Only one nation has been crazy enough to drop Atomic Weapons of mass destruction on two cities in Japan, Chemical weapons on Vietnamese people, and depleted radiation weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


Like the Pharaohs of Egypt who built their fortunes on a Grand Vizier, Queen Elizabeth has her own Grand Vizier who serves as her most trusted advisor, his name is Lord Evelyn Robert de Rothschild and he is the second wealthiest person in the world. He is also lord of the financial capital of the world ‘The City of London’. Lord Rothschild and his ring of power hide their identity behind thirteen city council members who stand in as their representative.


In 2000 Lord Evelyn Rothschild married a wealthy Zionist businesswoman Lynn Forester, they married in London, and then jetted to America so they spent their wedding night in the Whitehouse. Just months before 911 they moved to New York and settled to their 18th Floor luxury Palace at Riverhouse, where two private terraces offered them two front row seats for their scheduled 911 show.


Nathan and James Rothschild was known as the ‘demon brothers’ came up with a scheme. That would help put the Illuminati plan for World Government into their own hands. It would also make them filthy rich. The Brothers help finance Napoleon's battle of Waterloo.  With James backing the French and Nathan Backing the British, there was no way they could lose.


By 1818 they had picked the pockets of French investors by crashing the bond market.


The Pope became their most famous customer. The church who had funded the wholesale killing of millions of Muslims during the crusades were now doing business with the ‘demon brothers’ By 1823 the Rothschilds were guardians of the entire papal treasure and took over the financial operations of the entire catholic church.


​Enraged citizens accused the Rothschilds of trying to take over the World’s money markets. Fearing for their lives they cast their eyes further afield to the young colony of America. To make themselves invisible they hid behind two front companies: JP Morgan and Kuhn and Loeb. More and more power was becoming concentrated in fewer hands. By 1906 JP Morgan’s bank controlled one-third of America’s railways along with 70 percent of the steel industries. Morgan, under the control of the Rothschilds, he had a major stake in America’s major companies of the 20th century: AT&T, ITT, General Electric, General Motors, and DuPont.


The Rothschilds bought a controlling interest in The British East India shipping Company and the illegal opium trade with China. They offered junior partnerships to New England’s leading American families The Russell, Forbes, Delano, Coolidge and Perkins families became fabulously rich smuggling opium on board the speedy clipper ships. In 1820 Samuel Russell bought out the Perkins share of the business and ran is syndicate with the help of Willian Delano Junior who was the Grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


The United States flag was designed from the British East India flag, with thirteen red and white stripes both flags copy the red and white stripes of the Vikings, of the tribe of Dan.


The Russell family who controlled the Rothschild arm of the drug smuggling operation also set up the Skull and Bones fraternity, the countries big money families were in the cult. Taft, Russell, Schiff, Harriman, Bush, Warburg, Guggenheim, Rockefeller, Stimson, Waldhauser, Vanderbilt, Goodyear, and Pillsbury were all members. These families have intermarried over generations to form America’s big money Aristocracy. Skull and Bones member Alphonso Taft catapulted his son William right into the Oval office. President Taft’s 17th Amendment guaranteed the right for big money insiders to hand-pick senators and buy control of the United States senate. Today the most influential men of US government, CIA, and big finance are Bonesmen. 


The Skull and bones fraternity is rooted in Judaism, Kabbalism, and Freemasonry which practice mock death and rebirth rituals. Freemasons are blindfolded and symbolically slain with a noose around their neck and lowered into an open grave. Once being raised from the grave they must look towards a light called the morning star. The Latin translation for morning star means Lucifer.


The phoenix bird and double headed eagle are important symbols in Freemasonry. In Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix bird is a god who rose to heaven in the form of a star like Lucifer, after his fire imitation of death and rebirth.


Death and rebirth films are marketed to children through films like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.


The freemasons hierarchy has 33 degrees to it, Solomon’s Temple was said to have been on the 33rd parallel. Most masons remain at the third degree and make a cover though their community charity activities. At the top of their pyramid is the ‘all Seeing Eye’, the eye of Horus. At the bottom are the Goyim the blinded but hard working people who work to build up the wealth of the higher ups.


Giuseppe Mazzini replaced Weishaupt as the head of the Illuminati and also created the MAFIA. MAFIA is an acronym for the five founding members Mazzini, Autofizza, Furti, Incendi and Avvelenamenti.


Leopold Nathanial Rothschild became the next Rothschild to take control of the family fortune. They played the game the best they knew how, and that was to cheat. They became the bankers and rewrote the rules. Since the US Congress was already in charge of the rules and the Federal Reserve Bank, winning meant they would have outsmarted congress.


The Rothschild sent Jacob Schiff to New York to run where they put him in charge of their front company, Kuhn Loeb, and Company.  Then they joined up with other big players Rockefeller Standard Oil, Harriman in railroads, Carnegie Steel and Brown Brothers investment banking. By 1901 the Rothschilds had amassed 22.2 billion dollars in US assets.  The Mayor of New York John Francis Hylan called them the invisible government.


Kaiser Wilhelm II led Germany into the First World War. Kaiser Wilhelm II was the grandson of Queen Victoria and the great uncle of Queen Elizabeth II. It was no accident the Kaiser Wilhelm II chose Max Warburg as the head of Germany’s secret service


The Warburgs and the Rothschilds controlled Germany’s central bank called Reichsbank, which was foundered by Mayer Rothschild. While Max and Felix helped fund Germany in WWI, their brother Paul Warburg helped fund the American side by selling war bonds through the US Reserve Bank. The Warburg printing presses worked hard on both sides of the Atlantic rolling out debt money.


Germany had won the First World War by 1916, without a single shot being fired on German soil. British convoys were blown out of the Atlantic by German submarines. The French army mutinied and the Russian army was defecting. With British Prime Minister Lloyd George up against a wall Lionel Rothschild and the British Zionist, offered the British a deal they couldn’t refuse. We’ll bring the United States into the war if you’ll promise Palestine to the Rothschilds.


In 1917, Woodrow Wilson got the green light and agreed to the war with Germany but because of the overwhelming opposition to the war, Wilson in acted the draft and created the ‘espionage act’ which meant anyone who didn’t go to war got thrown in jail. Billions of US dollars were lent to the British war machine, money that was never repaid. In return, Lord Lionel Rothschild got the Balfour Declaration from the British government. The Declaration promised Palestine and Israel to the Rothschild Zionists.


Treaty of Versailles was made behind closed doors at the home of another Rothschild, Edmond Rothschild. Treaty negotiators included Paul Warburg for the United States and his brother Max Warburg as the German delegate.  The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to accept guilt for the war. As a punishment, Germany lost its army navy and colonies and had to pay the cost of the war.


Through a debt to the gangster banksters that could never be repaid. WWI killed 9 million soldiers, injured crippled and impoverished millions and collapsed four empires, with large parts of France, Belgium and Russia left devastated. Wars throughout history have always been waged by the ruling masters for conquest power and profit. The subject class has always fought their battles.


​The League of Nations was the money elite’s first attempt at money control. But Tsar Nicholas of Russia caught on to the plot and sabotaged it. That prove to be a deadly mistake. Schiff, Warburg, Rockefeller, Morgan and Harriman backed uprisings that led to the 1917 Russian Revolution. Their strategy was to finance both sides of wars which gave them control over the winners, the losers and the outcome. The execution and the removal of the bodies took twenty minutes, three centuries of Tsarist Russia were gone.


Between 1918 and 1921 fourteen thousand Russians died from war and starvation under Lenin’s Bolsheviks. By 1919 Lenin ran up a national debt to the Rothschilds banksters of 60 million dollars, which put Russia firmly under their control. To this day, the Rothschilds have stopped the heirs to the Tsars fortunes from collecting them from Rothschild banks. Those fortunes are now worth an estimated 50 billion dollars.


Josef Stalin who was financed by the same Rothschild bankers as Lenin was. Using terror and intimidation Stalin’s job was to industrialise Russia and turn Communism into a powerful force to complete with Democracy. Manufactured conflicts between these two ideologies would prove to be the ideal forces for all future wars.


 It is a well-known fact that Adolph Hitler went to great lengths to cover up his family history, even arranging for the assassination of Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss who investigated Hitler’s family. The Dollfuss file now in the hands of the British Secret Service. It revealed that Adolph Hitler’s grandmother named Maria Anna Schicklgruber worked in Vienna as a live-in house made at Solomon Rothschild's manner, next to his hotel. The information was traced through her compulsory registration card.


Solomon Rothschild was one of Mayer Rothschild’s five sons. Separated from his wife, Solomon had a reputation with the police as a lecherous womaniser. When Maria Anna Schicklgruber pregnancy was discovered she was dismissed. Adolph Hitler the Grandson of Solomon Rothschild gain a reputation as the evilest man ever known.


More evil than Adolph Hitler were the men who created and financed him. Hitler’s revolutionary activities in Germany led to him being imprisoned. This so-called Prison was Landsberg Castle a comfortable privileged pastoral system where Hitler was groomed for the job as fuhrer. His coaches Hermann Göring and Rudoph Hess helped him write Mein Kampf. Upon his release, the book was widely circulated and Hitler travelled widely throughout Germany.


FDR chose Bonesmen Henry Stimson as his Security of War. FDR was busy building weapons of mass destruction to care about the war in Europe. Roosevelt and Stimson ordered massive firebombing raids on Japans six largest cities, killing and burning alive one-quarter of a million men, women and children.


In the United States, innocent Japanese people were thrown into internment camps. Japanese assets were frozen and their oil lifeline was cut off and crippling trade sanctions were imposed. The attack on Pearl Habour was a direct result of these treatments by a desperate nation, which Roosevelt saw coming. He was more interested in playing with new Atomic toys. Einstein first introduced Roosevelt to the Atomic Bomb in 1939.


