Originally the RAND Corporation was an offshoot of the United States Air Force. They wanted to recreate the Manhattan Project. RAND stands for Research and Development, initially, it was only going to be an organisation that looked into the development of weapons etc. managed by both the military and civilians. RAND got to be so big that in 1948, the Douglas Air Force spun it off into a new organisation. They are located at 1776 Main Street, Los Angles in California. Outside their building is a chain link statue of a mushroom cloud.


Alex Abella was allowed to examine the files and inner workings of the Rand Corporation, He subsequently wrote a book about it ‘Soldiers of Reason, inside…” which was published in 2008.


Rand was initiated to examine theoretical things like intercontinental ballistic weapons. Ultimately RAND expanded into other areas like history and economics, this is where it got spun off from the Air Force.


From being spun off there has always been a link between RAND and the Ford Foundation. This includes "Robber barons" like Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller. From the beginning, RAND Corporation projects have been funded by the Ford Foundation. The first president of the Ford Foundation Edsel Bryant Ford was one of the founders of RAND. Both organisations had the common goal of technocrats running the world.


They are scientifically studying people to determine how we think. RAND developed an idea during the 1950’s about how to best manipulate the consumer. RAND changed how we look at the world, they changed how we the think, how we look at the world, how we talk, the schooling process, the schools we go to, the way people pay their taxes,  the planes we fly in. They developed something called Consumer Sovereignty. Consumer Sovereignty is the assertion that consumer preferences determine the production of goods and services.


They developed this theory called Rational Thought Theory. The idea was the Corporation asking themselves how much money do people have to spend and “What’s in it for me?” It turned people from citizens into consumers. Instead of having rights and responsibilities people became consumers with choices. They're developed a deregulation process that would come to a head during the Reagan years under the banner of Reaganomics, which was just a child Thatcherism.


One of the founders of RAND and head of their mathematical department was John Williams, he believed in pre-emptive strikes on the USSR. Williams also believed in the bringing about of a one world government to be run by technocrats and governed by the rule of reason. In the world of Ford and RAND, there was no call for ethics. It was to be a world where efficiency was law and people became machines. Because RAND couldn’t deal with people, they went into a world of social sciences, because people are messy and not rational all the time. They determined that what runs people is self-interest.


At the end of the WWII during the late 1940’and early 1950’s there was a lot of rhetoric that capitalism was going to die and communism was going to take over. The RAND Corporation hired an economist called Kenneth Arrow to come up with ‘utility function’ which basically theorised over what the Soviet Union might do if the West did something. The Soviet Union was a very closed society to RAND who spent their time theorising about what they were thinking.


Arrow came up with what he called ‘rational thought’ theory. He decided that people were driven purely by self-interest. It is pretty clear to see from the RAND point of view and of all governing powers that they had a sociopathic or psychopathic thought process assigned to the human race. ‘Rational Thought’ then became the basis for all government thoughts and functions stemming from the RAND corporations standpoint. If people thought like this them there is no such thing a politician doing what’s right for the good of their country?


RAND acting on these principles then put the deregulation industries and of all things governmental bodies into action under the philosophy of what “do I get out of it?” This was twofold from RAND’s point of view and acting on Arrow’s determination what does RAND get out of it and their philosophy on people which was people can’t think for themselves other than the ‘rational thought’ idea the RAND had branded people with.


RAND was and are extremely instrumental in constructing weapons of mass destruction including the hydrogen bomb. As the 1950 and 60’s they moved on, RAND was extremely progressive in working with NASA and were one of the first groups of people to suggest a space station that would orbit the earth.


RAND were also very heavily involved in the use of nuclear weapons. RAND also tried to use its psychological profiles of the human race to warfare. RAND determined that the United States was vulnerable to a sneak attack from the Soviet Union, therefore ensuring it was always well funded.


These studies were carried out by one of their leading mathematicians Albert Wohlstetter. Darryl Gates invented SWAT teams. This ensured they could always use ‘terrorism’ as a marketable fear long before the mainstream media decided it was.


RAND came up with the warfare theory for the United States of second strike ability. It didn’t matter how much they were attacked they theorised that as long as they had enough weapons in its nuclear arsenal it could always strike back harder the initial attack on them.


It was during a part of this study that the United States and RAND came up with the idea of being able to refuel their aircraft in the air. They figured that while they were bombing the Soviet Union their planes would need to be refuelled. The plan was called the SIOP, The Single Integrated Operational Plan for destroying the Soviet Union.


RAND was part of what Dwight Eisenhower referred to as, the military-industrial complex. Daniel Ellsberg was a former United States military analyst, who came from RAND, he pressured Robert McNamara and the Kennedy administration to make sure there was enough of a military arsenal in Western Europe to blast the Soviet Union and China off the map.


Researchers at RAND determined that along as there were 10 million people left in the United States after a nuclear war then RAND/ United States had won. President Kennedy was considered to be an easily manipulated man by RAND, who the Military Industrial Complex would have their way with. By 1963 Kennedy was calling a halt to the goings on at RAND. This provides yet another reason why he had to be assassinated.


Many people who were involved in RAND were also involved in setting up the United Nations and actively advocated a one world government. They believed that the United Nations served as a template for that. In fact, the United States believed that they should be an organisation ahead of the United Nations. The United States had a whole slew of what if scenarios in case they were attacked. Donald Rumsfeld was the Chairman of the Board of RAND before he became Secretary of Defence under George H W Bush.


Paul Baran, a researcher at RAND, offered a solution: design a more robust communications network using "redundancy" and "digital" technology.


At the time, naysayers dismissed Baran's idea as unfeasible. But working with colleagues at RAND, Baran persisted. This effort would eventually become the foundation for the World Wide Web.


The RAND Corporation and the Pentagon, were behind the false flag proposed attack of operation Northwoods advocating the attacks on Cuba to President Kennedy. Kennedy found the proposal to be total immorality. RAND were behind the Gulf of Tonkin attack that led to the escalation of the Vietnam War. Lyndon Johnson took the resolution to Congress to expand the War South East Asia. When Johnson should have known better.


The RAND Corporation claim they were just there to propose ideas thus absolving them of any responsibility. The RAND Corporation and most think tanks were behind ideas like attacking countries like the Soviet Union and then China on the pretext of starting a pre-emptive war. Then came the Middle East, Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait after the military industrial complex had given Hussain the go ahead. Then came 911 and they attacked Afghanistan and Iraq.


RAND is a shadow government. There is a revolving door between the United States government officials and the RAND Corporation and other think tanks, Taking money out of Social Services and other organisation that should be helping other American people.  Andrew Marshall joined the RAND Corporation think tank in the 1970’s under President Nixon and served as director of the United States.


Andrew Marshall was head of the Department of Defence's Office of Net Assessment from 1973 to 2015. He is also good friends with Albert Wohlstetter the man who came up with second strike capability. Wohlstetter was the man who was feeding the missile gap capability to the Kennedy administration and was able to scare the American people into thinking the Soviet Union was more powerful than it really was. RAND came up with the idea of militarizing of the American police force.


Medical plans up until the 1970’s more or less paid for everything. Right now the deductible that comes out of every US citizens taxes, is called the RAND medical experiment. President Nixon wanted to cut back on the American money being spent on Medicare, so he authorised RAND to conduct a medical experiment.


RAND asked the American people what they wanted to pay for. From then on a deductible was introduced. The private industry saw what the government had introduced and thought if the government is doing it why don’t we. Since then the deductible has grown in size and the services offered by the medical cover by insurance has shrunk in size. The medical deductible came from RAND experiment.


Andrew Marshall was behind the Star War approach to weapon, and drugging of American troops in Iraq. Rand learned how to get police officers who enjoy brutality and other specialised low educated Psychological types of people to join the military.


Google has invested in a US start-up company that claims to be able to predict the future.


The company, Recorded Future, based out of Boston, has developed a data analytics technology that could be used to try to predict future. Not to understand terrorist activity, that just a cover story, but to uncover people's hopes and dreams for the future. So they can understand which cover stories are working.


Another one of RAND’s inventions was the spy satellite now with the invention owned by Google they can track everyone movements. RAND figures that seem as everyone is a consumer they try to determine everyone’s sell-out price. They are currently targeting the people of Afghanistan by infiltrating their education system. Trying to turn them into consumer slaves.


A RAND mathematician developed a theory called Game Theory. The game theory postulated the idea that a Nuclear War against the Soviet Union could be played out like a game of chess. It came to the conclusion that each party would play out the same moves. Even so, RAND concluded it was a palliative solution given that not all human life would be wiped out. So the United States began the arms race based on the theory that if the Soviet’s attacked them, they would always have enough weapons to out bomb them.


John Nash, the subject of the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’, was an employee of RAND, he developed a game called ‘Fuck You Buddy’ which was designed to mimic the actions of ‘Game Theory’ into everyday life at RAND. It would take suspicion and self-interest into the whole of society. The equilibrium of the game was perfectly adjusted to the equilibrium of the other players. Of course with RAND philosophy there was a payoff to all the players. Therefore the idea of the game was for it not to be a cooperative game.


This gives you some idea of the mentality that the RAND Corporation bred, fostered, encouraged and promoted into all their employees and hopes to bring to power in some of the Western majority seats of power.


The RAND documents even confess that they have a corporate fascist world society, with the megacorporation's ruling over the planet. The RAND Corporation developed the PR systems and the economic models, to go along with it. They have the best and brightest minds, who don’t even know what they are working on, and they farm the information out to other think tanks. They developed the drug running program and they pack the prisons with their competitors, with people working for 25c and hour displacing other people’s jobs.


They set up a continuity structure where they took the Congress away and gave the power to the major corporations. All congressmen and senators are up for sale by lobbyists. Lobbyists are contracted by the corporations to lobby for changes to the law that will benefit the corporations. 

Interview with Alex Abella / Alex Jones 

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