germany at the time. They were also people who had an intimate working knowledge of The Occult.


These secret societies all work together at their highest levels. The same thing happened in WWI, at the time of the Russian Revolution, Lenin was in Switzerland. Leon Trotsky was in New York City, working for Wall Street capitalists, mainly the Schiff Family. They gave Trotsky money and all sorts of support to go into Russia, and take over a popular uprising, changing it into a Communist Government.


Lenin was subjected the same coordination. He was put on a sealed railway car, travelled through Germany, who was at war with Russia, he was sent over to Russia to set up the Communist System. One of the people who helped organise the Russian Revolution was a highly connected Germany intelligence agent (Head of German Intelligence) named Max Warburg. The brother of Paul Warburg, the founder of the American Federal Reserve System and a leading financier of the United States WWI war chest.


The CIA was meant to be a small agency that took the knowledge of the army, and the Secret Service and all those smaller intelligence wings and co-ordinate it. It was intended to stop duplication of effort. Instead, it created a huge monster that is out of control, starting wars and running drugs.


The Homeland Security and The Patriot Act are unconstitutional, however, there was no talk and no debate. It was supposed to be (theoretically) a thirty-page thesis saying here’s what we need to discuss. However, somehow the entire Project for the New American Century, got rolled up into it and by the time it got to Congress the document was 500 pages long.


Congress got the document the night before the vote. You can’t read 500 pages, absorb it, think about it, and make an intelligent decision in one night. For the mere fact that congress passed a document that they hadn’t even read is enough for a recall election and to start over again from scratch.


August Belmont was a registered agent Rothschild banking family in Europe, he came to the United States and quickly became the leading seller of bonds for the Federal Government. He’s the person who got the money to start the Civil War. At the same time, he was quietly buying up all the Southern American bonds. It was a banking deal.


Even Chancellor Otto von Bismarck of Germany is on the record in saying the in 1860’s, the United States Civil War, was contrived by the Rothschilds to split the country in half. So they could regain North America for the bankers in France and Britain. The bulk of the British army was in Canada while the bulk of the French army was in Mexico. The two countries were going to bleed the United States dry. The only man who knew what was going on was Abraham Lincoln. That’s why Lincoln became the first American President to print Americas own money, known as ‘Greenbacks’.


Within Freemasonry, there’s a huge outer circle, and a small inner circle. There is knowledge passed through these inner circles. From Cecil Rhode’s round table to freemasonry today there are illuminated Freemasons. Freemasons who have been instilled with the knowledge of the Illuminati.


In the remote past the gods walked with men and while the instructors from the invisible planes of Nature were still labouring with the infant humanity of this planet, they choose from among the sons of men the wisest and the truest. These they laboured with, preparing them to carry on the work of the gods after the spiritual hierarchies themselves had withdrawn into the invisible worlds. With these specially ordained and illumined sons, they left the keys of their great wisdom, which was the knowledge of good and evil. They ordained these anointed and appointed ones to be priests or mediators between themselves (the gods) and that humanity which had not yet developed the eyes which permitted them to gaze into the face of Truth and live. – Manly P Hall


 It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied with this fact than I am. – George Washington.


Every time there is a space launch it is always at a certain time and in a certain way to conform to astrological numbers.


When the streets of Washington were laid out the skipped over lot 666 and today the Whitehouse sits on that lot.


There is a story that was past from ancient mystery schools of Egypt and then to the ancient mystery schools Greece, to the Romans and further through Western Heritage. All of this was wealth and Knowledge passed down from Samaria. Samaria an ancient city of central Palestine, founded in the 9th century BC, as the capital of the northern Hebrew kingdom of Israel. The ancient site is situated in the modern West Bank, north-west of Nablus. The exiled Egyptians landed in Israel where at some point Solomon built a huge temple. Part of it was for praying and part of it was for storing their Treasure.


When the Romans took Palestine they didn’t just conquer it, they said, you can keep your King and your lifestyle just pay homage to Rome. King Herod was installed and they built his temple on top of the old Solomon’s Temple, which is now the Dome of the Rock. When the Jews revolted in 66AD the treasure was split. Half of it was taken by the Romans back to Rome. The other half was hidden by the Jews in the hidden tunnels underneath the city of Jerusalem.


400 years later Alaric the Goth (370-410), sacked Rome. And took all its treasures. They took the treasures that included half the treasures of Solomon back to the Languedoc in the South of France. This became known as the treasure and particularly the knowledge of a group of people known as The Cathars. The Cathars were a problem for the Roman Church because, they had information that was being kept from the people, by the Church during the dark ages.


The Pope responded by sending his people on The Albigensian Crusade which was supposed to murder all the Cathars, however, some escaped. When the Popes armies got to the Cathars region they sent a message back to the Pope saying how do we know who the Cathars are, to which the Pope responded “Kill them all and let god decide” which was the origin of that saying. The Royal Families of the Cathars escaped and they knew that the rest of the treasure of Solomon was hidden in Jerusalem. So they fomented the Crusades. Basically to retake the Holy Lands but also to find the rest of the Treasure. Enter the Knights Templar.


The French families like the Blanchard’s and St. Bernards’ were more interested in finding the treasure and knowledge. So in 1066, they concur Jerusalem and suddenly nine French Knights, representing the Cathars, show up saying we want to form a new military order called the Knights of the Temple, who became the Knights Templar. They were supposed to be guarding the roads however they didn’t, they excavated under the Temple. So the story goes that they found the Treasure and sent it back to France. They took it to the Languedoc region the Treasure of Solomon was reunited and hidden away in the Rennes-le-Chateau.


Whether or not Bérenger Saunière actually found the treasure is open to debate. However, he did become suddenly wealthy. François-Bérenger Saunière (1852 –1917) was a Roman Catholic priest in the French village of Rennes-le-Château, in the Aude region, officially from 1885 until he was transferred to another village in 1909. Bethania. Saunière's refusal to leave Rennes-le-Château to continue his priesthood in another parish incurred permanent suspension. The epitaph on Saunière's original 1917 gravestone read "priest of Rennes-le-Château 1885-1917".


In 1944 Otto Skorzeny led a battalion of SS Troops into Southern France, working on the known journals and notes of a German named Otto Wilhelm Rahn, who had been to Rennes-le-Chateau a number of times during the 1920’s and 30’s. Working close with Heinrich Himmler, Skorzeny they felt like they knew where the treasure was and on 16th March 1944, the Germans invade Southern France. On 16th March they send a one-word telegram back to Berlin saying “Eureka”. They’d found it, the greatest secrets of the world were now in the hands of the Nazi’s. They took it back to Berchtesgaden. It was taken out of there during an operation called Eagle Flight. This was instigated in August 1944 by IG Farben, and the head of the German Central Bank and Martin Bormann.


The days of a fair trials are over, on the word of the Attorney General, a person can be taken from their home, called an enemy combatant stripped of their rights and thrown into jail indefinitely.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

David Rockefeller

Trilateral Commission

Barry Goldwater

Coronel Mandel House

John Foster Dulles

Bilderberg Hotel

Vietnam War

Henry Kissinger

Jimmy Carter

Raymond Lee Harvey


Nikita Khrushchev

Bérenger Saunière

Otto Skorzeny

Martin Bormann