The CIA openly backed the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, in their war against the invading soviets. The CIA channelled three million dollars to the Mujahedeen through the intelligence services of neighbouring Pakistan. Charles Cogan helped run the operation for the CIA.  The CIA wanted to spread the Jihadists around the world, where they could perform covert operations for the agency. 


Palestinian Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf Azzam was funded by the CIA. Azzam helped manage the Al-Kifah Refugee Support network in American which was co-founded by Osama Bin Ladin. It was in the same building as the Farouq Majid Mosque. It was based in Brooklyn and had offices in 38 cities across the United States. From these bases, they set up recruitment centres and gathered funding for their terrorist organisations. They did it with the knowledge and support of the US Government. Through these group, they sent as many as 200 men to fight in Afghanistan.


Through their Brooklyn base, they also had ties to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Despite the ant-Western stance of their leader, Hekmatyar’s forces received more government money than any other rebel group. This provides proof that the CIA was funding the Al-Kifah Refugee Centre. This was even confirmed in Newsweek. Furthermore, the CIA provided passports to many of the Mujahedeen to travel to the Al-Kifah Refugee centre in Brooklyn.


According to CIA documents, Azzam met with Osama Bin Ladin and convinced him he had the power to recruit more members of the Mujahedeen to join an Islamic army. Bin Ladin was to join Azzam in Peshawar and they formed the Maktab Al-Khidmat. Osama Bin Laden was a close friend of the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.


Pakistani intelligence wanted an actual Saudi prince to lead the fight in Afghanistan. No Saudi prince was interested in the job so they got Bin Laden, who although not royal, was wealthy enough to lead the Saudi contingent. The fact that his family ran the largest construction site in the world came in handy.


1986 Bin Laden helped build the Khost Tunnel Complex, which the CIA was funding as a major arms storage depot, training facility and medical centre for the Mujaheddin.  Bin Laden later said volunteers from over the Arab and Muslim countries were being trained by Pakistani and American officers. He said that weapons were supplied by the Americans and the money by the Saudis. This shows that Bin Laden was working hand in hand with the Americans to defeat the Soviets.


Sheikh Abdullah Azzam spoke out often about the need to wage jihad wherever and whenever possible. He was very critical of the Jews. In 1989 he was the keynote speaker at Al-Kifah Refugee centre in Brooklyn. He obviously rubbed someone the wrong way because he was assassinated by persons unknown a year later.


In the 1990’s funded by the Saudi intelligence, the Saudi Red Crescent, the World Muslim League and private donations, the Maktab world was involved through a web of organisations, in the first World Trade Centre Bombing and the US Embassies bombings in Africa in 1998. Given that the CIA created these fighters, in the beginning, it is hard to believe that were not still involved with the after the war in Afghanistan. 


After the war in Afghanistan ended the Al-Kifah Refugee Support network in America increased in number and became clearing houses, recruiting offices to support Jihad around the world.


El Sayyid Nosair was one of the recruits that received training in using rifles, assault weapons, and handguns from the CIA. Nosair was convicted of weapons possessions but was acquitted of the murder of Jewish militant Rabbi Meir Kahane In November 1990. When Nosair was arrested the authorities took into custody some 40 plus boxes of documents. The FBI first stated that Nosair was linked to a number of possible terrorist groups. However one week later they stated that there was no evidence Nosair was linked to any terrorist groups.


The CIA must have told the FBI to stop the investigations into the terrorist groups that the CIA were funding.


Some boxes were found by the FBI that contained plans for terrorist bombings. There were also files about the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and the attempt on the life of Zaki Badr, the Egyptian Interior Minister. They also contained classified US intelligence documents presumably supplied by the CIA. Prison logs show that Nosair was visited several of the conspirators in the 1993 WTC bombing.


The FBI must have been aware that something was going on. They sought to have electronic surveillance on Nosair visits from Mohammad Salameh. It has never been confirmed whether tape recording was made. The FBI claims that it was only after the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing did they start to examine the contents of the boxes. Salameh is a convicted perpetrator of the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing.


Five months before WTC 1993, about 20 members of the two mosques in Brooklyn and Jersey City were subpoenaed to appear before a Federal grand jury. The subpoenas were issued to people who visited Nosair in jail or attended his trial. The FBI had an informant Emad A Salem, who had been in the inner circle of the bomber. It was said on tape by Salem to his FBI handlers that the bomb was going to be let off at the WTC. Salem had given the FBI names of people involved in the plan including Mahmud Abouhalima and Ibrahim A Elgabrowny, both were later arrested in the case. Abouhalima was later convicted and sentenced to 240 years jail.


Mahmud Abouhalima got Visa to go to the US from Munich Germany, in 1986. Once in America, he overstayed his visa by five years. It is not clear how he was able to leave the US for Pakistan and then return without a valid visa. Did the CIA have a hand in this?


Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak said that the United States could have prevented the WTC bombing if American officials had heeded this country’s warning about an Islamic fundamentalist network in the United States. 


What the bombing did was turn the Muslim allies from the Afghanistan war into enemies of American and create suspicion between Arab nations and the US.


Bombings carried out in Egypt by Islamic groups were traced back to Egyptian veterans trained in Afghanistan.


Sheik Abel-Rahman came to the US in 1990. Abel-Rahman was invited to be the Iman of the Farouq Majid Mosque. Like Azzam, he recruited members across America initially for the war in Afghanistan. Abel-Rahman had a close relationship with Hekmatyar. It looks like the CIA bought Abel-Rahman to the states to replace Azzam. Abel-Rahman was famous for ordering the assassination of Anwar Sadat. This means that the CIA was probably responsible for the murder of Sadat.


Abel-Rahman had enemies in the Farouq Majid Mosque. Mustafa Shalabi had a power struggle over control of the Mujahedeen fund-raising group. According to acquaintances of the two men, the Sheik was trying to use the funds for his own efforts to promote Islamic revolution in Egypt against Mubarak’s government. Shalabi was found murdered in his home in March 1991.


Sheik Rahman was allowed to come and go from America, in spite of orders not allowing him to enter the country. Meanwhile, the Egyptian government was so clear about how influential Sheik Rahman was being in New York. The truth was quite simple. The US were fine with Rahman’s plans to destabilise the Egyptian government and were probably being funded by the CIA to do so. President Mubarak asked that America keeps and deal with Rahman stating they didn’t want him back in Egypt.


The American government did everything they could to undermine Mubarak’s government. They encouraged continued destabilization of the Egyptian infrastructure.