Harry Truman a relatively unknown uneducated business school dropout and the son of a mule trader, replaced Roosevelt as US President in 1945. Truman owed his political career to Tom Pendergast a gun running, bootlegging, prostituting and narcotic crook, who sponsored Truman’s election into the US Senate.


On the advice of James F. Byrnes (Former Governor of South Carolina) and Henri Stinson, Truman dropped the first radioactive atomic bomb on civilian population on Hiroshima at 8:15am, 6th August 1945, without even a warning. 80,000 people died because of the Atomic explosions. Three days later Truman dropped another type of Atomic bomb on Nagasaki. In retaliation for Pearl Habour, which could have been prevented, 130,000 Japanese’s civilians and their families were sacrificed and another 90,000 thousand in the horrendous aftermath.


Years later Harry Truman was asked if he did any soul-searching before he dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan, He said: “Hell no, I made it like that”. In 1952 a village was named for Truman in Israel.


In the 1970’s George H W Bush became director of the CIA. The CIA recruited Osama Bin Laden to train Al-Qaeda and mujahedeen fighters in Afghanistan. The job of the trainees was not just fight the Soviet invaders but also to run the counties opium poppies plantations. Heroin is made from opium. Afghanistan’s opium industry supplies 250 to 300 billion dollars annually to Wall Street and the US Banks.


Over 100 million doses of LSD that hit the streets was purchased by Timothy Leary and Allan Dulles. This was done through SG Warburg’s Sandoz AG pharmaceutical company in Switzerland.


The CIA team of ex-Nazi’s and Bonesmen financed and trained Osama Bin Laden to push the Russians out of Afghanistan before 1989. The CIA then trained and installed the Taliban to run the booming opium trade. After a decade the long friendship between the two turned ugly. At a meeting held on 4th December 1997 at UNICAL headquarters, American oil men made a proposal to the Taliban about building a pipeline through Afghanistan.


Rothschild’s Shell Oil and Rockefellers Exxon Oil had invested billions in the Kazakhstan gas reserves just north of Afghanistan. Now they needed a pipeline to transport it to the Persian Gulf. The Taliban demanded a bigger cut and turned down the proposal. Suddenly the banksters who controlled media was calling the Taliban monsters, evil doers and cruel villains who beat up on women.


On July 4th, 1999, Bill Clinton froze the Taliban’s US Assets and bank accounts and imposed trade sanction on Afghanistan.  By February 2001, The Taliban destroyed most of the opium crops. In May US Secretary of State Colin Powell announced the gift of 43 million taxpayer foundered dollars to the Taliban. He called it a reward to the Taliban for destroying the opium Crops. But members of the Bush government knew the Taliban would use it for more sinister intentions.


​Four weeks after 911, America bombed the hell out of Afghanistan. There could never be peace and democracy in Afghanistan because that would cut off the flow of opium to America. So what were the results? The uncooperative Taliban War Lords got kicked out, they were replaced by the more corporative Northern Alliance War Lords. Opium production and revenue increased. They got a new president Hamid Karzai who was an ex-employee of UNICAL Oil. America got permission to build their oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan.


The UN is a closed organisation with no public meetings. US taxpayers have already invested 200 trillion dollars in this World Government. Although most of the people working for the UN are genuinely working for peace, The UN is a godless organisation controlled by the committee of 300.


These inbred ruling families pretend they have royal blue blood but it’s not. This inbreeding has been done to keep the power and the wealth all in the family. This inbreeding over the years has produced a clever but conscienceless lot of psychopaths who would stop at nothing to own every brick of gold, every drop of water, and every blade of grass on the planet.


The United Nations which had clearly stated goals for a UN World order, a UN standing army, and UN economy. Prince Philip and Evelyn Rothschild has already established an interfaith declaration for a one world religion. What the public doesn’t know is that Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and the Russian constitution have been built into the UN charter.


The New World Order will be a communist World order. Peace on Earth will be a forced peace where citizens have no rights. No right to bear children without approval, no right to travel without authorisation, no right to own private property, no right to privacy, no right to bear arms, no right to protest, no right to receive an inheritance, no right to choose an education or job or even a place of residence. And no right to live. The right to live will be based upon an individual grading of usefulness by the elites. Every human being will become tattoo and be dependent on the world society everything. Even their most basic needs. 


One of America’s favourite slogans is “Support your troops”. Which means to support your troops no matter what? Even if the war is a lie, even if innocent families are being bombed burned and crippled with your tax money. Even if their tax money is paying teenagers in uniforms to die by the thousands for the lie.


The majority of recruited soldiers are naïve, dooped, unemployed teenagers who are romanced into believing they are heroes fighting for freedom. But what they are fighting for is the wealthy ruling families systematically disarming the world of all weapons of resistance to their global empire. Most soldiers a brainwashed stupid morons, who have been manipulated into believing they are something they are not.


​(Power of the Ring)     

Evelyn de Rothschild

Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Salomon Mayer von Rothschild

James Mayer de Rothschild

Leopold Nathanial Rothschild

Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild

Lord Arthur Balfour

League Of Nations

William Huntington Russell

Henry Lewis Stimson

Adolf Hitler

United Nations

Harry Truman