1839 British East India Company started the Opium Wars. David Sassoon (one of the Dönmeh and follower of Sabbatai Zevi) provided funding for the Opium Wars. Opium is so addictive that if one tried to quit, they would suffer from terrible symptoms or just die.


David Sassoon, a Sephardic Jew, was born in Baghdad, Iran in 1792. His father Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy banker and treasurer to Ahmet Pasha, the governor of Baghdad. (Thus making him “court Jew” – highly influential position).


In 1829, Ahmet was overthrown due to corruption and the Sassoon family fled to Bombay. This was the strategic trade route to interior India and gateway to the Far East.


The British government granted Sassoon “monopoly rights” to all manufacture of cotton goods, silk, and opium. Sassoon expanded his opium trade into China and Japan He placed his eight sons in charge of the major opium exchanges in China.


Sassoon employed only Jews in his business and wherever they went they built synagogues and schools for them. He imported whole families of Jews and put them to work.


Sassoon’s family pushed mind destroying opium in Canton China. Between 1830-1831 they trafficked 18,956 chests of opium earning them millions of dollars in profits. Part of the profits went to Queen Victoria and the British government. In 1839, the Manchu Emperor ordered that it be stopped. He named the Commissioner of Canton Lin Tse-Hsu, to lead the campaign against opium. Lin seized 2,000 chests of Sassoon opium and throw it into the river.


 An outraged David Sassoon demanded that Great Britain retaliate. Thus, the opium Wars began with British fighting as mercenaries of the Sassoons. They attacked cities and blockaded ports.


The Chinese Army were decimated by 10 years of opium addiction and proved no match for the British. The war ended in 1939 with the signing of “The Treaty of Nanking” This included a provision to guarantee the Sassoons the right to enslave the entire population with opium.


China not only had to pay Sassoon the cost of the dumped opium, but reimburse England an unheard of sum of 21 million pounds for the cost of the war. This gave Sassoon’s monopoly rights to distribute opium in Port cities. However, even this was not good enough and Sassoon demanded the right to sell opium throughout the nation.


The Manchus resisted and the British Army again attacked in the “Second Opium War” fought between 1858 and 1860. Palmerston declared that all of the interiors of China must be opened for uninterrupted opium traffic.


The British won again and made the Sassoons the richest Jews in the world. England was given the Hong Kong peninsula as a colony and a large section of Amoy, Canton, Foochow, Ningpo and Shanghai. The Sassoons were licensing opium dens in each occupied area with large fees being collected by Jewish agents.


Sassoon would not allow any other race to engage in “the Jews’ business”. The British government would not allow any opium to be imported into Europe.


Solomon Sassoon married Aline Caroline de Rothschild in 1887 which linked their fortune with that of the Rothschilds. All 14 of the grandsons of David Sassoon were made officers during WWI and thus most were able to avoid combat. Meanwhile, the sons of Europe fought and died.


The Sassoon opium trade brought death to millions. Their company was totally operated by Jews. Only the corrupt British monarchy honoured them with privilege and knighthood.


To this day the Sassoons are in the history books as “great developers” of India but the source of their vast wealth is never mentioned.

David Sassoon