A right is defined as a power privilege faculty or demand inherent in one person and incident upon another; generally defined as powers of free action. Something you have the Sovereign authority to do because you don’t need permission a higher power.

A privilege is defined as a particular benefit or advantage enjoyed by person company or class beyond the common advantages of other citizens. A particular right, advantage, exemption, power, franchise or immunity held by a person or class not generally possessed by others. A temporary authority granted to you by someone of a higher authority.

Constitutional rights is a contradiction, if you are grant something then it is not a right it is a privilege.        

Allodial title is generally referred to when we talk about land. You by the house and the trees but you do not own the land that it sits on. You are renting the actual land that’s why people have to pay rates or property tax every year. Unless you have allodial title to the land it is not yours.

Every right has a responsibility, you can do anything you want with your property as long as it doesn’t infringe on somebody else’s rights.

If you buy a car and you don’t get the manufacturers statement of ownership then you don’t really own the car. The MSP is sent to the government and they shred it. The government is co-owner of your car that is why you have to pay registration. You have to pay registration every year because you have to pay rent on your ownership of the car.

After slavery, black people weren’t granted rights, they were granted privileges. That way not all black people could have guns.

Where did the first marriage license come from? After the civil war, if a black person and a white person wanted to get married then a marriage certificate was issued, because they needed permission. The state now gives permission to all people to marry. This means that the state is now the third person in your marriage. If you have a marriage license than the state has ownership of your children. That’s how social services can take children away from parents. This also how they make you send your children to school.