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Monsanto has pirated the seed industry of the world. They have taken an industry that has existed since the dawn of civilisation and copyrighted it. They have genetically modified the seeds and therefore the food that all farmers are producing.


Farmers across Canada and the United States have tried to resist the enforcement of GMO’s, and those farmers have ended up being sued and bankrupted by Monsanto. Monsanto claims that if a farmer’s crop has been accidentally contaminated by GMO seeds, the farmer has stolen the seed and is liable to Monsanto for payment of the seed.


Governments have been bought off by Monsanto.


Monsanto has created a whole new mutation of the seed. These seeds only germinate once, therefore the farmer has to buy these mutated seeds from Monsanto every planting season. Independent researchers have discovered that GMO’s are poisonous foods, leading to all sorts of illnesses.


Biotechnology has created a legal battle which amounts to Monsanto owning life. Monsanto has all farmers who using their products, sign a confidential agreement so the farmers and their children cannot publicise any issues relating to Monsanto’s products.


Farming is only one area of life that Monsanto has affected life, there is also pesticides, Aspartame, water contamination and more. All foods and crops have large amounts of pesticides on it. Upwards of 20 to 48 pesticides have been found in crops like tea. The pesticides put on the crops have been linked to many childhood illnesses including autism. It has also affected livestock as GMO’s are put in their foods to help them grow bigger. This has affected all the meat we eat.


In Australia, there is a product called meat glues, which sews together off cuts of meat so that can be presented as prime cuts. In the US 80% of food is genetically modified (according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association) yet they don’t label what food is GMO’s. It has been proven that GMO’s are carcinogenic yet nothing is done. Obama ran his 2008 campaign by saying he would get GMO’s labelled on all foods. When he was elected he employed an Ex-Monsanto executive as the head of food and drug administration, who concluded it wasn’t necessary.


The Big six media companies in the United States are owned by Comcast, Disney Company, Viacom, CBS, News Corp, and Time-Warner. Fox News had a story on BGH, Bovine Growth Hormone, in response Monsanto threatened to withdraw their advertising if the story went to air. Fox withdrew the story. The reporters sued FOX for it. FOX explained to the reporters that FOX was a business and they decide what news was.  According to the law, Fox was right.


One of the problems is the GMO acknowledgment is a state by state law. The Federal Government of the USA under Obama became an arm of Monsanto. From 1965 to 1969, the former Monsanto Company was one of nine wartime government contractors who manufactured Agent Orange.


Bowman V Monsanto No11-796 was whether patent rights to seeds and other things that can replicate themselves extend beyond the first generation. The patents for seeds are there for one reason; to raise the costs of food. The judges seemed sympathetic to Monsanto, the outcome could have a flow on effect to cancer research organisations and software developers.


Chief justice John G Roberts Jr asked: “Why in the world, would anybody spend any money to try to improve the seed if as soon as they sold the first one anybody could grow more and have as many seeds as they want?” This in the face of Monsanto suing people because their seeds blow onto somebody else’s property and therefore Monsanto considered that theft. It also leads to the question why would a farmer plant any seeds at all? Monsanto owns 93% of the soybean industry in America because of the slightly modified the genes of the soybean seed. They also sell fertilizers and poisons that only work with their products.


The website says “For 10-12000 years, people all over the world have been improving agriculture crops in multiple ways, changing plants from their wild origins to their present domesticated versions. One of the most important changes, obviously, has been to make it easier to save seeds and plant these in the New Year for the next harvest…


Monsanto now simply take all of this away in just a few years’ time. With impunity. And with encouragement from the US government and Supreme court”. They go on to say “If a farmer cannot own his seeds, what about his animals? Or what if Monsanto figures out gene variation that limit your own personal risk of diseases, say cancer? Does it own you outright then? Or will it only give you the choice between becoming a debt slave or dying young?”


