Dr. Jason D. Kovar – presenter of 'Hollywood Unmasked' seems to be a Christian religious nut. He presented this ‘documentary’ which attacked psychics and mediums based upon various biblical quotes. Kovar called the Bible the only book in the world that has all the answers. His lack of knowledge of the Bible and what it. Any real research into the Bible should discredit his opinion.


The King James Bible is full of errors, translated into English by Francis Bacon, the biggest error is the word ‘god’. Translated from the Greek the word ‘god’ is actually ‘gods’ this alone should put pay to the supposed brilliance of the bible. I understand that there were at least 1000 mistranslations in the Bible from its transfer from Latin to English. So how can Kovar claim that it is the only “true word of god”, he also claimed it had only one writer. Strange given most the Bible’s Old Testament is just a rewriting of even earlier writings from Sumer and Babylon.


Kovar claims all contact with other worldly experiences are ‘demonic’ and ‘satanic’. What would a brainwashed self-righteous nut job know about an open minded experience?


It has been well established that the Illuminati has infiltrated Hollywood bringing with it satanic rituals. They do use Hollywood stars as a means of brainwashing and manipulating society through their Hollywood imposed values. This is all the masters of the world who control media. There is nothing to say that the Christian religion has anything to do with saving people from it. In fact if you dig a bit deeper you’ll find that it’s the Catholic religion that controls the Illuminati and are therefore the cultivators of the ‘sin’ of today’s life. The very same religion that created the bible which so many Christians talk about. For further information please read Sun Worship and the Treaty of 1213.


Psychics and mediums can contact other frequencies of life. We live in a very small bandwidth of which we call life. If you think of all levels of life as a radio bandwidth and all forms of life and different dimensions as different frequencies along the bandwidth. Yes there are frequencies with demon like entities. These are the ‘demons’ that the Vatican and its associates (The Black Nobility, Henry Kissinger, Rockefellers and Rothschilds) all believe will make them gods. Most frequencies don’t offer these horrors.


After my father died, we had to go to a church for some kind of post death ritual. I hate going to church so the moment we entered I sat or kneeled down and I went into a trance. I have no memory of anything the Priest was saying or doing. Whilst in the trance, I heard my Dad. He was in the left side of my brain. He told me he was ok. When I asked where he was he was coy, which is most unlike my Dad. I don’t remember much of the conversation however I’d been in the trance throughout the whole ceremony. When it was over I left with a big smile on my face. I said to my sister Dad was OK.


My Dad hadn’t died he just moved to a new dimension somewhere along the bandwidth. There are hundred even thousands of these bandwidths if you can tap into one of these then you lucky and gifted. Psychics and mediums are connected to some of these dimensions.


When I was a little child I used to play outside in my backyard, after tea, during summer. Every evening at about 6:30 – 7pm a giant dog used to come up my drive way. He was white with black spots and used to tower over the eight foot high fence in our backyard. It was perfectly normal to see this dog every night. One night the dog didn’t come, so I said to my Mum the dog didn’t come. She told me that no such animal existed. I never saw the dog again. That part of my consciousness had been cut off, I was no long privileged to that dimension.


This is why the governments and media want to take control of a child’s mind as early as possible. Children don’t know what life is supposed to be like they are open vestals to other dimensions and that scares the powers that be. They want to indoctrinate children as early as possible. This is why they have created a world where mothers are forced out of their homes and back to work as quickly as possible after the child’s birth. This is the reason for longer working hours to break up the family unit. It forces children into child care at a younger age and causes them to be indoctrinated into the government philosophy as young as possible.


Here is some testimony of actors who have been able to transcend the solid state of our world and communicate with other worlds:   


Many Celebrities have channelled spirits to invoke their best performances or decided on career paths:


Denzel Washington claims that “…I got on his knees, and I communicated with the spirits and when I came out I was in charge… I couldn’t have acted that, I couldn’t have written that down and decided to play it”


One woman entertainment empire Oprah Winfrey has strong affiliations with the psychic realm she said “you can not only use your body in physical self this is how I see acting…I ask my body to be the carrier for spirits of those who have come before me in a way that is most meaningful to the character, just become the vehicle for that character.”


Oprah admits “I tried to empty myself and let the spirit… inhabit me.”


Robin Williams admitted he become possessed during his performances “Yeah! Literally, it’s like possession ‑ all of a sudden you’re in, and because it’s in front of a live audience, you just get this energy that just starts going…But there’s also that thing ‑ it is possession. In the old days you’d be burned for it…But there is something empowering about it. I mean, it is a place where you are totally ‑ it is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where you really can become this other force.”


