According to Katherine Albrecht is a consumer privacy expert and the Founder and Director of CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering), a leading authority on the RFID chip; these RFID Chip are smaller than a grain of sand hooked up to antennas to transmit information about a person to a database at a distance.


​The objective of the One World governments is to have every person implanted with RFID chips so everything they buy, everywhere they go and everything do can be monitored by the NSA. This would be a Segway to a cashless society. If someone does something that the government doesn’t like then their RFID chip can be turned off leaving them helpless not being able to buy food or pay bills.


The RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chip is one of the ultimate goals of the elite. The idea is that in place of money you will have a RFID chip implanted in your body so that you can be tracked every minute of the day through a control grid. The chip will replace money and if you step out of line you RFID chip will be turned off. It will become the basis for a one world economy. The worst part is these things won’t be forced upon people, the people will demand them as they become more and more detached from the real world.


Detailed personal information is being collected every day. Internet searches are being recorded, political leaning, religious beliefs, medical records, your sexual habits, driving habits, and employees are being servile. Shoppers are being watched and personal phone calls are being monitored.


The Patriot Act allowed for America to spy on its own people through spying on people's emails. Just months after 911, Bush ordered that the NSA listen in on American people’s phone calls. The United States alone has 30,000 eavesdroppers working with satellites to listen in on phone calls and reading emails. Within ten minutes they collect enough information to fill the library of Commerce. But where is it all leading?


Acxiom Corporation of Little Rock, Arkansas collects all the information they can about you. Including your shoe size and type of car you drive. Product surveys you have filled out and census information. Acxiom collects 3 billion pieces of data a day. Acxiom also stores financial, telephone and internet records on everyone in the US. 


Over the years the UK / USA alliance developed into a virtual state known as ECHELON. The NSA offices in Fort Meade, Maryland became its capital. ECHELON is Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, also known as the Five Eyes. The NSA’s operating cost is approximately 8 billion dollar annually, larger than the CIA’s.


RFID Radio Frequency Identification chip is being trialled on packages and pets. It can be used by people to track items over long distances back to a computer device. It can follow a product in real time from the time it’s manufactured through to its delivery. As an example, a can of Coke has the same bar code worldwide but with the RFID system, every different can of Coke can have a different ID number. The Coke can then be tracked via the person who buys it.


Some of these RFID tags come with batteries while others (passive tags) can only be read from few inches to 30 feet away. Meanwhile, the ones with the batteries (active tags) can in some cases transmit their information to low-orbiting satellites.


RFID’s consists of a tiny silicon computer chip and an antenna. A remote reader can scan and send its details to a database. The US Military uses it to make sure it can track its supplies around the world. Already corporations are embedding the RFID chips into their products. Benetton the clothing company had them sewn into their underwear line and toothpaste manufacturers are doing the same with the tubes.


People are already getting RFID chips implanted in their bodies. The RFID chips have caused cancer in lab rats and mice. RFID’s are being sold to people as a ticket to the VIP room in some night clubs. 100 police officers in Mexico have had RFID chips implanted.


In the end, everybody will be locked into a monitored control grid. Where every single action performed is documented. If you get out of line they can just turn off your chip. For at that point in time every single action in life will evolve around the chip.  


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