A study from the Centre for Food Safety found that 53% of the world’s commercial seed market is controlled by just three firms; Monsanto, DuPont, and Syngenta. These organisations are not agricultural enervates they are monopolists these are anti-agriculture they want to turn seeds into a currency. This is not competition so anyone (like the US Supreme Court) who argues on their behalf is arguing against free markets.


Bill Gates is a huge investor in Monsanto. If Monsanto wins the Supreme Court case then it set precedence in other intellectual company laws. From Bloomberg “BSA – The software Alliance, whose members include Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation, told the court that eliminating patents protection for self-replicating seeds could facilitate software piracy. Research universities and biotechnology companies say a victory by Bowman would harm their ability to license their work in cancer research, crop protection, and nutrition.”


The Supreme Court appears to be on the side of eugenics (the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics).


Again says “Our right to feed our children has been made subordinate to the right of chemical companies to change the very food we count on to keep our children fed. To top it all off, the ‘Modern’ food industry claims that it, and it alone provides the necessary tools without which our children would go hungry. God’s work indeed. Makes you wonder what keeps the devil occupied these days”.


People are getting unhealthier these days, life expectancy is decreasing and Bill Gates and Monsanto are laughing all the way to the bank.


Monsanto won their case Bowman V Monsanto No.11-796, therefore, the patent exhaustion doctrine does not permit a farmer to plant and grow saved, patented seeds without the patent owner's permission.


The E.coli breakout a Chipotle restaurant was linked to Monsanto.


GMO’s are created by inserting genes from other non-plant items including virus, into the cells of the vegetable plant. For example: E.coli. Monsanto has not made enough testing to determine if any of these GMO’s can cause health complications in humans with an increase in antibiotic resistance.


Corn is a staple food, used in many ways throughout the food industry, and it takes lots of pesticides to protect it from bugs, vermin, and fungus. GMO specialist are putting the pesticides right inside the crops. That’s to the newly inserted pesticide the plant produces a toxin from with the newly grown corn. There are no tested results to prove these are safe for human consumption. Because the corn has been modified it can withstand more weed killer than ever before. No weeds, No bugs, more food and more profit.


Tests on rats proved that eating genetically modified potatoes showed that they grow slower after two or three generations and develop fertility problems and some organ development issues what’s to say it won’t happen to humans too. It would certainly help The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to reduce the world population. In the meantime, the GMO companies can rake in dollars and perform more GMO experiments on people.


Agenda 21 is the United Nations plan for the 21st Century to depopulate the earth. In relation to sustainable development. The number 21 relates to the plan for the 21st Century. Agenda 21 is viewed as a means of creating a one world government. It is a plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control. Sustainable development uses the philosophy to bring all humankind under the control of a small human elite group. The Agenda is to take an entire generation of children and brainwash them regarding the environment. This is what is happening in our school's systems at the moment.


GMO companies want to buy up every farm and change organic farming forever. Whenever a biometric company changes the gene sequence of a plant or animal they get a patent ASAP. It’s their invention and therefore the new GMO plants are their property. Accidental cross-pollination isn’t their problem. Once another farmer's crops get the GMO genes in their crops, then their crops belong to the GMO’s manufacturer.


Some Judges used to be lawyers who worked for the Biotech companies. The lobbyists make sure that the judges and the Food and Drug Administration take care of business for them.


Legislation; Former GMO lawyers also used to work for the FDA. The Biotech companies have enough cash to fight any issues that farmers or any other interested parties might want to challenge them on. Some people still think that Government and the FDA are still serving their needs.


90% of GMO’s grown on the planet belong to Monsanto. Monsanto was founded in 1901 and it was a one of the largest chemical company of the 20th Century. Monsanto invented and sold PCB until it was banned in the in the 1970’s.


A polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) is an organic chlorine compound. Polychlorinated biphenyls were once widely deployed as dielectric and coolant fluids in electrical apparatus. PCBs cause cancer in animals and are probable human carcinogens. Monsanto hid decades of pollution in Anniston US. 1000’s of people and animal all died or contracted cancer from PCB. Those still living are living with daily medication to treat their illnesses. PCB’s cause low IQ’s, they cause overactive thyroid, they cause reduced sex hormones.


In 2001, 20,000 residence of Anniston filed two lawsuits against Monsanto. Monsanto and its subsidiary Solutia Inc. settled by paying 700 million dollars to compensate the victims to clean up the site and to build a specialised hospital. No Monsanto executive was ever sued or made accountable for the disaster.


With respect to its claims that Round-up was found to be biodegradable Monsanto was found guilty twice. First in New York in 1996 and then in France in 2007. The tests and therefore Judges found that the product did not breakdown. After 28 days only 2% of the product had gone away. Round up also creates cell division which provokes the first symptoms of cancer. This is alarming because Round-up is being used on all soybeans harvested by GMO’s.


Dan Glickman, Bill Clintons Secretary of Agriculture 1995-2000 said he was pushed into promoting GMO’s as there was a feeling in Washington at the time that if you weren’t for GMO’s then you were anti-science. He says there were people who didn’t want as much research in the project as was really required he claims that in his position he was pressured not to push the testing issue too far. In short, he was pushed around and had very little real power.


The FDA decided not to make a specific category for GMO’s “plant varieties developed by new methods of genetic modification are regulated within the existing framework…utilizing an approach identical in principle to that applied to foods developed by traditional plant breed” This is ridiculous when you consider the Supreme Court verdict in Bowman V Monsanto.


James Maryanski Ph.D. biotechnology Coordinator at the FDA 1985-2006 claims that the government and agency already had sufficient law in place to deal with the new technology. The decision applied to all products of biotechnology. He admits that policy based on politics, not science.


“In most cases, the substances expected to become components of food as a result of genetic modification of a plant will be the same as or substantially similar to substances commonly found in food” meaning the FDA considers a GMO food equivalent to its natural counterpart. The Principle of Substantial Equivalence is an issue disputed all over the world. James Maryanski classified them as same enough despite the obvious genetic manipulation.


According to Author Jeffrey Smith, a deception took place with the FDA. They claimed that the foods weren’t different. However, If something is considered to be safe it needs lots of peer review published studies and an overwhelming public consensus among the scientific community. With GMO crops they had neither.


Union GMO manipulation should be considered food additives according to Michael Hansen Ph.D. Senior Staff Scientist of the Consumer. When you want to put a new colouring agent in a food or a preservative or some other chemical that’s considered a food additive, then you have to go through all these procedures to make sure it reaches the criteria and certainty that it is no harm. But when you genetically engineer a food that can cause untold differences in that plant the FDA don’t require anything.


In the 1980’s, George H W Bush toured the Monsanto plant and talked about deregulation. In 1988 George Bush Senior became president and Dan Quayle became Vice-President. Four years later Quayle announced the American policy concerning GMO’s drafted just as Monsanto had wanted. “We are taking this step as part of the president’s deregulatory initiative. The United States is already the leader in biotechnology and now we want to keep it that way. 1991 alone it was a $4 billion industry, it should reach at least $50 billion by the year 2000 As long as we resist the spread of unnecessary regulation.


It was a brilliantly executed takeover.


Michael Taylor was a head man of the FDA, before that he was an attorney for Monsanto. The FDA created a new position for him, Deputy Commissioner for Policy 1991-1994. He moved over to the FDA in July of 1991 until then he worked at a law firm called King and Spaulding his clients weren’t only Monsanto but also International Food Biotechnology Council. He had drafted for them a proposal for how they would like to see genetically modified foods regulated. If you look at the proposal for the IFBC that was Michael Taylors with the final one that was published by the FDA it looks very similar.


James Maryanski says Michael Taylor was the lead of the Biotech project and chief in charge of making sure the policy got done.