Shirley MacLaine said “I had seen so many channels and mediums over the past few years. I decided I would apply the same thing to show business. I simply channelled a character that we created... This time I allowed the character to inhabit me... I trusted the magic would work...channelling and inspiration had become one in the same" – Going Within page 201


Sandra Bullock said the “Magic exists if you open yourself up to the possibility of it”


Johnny Depp says “I know I have demons, I’m 30 different people sometimes” I suspect Depp is talking about channelling. If all the ‘demons’ are doing is making him a good actor, then maybe they’re not evil demons.


Rudolph Valentino was considered the premiere actor of his day, however what most people didn’t know was that Valentino and his wife Natacha Rambova were in touch with the spirits.


The actress Colleen Moore confessed “Every night Natasha would hold a séance, calling forth help from the spirit world in her creative undertaking. Then, pencil and paper in hand, she would go into a trance and start writing. After her outpourings were typed up they were bought to the set the next day and given to the director” ‘Madam Valentino’ Michael Morris 1991 – Page.160


The Valentino’s were initiated into what is called automatic writing in the occult, which is when a pen and a person’s hand will write out information from a spirit is in an altered state of consciousness rendering incapable of fully knowing the communication until I was completed.


“The more we investigate the remarkable gift of automatic writing, the more convinced we become of the great truth which lay behind it. The truth of… evolution and the truth of the communication with the so-called dead” ‘Madam Valentino’ Michael Morris 1991 – Page. 129


“In Hollywood tarot cards, crystal balls, Ouija boards and hoodoo powers were complete sell-outs, and studio warehouses reported thefts of caldrons and other bits of hardware associated with magic” ‘Valentino’ Irving Shulman 1967 – page. 436


Valentino’s movies and screen image brought liberation from the dominating attitudes of the day regarding modesty and sexual chastity and set in motion a societal sexual movement never before experienced in the country.


Greta Garbo said "I didn't have anyone to whom I could talk freely, so I went to occultists, devil worshippers, mind readers, and those who occupied themselves with the summoning of spirits. Because I believed in life after death, I kept trying to talk to my father and Moje. During my dreams I heard their voices-terrible, angry voices..." ‘Her Story’ Antoni Gronowicz - Page.302


Garbo frequently contacted spirits and sought guidance from them. She recalled “led me to astrology, occultism and magic. I read books and magazines on these elusive subjects. Later, when reading alone could not satisfy my interest, I began searching out mediums, fortune -tellers, card readers, and anyone else with extrasensory perception.” ‘Her Story’ Antoni Gronowicz - page.301


Because she was so dynamic on screen her enticing portrayals of seduction, adultery lust, murder, and worship of eastern gods, continuously captivated audiences around the globe.


Throughout 1930’s motion picture were one of the mainstays of the Great Depression. Attendance to movie theatres skyrocketed.


Mae West was also known as the queen of sex and statue of libido. She could have a romance with someone out of wedlock, she was very raunchy for her day. West was a one woman sexual revolution. West’s contact with the spirit world were what catapulted her to stardom as the queen of sex.


West became interested in ESP and psychic phenomena. She would often hold evenings of psychic readings. She was also in contact with spirits and relied on them for direction and communication. Her interest in psychics and the world beyond became a whole world for herself. West attested to her psychic navigators as ‘the forces’


“When she was upset that no one had been able to come up with a script idea, she had walked about her room saying, forces, forces come to me and help me write a script. She would begin to hear voices and images, as the plot was revealed to her. Mae would summon stenographers to work with her around the clock, as she would lie in bed in a trance-like state, dictating as the spirits entered” ‘Guide…’ Kenny Kingston – Page.89


West would say to the spirits "You see, it's like this, dearie. I need an idea for a pitchur' I want to do, so I say, 'Forces, Forces, I need some good dialogue for my new pitchur'-please help me out here.' And sure enough before long I'm getting' wonderful ideas, so I call in a stenographer and dictate the whole thing at once- I just open my mouth and out it comes." ‘I still Talk To’ Kenny Kingston Page.182.


Joan Crawford was also hungry direction with her films. “When Miss Crawford arrived on the movie set she immediately requested the air conditioning be turned up higher. ‘I always do my best work when the set is cold,’ she said A true believer, she felt the coldness would bring in the spirits to help with her performance” Guide… Kenny Kingston - Pages.37-38


Crawford aligned herself with these spirits to receive their power and used her influence to draw people to her chosen path. After living a life with fortune, friends and fame she died. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1752 Vine Street for her contributions to the motion picture industry.


