Inside our brain, we have a section called the R or reptilian complex.

Brains can be divided into sections; The Neocortex for a higher order of thinking, The Brain Stem for survival and the limbic brain for emotions.

The reptilian part of the brain is the most prevalent and it’s also the oldest, its instincts are to React – Repeat, repeat, repeat. The complex is responsible for Anxiety, fear, instinct, hunger and many other emotions.

The R complex is also associated with the amygdala; the brain's fear response centre.

Basically, we have a lizard brain in our heads. And our entire lives are fundamentally based on these reptilian biological influences.

By day 28 after conception, the embryo already appears to exert qualities like lizards shapes. And can be biologically classified as such. They have tales and what appears to be gills.

Carl Sagan wrote in his book The Dragons of Eden “it does no good whatsoever to ignore the reptilian component of human nature, particularly our ritualistic and hierarchical behaviour. On the contrary, the model may help us understand what human beings are all about”.

The reptilian brain is responsible for some of the most destructive violent impulses such as aggression, dominance, territoriality and ritual displays. All the modern manifestations of this are in our world today. We live in a world full of war and violence, centralised greed and narcissism (Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes), deception for power and so much more.

The scariest part, however, is how the reptilian brain matches the qualities that David Icke uses to describe the evil shape-shifting reptilians, who have infiltrated the halls of corporate and political power.

Icke’s theory is that the world is currently being dominated by reptilian shape shifters basically, reptile/human creatures with the ability to disguise themselves as human by shape shifting. What is most alarming is how David came up with this theory and how it matches up with data from scientific research. The similarities between the human brain and the shape shifters are interesting.

Maybe our reptilian brains are taking our lives. If enough people cecum to the reptilian brain and its fear based qualities, then our society in the world would descend into war, violence, and separation. Maybe it’s the reptilian brain inside of us. Which acts for aggression, dominance, territoriality and ritual displays is the Culprit.

It’s possible that the Bush’s, Rumsfeld, Obama, Kissinger, Blair and all those warmongering sociopaths are slaves to their reptilian brain.

From a scientific level, this would be 100% accurate. It has been proved that our reptilian brain is the force of our most vicious qualities.

Evolution appears to be taking us away from the reptilian brain. The latest development is the Neocortex. The Neocortex is what separates us from the animals. This part of the brain handles language abstraction, planning, and perception, though sadly the reptilian brain continues to function and it the basis of our fears, worries, anxiety and depression.

World famous Author Seth Godin has long talked about the reptilian brain and its effect on the human’s psyche how it affects our life goals and what we wanted to accomplish. He calls the amygdala the voice of the lizard. Claiming that it always catastrophises events.

It seems clear that the reptilian brain is an outdated relic hanging on for dear life. It’s possible that the ego is a result of the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain is fear, it is separation, it is ego. It is destruction and death and all the things we seek to move away from. It is still there like a splinter in our minds making us mad. The Reptilians whether shape-shifters or problems in our brains are a problem that we must strive to avoid from.