Monsanto played a key role in making sure the political and regulatory policy getting. They also played a key role in making sure the bovine growth hormone getting approved and also how genetic engineering was dealt with.


Bovine growth hormone is a transgenic (relating to, or containing a gene or genes transferred from another species) hormone that is injected into cows increasing dairy production by 20%. It would be an understatement to say it has critics. “The hormone threaten our health” ”Deadly poison”. Called (rBGH) for Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone Monsanto began selling it to dairy farmers in 1994 under the brand name Posilac. In 1985 Monsanto submitted Posilac to FDA for market approval. The FDA veterinarian in charge of reviewing the data was Richard Burroughs in an interview he said that agency officials had “suppressed and manipulated data”


Richard Burroughs FDA veterinarian 1979-1989 asked for details on details on Mastitis (an inflammation of breast or udder tissue usually due to infection) and reproductive issues which lacking from the original data. The original data lacked a lot of insight into the dairy industry. Burroughs sent them away to compile more data which set Monsanto back about three years.


When Monsanto returned the FDA they side-tracked Burroughs, putting other people in charge of the project, eventually Burroughs was fired without explanation. He was threatened by the lawyer from Monsanto, they told him when he was going for his appeal on wrongful termination that if he revealed any company secrets in his appeal they would sue him. In the end the FDA were forced to reinstate Burroughs, however, he resigned disheartened.


Doctor Samuel Epstein runs the Cancer Prevention Coalition, in 1990 he received stolen files from the FDA. They covered all the Monsanto veterinarian test for the past six years. The documents belonging to Monsanto were all stamped confidential. He got together with Pete Hardin Editor and Publisher of the Milkweed (A dairy farmers magazine). What they were able to establish was that there were substantial physiological changes in the cows who took the shots of (rBGH) compared to their control group peers. For example, the cows receiving the treatment had overly large ovaries. It also showed there were severe reproductive problems with these animals.


Monsanto claim there was no difference to the milk, however, Doctor Samuel Epstein says this is untrue. Because of the high level of Mastitis in the cows, there would be puss in the milk. Then the cows were treated with antibiotics to treat the Mastitis so a wide range of antibiotics would be in the milk. Very high levels of IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1), there have been a series of at least 60 studies relating to increased IGF-1 and breast, colon and prostate cancers.


rBGH was banned in Europe and Canada. There was a scandal at Health Canada, Monsanto attempted to bribe them to get approval, and offer of one to two million dollars was made to Canadian officials to pass the drug for sale. All of this became public 1998. Shiv Chopra Ph.D. Health Canada 1968-2004 said the Monsanto did not deny they made the offer. The European Council, based on the findings in Canada banned it forever. Shiv Chopra Ph.D. and the other two whistle-blowers were all fired and are now fighting their dismissals in court.


rBGH was the first of many Monsanto projects. Monsanto has far reaching hands into US government. The attitude in government and the FDA was the biotechnology was so important that cow or human safety cannot get in the way. There appears to be a revolving door policy in government, lawyers and the FDA that makes sure biotechnology and GMO food get approval.


Donald Rumsfeld; 13th U.S. Secretary of Defence and 21st Secretary of Defence United States was CEO of Searle a subsidiary of Monsanto. Former US Trade Ambassador (1993-97)


Mickey Kantor. Became a Member of the Board of Monsanto.


Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas used to work for Monsanto.


Linda Fisher worked for the United States Environmental Protection Agency She was also Vice President of Government Affairs for Monsanto Company.


Michael A. Friedman, M.D former acting commissioner of (FDA) Department of Health and Human Services is now senior vice-president for clinical affairs at G. D. Searle & Co., a pharmaceutical division of Monsanto Corporation.


Marcia Hale former assistant to the President of the United States and director for intergovernmental affairs is now Director of International Government Affairs for Monsanto Corporation.


Josh King former director of production for White House events is now director of global communication Monsanto Corporation.


William D. Ruckelshaus, the former chief administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), is now a member of the board of directors of Monsanto.


Margaret Miller former chemical laboratory supervisor for Monsanto, is now Deputy Director of Human Food Safety and Consultative Services, New Animal Drug Evaluation Office, Centre for Veterinary Medicine (FDA).


These are just a few examples if the incestuous relationships between the US government and Monsanto.


Let’s not forget Michael Taylor who once his mission was carried out at the FDA, he became Monsanto Vice-President for public policy.


FDA shows it ignored safety warnings from its own article was written by Steve Druker. Steve Druker is a lawyer who sued the FDA, forcing it to declassify its internal documents on GMO he won access to its files, they revealed that the FDA has been lying to the world since at least 1992. “They claim that there is an overwhelming consensus in the scientific community that GMO’s are as safe as their conventionally produced counterparts and they claim there has been sufficient data to back up this consensus both of those claims are blatant lies”


In a February 1992 memo, Louis J. Pribyl, Ph.D., a scientist in the FDA’s Microbiology Group wrote “There is a profound difference between the types of unexpected effects from traditional breeding and genetic engineering” then he added that some of the effects of genetic engineering may be more hazardous.


In a January 1992 memo, Linda Kahl, Ph.D., an FDA compliance officer sent James Maryanski, emphasized the lack of scientific data to recognize the safety of GM foods. “Are we asking the scientific experts to generate the basis for this policy statement in the absence of any data?” she asked. “There is no data that could quantify risk.”


E.J. Matthews, Ph.D., of the FDA’s Toxicology group, warned in an October 1991 memo, “Genetically modified plants could also contain unexpected high concentrations of plant toxicants.”


In another memo, Linda Kahl, Ph.D., an FDA compliance officer sent James Maryanski “The processes of genetic engineering and traditional breeding are different, and accordingly to the technical experts in the agency, they lead to different risks. There is no data…”


In 1989, Monsanto released the Tryptophan it killed 37 and permanently disabled 1,500 people in the United States in a disease called eosinophil myalgia syndrome (EMS). James Maryanski can’t rule out that it was the genetic manipulation that caused the side effects.


Doctor Arpad Pusztai lost his job in August 1998 when he warned about GE foods. Arpad Pusztai led a study on GE food, for the Rowett Research Institute 1968-1998, to pre-empt their arrival their arrival in Britain. The GE potatoes were tested on rats it had a twofold effect it could potential create tumours that could increase the risk of cancer. The second thing was that the immune system of the rats became active recognising that the GM potatoes were alien. They were convinced that GMO’s were causing the problem.


When the first GMO soybeans arrived in Britain, Doctor Pusztai was interview on television, said it was unfair that the British people be used as Guinea Pigs. The day after the interview Doctor Arpad Pusztai was fired and the research team dismantled.


Stanley Ewen Ph.D. The University of Aberdeen was in charge of evaluation the effect of GM potatoes effects on rat’s internal organs. He was forced into retirement also. He learned that the pressure to fire Doctor Arpad Pusztai and dismantle the research team came from Tony Blair’s office after he received two phone calls from America concerning the importance of biotechnological foods.


The Arpad Pusztai scandal led to a massive rejection of GMO’s in Britain led by Greenpeace. Robert Shapiro President Director General (PDG) (CEO) Monsanto 1993-2000 claimed that Monsanto was not bullying their way into Britain.


70 percent of the food in American stores contain bioengineered elements. Unlike Europe consumer cannot make an informed decision because GM labelling is forbidden a direct consequence of the principle of Substantial Equivalence.


If you google Monsanto falsified scientific studies you get 174,000 hits. Among the report from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) it states “Monsanto Company had falsified scientific studies on carcinogenicity of dioxin”.


At Monsanto’s plant in Nitro, West Virginia, that produced a powerful herbicide called 2,4,5,t. In 1949 an exposition in the factory provoked unexpected side effects. 230 workers developed an extremely disfiguring illness. It was caused by dioxin, which is a by-product of 2,4,5,t. 2,4,5,t was the main ingredient in Agent Orange the defoliant used by the US army during the Vietnam war.