Alan Alda declared of the movie industry “There’s plenty of money to be had…But you also lose your soul.” ‘Movie Talk’ David Shipman – Page.1


Marlene Dietrich never took a script without consulting her astrologist. Her Astrologist allegedly had ties to Aleister Crowley. She depended on the spirit world to direct her and guide her into performing. Dietrich wanted to bring other people into her world, she said:


“Have your child’s horoscope made, the knowledge you gain from the horoscope will help you know where to exert your influence and where to relax. If you have many children then your horoscopes will be your answer to many riddles. If you have their horoscopes you have the beginnings of explanation long before time” Marlene Dietrich declared


When the sitcom ‘I love Lucy’ staring Lucille Ball first appeared in the 1950’s many people had a problem with it because it centred on a manipulative woman who was constantly lying to her husband family and friends. Her lies and deceptive behaviour were clothed in humour. While it was difficult to receive in the 1950’s it doesn’t compare to the immoral reality television rubbish that appears on our screens today.


Ball’s decision to go ahead with the show was based upon a supernatural experience. According to Ball “It was the spirit of actress Carole Lombard who guided Lucille Ball into taking a chance and accepting the offer to star in I Love Lucy. The glamorous comedian, who had died in an airplane crash in 1942, appeared to Lucy in 1951. Because Lucille Ball accepted the spirit’s urging to “take a chance, honey,” she made television history” ‘Hollywood and the Supernatural’ Steiger 1990 – Page.206.


Because of this Lucille would continue to contact spirits her whole life: ”I want to thank you again for bringing in my teacher in spirit. I’ve read about some of the séances you’ve held – I always thought it would be fascinating to bring in a spirit” ‘I Still Talk To’ Kenny Kingston – Page.6


James Dean used to seek out the power of the dead to enhance his performances, Dean became empowered as an actor through the occult “I have a fairly adequate knowledge of Satanic forces.” ‘The Unabridged James Dean – His Life and Legacy’ Randall Riese 1991 – Page.366


Close friend of Dean’s and twice co-star Dennis Hopper reflects: "He was totally transformed when the camera began to roll. He suddenly was the character...Strange things were coming out of him." Dean's instruction to Hopper for achieving these spirit world performances was simply to "leave yourself open." This was because Dean believed that another entity would inhabit him when he was acting. He described it as:


"Sort of two people in the same skin...telescoping back from the other...the person inside would seem to drift up to the surface of the skin."


Marilyn Monroe was used as a change agent to catapult America into the 1960’s Monroe attributed her ability to affect other people through her performance to other entities. It has been pretty much established that Monroe was a MK Ultra sex kitten, for more please read the MK Ultra link. She was known for entering into deep trances before each scene. Monroe’s close personal psychics would notice that she would “draw attention from the spirit world, asking for their guidance.” ‘I Still Talk To’ Kenny Kingston – Page.226


“When she saw a camera—any camera, she lit up and was totally different. The moment the shot was over she fell back into usual position (personality)” ‘Marilyn Monroe: The Biography’ Donald Spoto - 1993 - Page 105


When describing her tortured personality on screen she said “Jekyll and Hyde…More than two. I’m so many people. They shock me sometimes. I wish it was just me!” ‘Goddess’ Anthony Summers – Page.5


Marilyn Monroe described herself and her work as a “Siren”. In Greek mythology, a Siren was a creature who was half bird and half woman. She lured sailors to their doom with her sweet singing. 


During his Rat Pack shows Sammy Davis Jnr would use the stage as a podium plug psychics a praise the mysterious messages he receive through them from the other side.


Peter Sellers was a struggling actor whose career was on the rocks until he embraced psychic power. He then became the highest paid actor in Hollywood




“it’s rather like being a medium and laying yourself wide open and saying, I want a character to inhabit my body or I want a spirit to take charge of me so that I can produce what I hope to produce.” ‘The Man Behind The Mask’ Peter Evans Page.198


Replete with new-age iconology, The Star Trek shows categorically deal with issues such as telekinesis, mental telepathy, atheism, psychic phenomenon, channelling, mind transference, and entities inhabiting the same body and other occult themes and ideologies.  The story line that made Gene Roddenberry famous were given to him by the psychic kingdom.  Roddenberry recounts his experience:


“What happens is that I bring them out into this world, the world of humanity, and they take their place among them. Among us. But I don’t think I create them. They already exist. I just, I just, introduce them. That’s really where the whole idea of Star Trek came from…I’m just a vehicle, a transporter.” ‘The Last Conversation’ Yvonne Fern – Page 59


Roseanne has often spoke of supernatural forces in Hollywood “When I went away, I left my body completely and could hear other voices all around me chattering about hoe God would make me strong and how nobody could really get me. A spiritual message really…” ‘My Lives’ Rosanne Arnold – Page XIV


