Plasma is a fourth state of matter. Plasma is neutral overall because there are equal part positive electrons and neutral parts ions. 

Plasma is made up of free Electrons and cations mixed together, plasma has no form or volume. Plasma can easily float into and take the shape of a container. The properties of plasma and gas are similar however they are not the same thing.

In plasma electrons released from their orbits around their nucleus creating a soup of free electrons and nuclei because these electrons are loose plasma easily conducts electricity it both produces and responds to magnetic fields: This what separates plasma from a gas.

Chemists also classify fire as a plasma, like our sun, it is visible in the solar flares that erupt on its surface.

A plasma TV screen is made of many thousands of plasma dots called pixels which are made of three fluorescent light electrodes emitting the colours red, green and blue. The combination of these colours can give any possible colour which is why we see all colours on these screens. The higher the number of pixels the more detailed the picture.