Why did the Germans really sink the Lusitania: Because her hull was loaded with munitions, 600 million rounds of rifle ammunition, over 50 tons of shrapnel shells and more than 60 tons military explosives, including aluminium powder and gun cotton?  President Woodrow Wilson ordered that the original ships manifest be hidden in the US treasury. The Lusitania was hauling munitions for Britain to be used against Germany in the war. This is the event that propels American into the war.


In the months leading up to the attack on Pearl Habour, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had done everything possible to anger the Japanese; He halted all imports of American petroleum, He froze all Japanese assets in the US, He aided Japans Enemies by giving support and military assistance to China. In the United States, innocent Japanese people were thrown into internment camps.


24,000 soldiers were killed in Pearl Habour. Before Pearl Habour, 85% of Americans weren't interested in the war. On the days after Pearl Habour one million men volunteered for the war. Which was exactly what Roosevelt’s government and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) wanted.


The Pearl Habour Commission (The Roberts Commission) was headed by Owen Roberts, a Supreme Court justice friendly with President Roosevelt. The Roberts commission declares that Washington officials had discharged their duties in an exemplary fashion. The fault with Pearl Harbor it concluded fault laid with the commanders in Hawaii. Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Husband Edward Kimmel and General Walter C Short the army Commanders in Hawaii. It’s alleged these men failed to take adequate defensive and surveillance measures. The words dereliction of duty were blazed on headlines across the papers in America. Kimmel and Short were flooded with hate mail and receive multiple death threats. It was claimed their negligence caused the death of thousands of Americans.


Roberts had run an unusual hearing, Kimmel and Short initial evidence was heard without being recorded, Kimmel and Short were denied the right to question witnesses, statements were not made under oath, and they were denied the right to have fellow officers serve as legal counsel. The commission’s report omitted significant testimony. Behind the scenes, FDR had been warned of the attack, he had known a lot more, and his shadow cabinet and the CFR were pulling strings.


1944 a congressional hearing mandated the trials of Kimmel and Short, that August, the naval court of inquiry and the Army Pearl Habour board convened. At these proceeding, the stories for Kimmel and Short provided complete proof that Washington had foreknowledge of the Pearl Habour attack but withheld this information from the commanders in Hawaii.


Outwards the Navy Commission exonerated Admiral Kimmel and laid the blame on Washington DC.  The Army Board stated that Washington had full foreknowledge of the attack.  The Army report closed with these words “Up to the morning of 7th December 1941, everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States”. The American people did not learn the results. The Roosevelt administration ordered that the trial verdicts results be kept confidential.


How did Washington know Pearl Habour was coming? First through decoded messages, in 1940 Washington analysts decoded the Japanese encryptions. As a result, Washington was reading Japanese encryptions on the day they were sent. Copies of the encryptions were sent to Washington they were read by General Marshall and United States Secretary of State Cordell Hull. Washington left the older ships in Pearl Harbour so they could be bombed.


Brigadier General Admiral Thorpe stationed in Java decoded a proposed attack forecast on Pearl Habour. He sent Washington four warnings plans for a proposed attack on Pearl Habour. Roosevelt told them to leave it in his hands. The most significant plans were sent by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto about their proposed plans to attack Pearl Habour.


Three days before the attack Australian intelligence told Roosevelt about a Japanese task force moving towards Pearl Habour. Roosevelt ignored it. 


Since its founding in 1921, The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) has produced 21 Secretaries of War and Defence. 19 Treasury Secretaries, 18 Secretaries of State and 16 CIA directors. What is the CFR goal? They have so many members who are in media they have lost the agenda. These round table groups have been put into place to steer nations rather than control them overtly.


It doesn’t matter who is in control they are going to fill their administration with members of the CFR. Admiral Chester Ward former judge advocate of the US navy was a CFR member. Since Truman, Beat Dewey in the 1948 Presidential election, The CFR have made a point of backing both Republican and Democratic Nominees. That way they are assured that their man will always win. The CFR are always going to fill their administration with members of the CFR.


On the advice of James F. Byrnes (Former Governor of South Carolina) and Bonesman, Henri Stinson Truman dropped the first radioactive atomic bomb on civilian population on Hiroshima at 8:15 6th August 1945 without even a warning. 80,000 people died because of the Atomic explosions. Three days later Truman dropped another type of Atomic bomb on Nagasaki. In retaliation for Pearl Habour, which could have been prevented. 130,000 Japanese’s civilians and their families were sacrificed and another 90,000 thousand in the horrendous aftermath. Years later Harry Truman was asked if he did any soul-searching before he dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan, He said: “Hell no, I made it like that”.


Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour