On February 26, 1993, the FBI attempted to blow up the World Trade Centre. The federal government was caught to tape, ordering that the bombing goes forward. The FBI hired former Egyptian Army Officer Emad A. Salem, paid him one million dollars and told him to build a bomb. Salem was not as ruthless as his FBI controllers thought he was. He recorded the New York head of the FBI ordering him to let the explosion go ahead. Salem had thought it was only going to be a simulation, and couldn’t understand why he had been given real explosives.


There was one problem. The drivers of the truck didn’t park the van next to the column which they had been ordered to do by Salem and the FBI. They parked it about a dozen feet away. Consequently, they didn’t get the massive death toll they needed to bring about martial law. 


The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was a United States federal government complex in Oklahoma. 19th April 1995, multiple bombs ripped through it killing 169 people. Two other larger explosives were found that did not detonate. These were highly technical bombs, not the type that could be put together in someone’s garage. Despite all the evidence of the other bombs and the news reports regarding unexploded bombs and multiple explosions. The government's story was that it was done by a lone bomber; Timothy McVeigh. This is despite the fact that the unexploded bombs show that whoever set the bombs had to have had access to the building for a long period of time. Geological scientific reports show there were multiple explosions.


General Benton K Partin is the former head Air Force Weapons Development and had 30 plus years running the Air Force Weapons Development program, he has multiple engineering degrees. General Partin was amazed by press reports that claimed the building had been blown in by a truck bomb. Basic understanding of explosives shows that the building had been blown from the inside out. Partin attended the scene but was barred from examining the evidence.


It was a physical impossibility for a truck bomb, even loaded with military grade explosives to have caused the damage that was done. Then the seismograph readings showed one explosion followed by several other explosions. The FBI needed McVeigh’s truck out the front to cover the multiple explosions from within.


Another issue that General Partin raised was that the truck explosion cannot account for the failure of column B3 which was further from the truck than columns B4 and B5 which did not fail. He concludes that asymmetrical nature of the bombing is one indication that detonation chargers were used in the building. The Government and the media worked together to change what was clearly an explosion from within the building to be and outside bombing which was clearly against the laws of physics.


There were many stories that the ATF whose officers who worked in the Murrah Federal Building, had received a warning. Sure enough, there were no ATF agents in the building at the time of the explosion. A witness says he was told by and ATF agent, that agents were told not to come into work that morning. It was even reported on the news that ATF agents were told not to come into work that day.


Along with McVeigh, there was another man, who became known as ‘John Doe Number 2’ He was filmed leaving the truck. However, the FBI chose not to follow up this lead. It is believed that ‘John Doe Number 2’ was the man who set off the bomb. There were twelve surveillance cameras that had their film confiscated on the day of the explosion. However, the government had decided to charge McVeigh as a ‘lone gunmen’ so they didn’t use any of the tapes because they showed ‘John Doe Number 2’. That said, the FBI still refuse to release the tapes to the public.


Danny Coulson the FBI‘s top terrorism agent checked into an Oklahoma City hotel, nearly nine hours before the truck bomb went off. This is verified through receipts although he claimed he was in Texas that morning.


Hoppy Heidelberg was a Grand Juror and had been for years. He started asking questions about Middle Eastern involvement, FBI prior knowledge, and ATF involvement. The FBI came to his house brandishing firearms and telling him to shut his mouth if he knew what was good for him. He refused to be part of the cover-up and demanded to call witnesses, the judge kicked him off the case.


Two years before the bombing Governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating’s brother Martin Keating wrote the book ‘The Final Jihad’ about a Tom McVeigh who masterminds the bombing of the Oklahoma City building. He dedicated the book to Knights of the Secret Circle a known Illuminati Group.


The entire bombing event had been a cover-up and it has been used by ‘the powers that be’ to expand the police state. The Government buried the entire building under guard. There was a 24 billion dollar increase in expenditure on government agencies to control and monitor ‘terror’.


The BATF completely demolished the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building so there would be no evidence of their acts. Then they buried the building with guards protecting it, at the private landfill BFI Waste Systems Oklahoma Landfill.

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