Roseanne has written about her automatic writing “it would all just come pouring out, as if I were in a trance, and not until I re-read it did I know what it was about. Sometimes it would scare me to read it, because it seemed to belong to another place and time, and I would wonder where did I get this?” ‘My Life as Woman’ Roseanne Arnold – Page 84


Alexander Rose the Producer for ‘The Other Sister’ championed Juliette Lewis ability to be totally taken over of Lewis Rose says this: “She just has that ability to transcend the reality of the vessel for the muse. When she is acting she is not Juliet Lewis. That to me is the sign of a really great actor, when you can let the muse take over-you look into their eyes and no one’s home” Us Magazine 1999 – Page.94


Kevin Bacon relates “Part of acting is to lose yourself in the moment, to let chaos or the muse come and just enter and happen organically.” He also attributes his acting to “demons under the surface” LA Times 16th September 1999, Page.13.


Shirley MacLaine said of Meryl Streep’s performance in ‘Postcards from the Edge’ “Or put it another way, perhaps that is the true meaning of channelling… A chandelier puts aside the conscious mind and surrenders to another identity. That’s the phenomenon I saw in Meryl” ‘Dance While You Can’ Shirley MacLaine – Page.73


As Goddaughter of Timothy Leary who was an American psychologist and writer known for advocating the exploration of the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs under controlled conditions, Winona Ryder is familiar with moving people through enchantment. Rolling Stone wrote “Ryder can light up a screen with the skill of a sorceress”


“My grandmother is still alive and has a lot of letter and pictures of relatives, and there’s this one particular relative who was my age when she died. She was a violinist and an actor, and she looked like me. I have had this feeling for the last eight years that she was there guiding me and helping me with my performances.” ‘Winona Ryder’ Nigel Goodall – Page.25


Vin Diesel also seeks help from the supernatural stating “I’m going to channel the character on a spiritual level” Us Magazine


Oscar award winner Halle Berry also has spirit guides, she told Oprah about her filming of Dorothy Dandridge “There were many moments on the set a sought of strange aurora took over and not only me but other people would say, other people would come up to me and say, she’s with you today. And I often thought her spirit would show up to say thank you, and to guide me”


Oprah Winfrey gets her inspiration from what she calls “go there moments” it is during these moments usually while jogging the winding trails on her farm, that Winfrey becomes overwhelmed by the sense that old spirits are trying to get in touch with her. And it is during these moments that the woman who loves to talk stops dead in her tracks simply to listen.


Winfrey says she has come to know each of them personally and calls them in at will to guide her in her work.


Another Hollywood star who received messages from the dead is Michael Landon “I felt my father’s presence with me, enlightening my memories… I really heard my father speaking to me from another dimension, filling my mind with just the right words. The story came so fast and was so right. In three days, the script was complete.” ‘Hollywood and the Supernatural’ Brad Steiger – Page 117.


Agnieszka Holland, Leonardo Dicaprio’s director in ‘Total Eclipses’ said about Leo “Leo’s like a medium. He opens his body and his mind to receive messages coming from another person’s life” ‘Leonardo Dicaprio’ Grace Catalano – Page.50


Dicaprio’s director Baz Luhrmann stated that “with Leo you might see thirty people come out of him in a day” ‘Leonardo Dicaprio’ Grace Catalano – Page.84


Rosie O'Donnell said “I have too much power really. I have power, America gives too much credence to celebrities”


The Greek word for actor is hupokrites, it is from this word that we have derived the word hypocrite.


Socrates said “In like manner the Muse first of all inspires men herself; … because they are inspired and possessed. They are simply inspired to utter that which the Muse impels them.” “For not by art or knowledge… do you say what you say, but by… possession” Actors on Acting – Pages 7-8


Marlene Dietrich was a smart women who knew the powers of the screens, she said “…and then there are the programs posed and ready to invade your home, materialised by one turn of the knob. The violence, debauchery, the sugar dripping falsity, glorified depravity, vulgarity, the age old reagent of alarment are there to search you out”


Through the silver screen the media has been able make incredible changes in society. Of that there is no doubt. However the actor are just the tools of the elite. Most of them, like Marilyn Monroe, are victims of the Secret Societies who run everything. Those secrets societies are responsible for all societies’ changes over the years.


They have pushed feminism at the cost of the family. They changed families on television so that both members of the family work. They forces all children to attend univercity to further indoctrinate them and to force them into debt at a younger age. They are now pushing gay rights agenda’s. You will not find a TV show on US TV that is in its second season that doesn’t have a gay character. They took the psychopathic human nature to a new level by introducing reality television.


It is one thing to dislike a character on a television show, it is a completely different thing to attack real life people and send their lives into chaos. We have no morals left and, that has nothing to do with religion. It is our worship of TV and movies and most importantly our blind following of News media. It just brainwashing.

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