During the war, 40 million litres of Agent Orange containing 400 kilograms of pure dioxin were sprained on trees in southern Vietnam. 3 million people were contaminated including 1000’s of American soldiers. Even some 40 years after the end of the war dioxin continues to claim more victims. We know today that this poison provokes cancer and serious genetic malfunctions.


In 1978 Monsanto sponsored studies on the long-term effects of dioxin. The company paid a scientist to compare the health of those employees at the Monsanto Nitro, West Virginia plant explosion 30 years prior, to the health of the exposed workers.


William Sanjour Branch Chief, Hazardous Waste Management Division EPA 1970-2001 stated that the studies Monsanto had done were floored and if done correctly would have reached the opposite result. Monsanto studies showed that dioxin was not a human carcinogen (is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer). So 1000’s of veterans were disallowed benefits because of their exposure to Agent Orange.


Sanjour states that Scientist Kate Jenkins wrote to the EPA asking whether these studies were correctly done. Nobody investigated Monsanto or its studies. Who they investigated was the whistle-blower Kate Jenkins they harassed her, made her life hell, they changed her jobs, and they persecuted her.


Gerson Smoger – Lawyer representing Vietnam Veterans says Monsanto had the data first then manipulated how they were going to look at that data to come up with the conclusion they wanted. They mixed up the data to confuse who was exposed to dioxin and who had cancer to deliberately misrepresent the facts.


Thanks to limited and hidden from the public studies Monsanto biotechnological foods have now flooded the world market including North & South America, Asia, parts of Europe and Australia. Their plantations now cover 250 million acres, 70 percent are Round-up resistant and 30 percent have been genetically modified to produce an insecticide called BT.


Monsanto sues any farmer who reuses their seeds, this has resulted in many lawsuits and farmer bankruptcies. Monsanto is in the process of owning all food on the planet. Between 1995 and 2005 Monsanto acquired over 50 seed companies throughout the world.


Everywhere people worry about Monsanto monopolies which threaten to wipe out all transgenic varieties of food seeds.


India is the world’s third largest cotton producer, in 1999 Monsanto acquired Mahyco the country’s leading Seed Company two years later the Indian government authorised the sale of BT cotton under the name Bollgard, it is genetically modified to repel ball worms a cotton parasite.


Today in India, Monsanto controls nearly all of the cotton seed market. Forcing farmers to buy its seeds at prices four times higher than its conventional varieties. Small farmers must turn to money lenders who charge high-interest rates. If the harvest is poor it means bankruptcy, a vicious circle which is decimating Indian villages. In India when you commit suicide then the debts you have to die with you.


Transgenic, (meaning an organism that contains genetic material into which DNA from an unrelated organism has been artificially introduced) contamination is one of the world’s greatest concerns.


To preserve its corn’s diversity Mexico has banned GMO crops, however, due to the NAFTA agreement it cannot stop the massive importation of biogenetic corn being imported into the country. The genetic corns are highly subsidised by the US government, therefore on local market it cost half as much as traditional Mexican corn.


There is a new kind of colonisation going on in Mexico it’s the transgenic conquest of the corn market trying to kill off the natural corn market so that the industrial corn can dominate. If they succeed them the Mexicans will be forced to buy the fertilisers and insecticides’ they sell without them the corn won’t grow whereas the local corn grows very well without fertiliser or herbicide.


In Mexico the National Ecology Institute has confirmed that Round-Up ready and Biotechnology Group’s (BTG’s) have been found in five regions of the country Once the transgenes are released in Mexico it is very likely that they will insert themselves into the nature Flora & Fauna of the countryside. It’s an unavoidable phenomenon because corn plants cross naturally by windblown pollen, given that there is a fear that natural corn will be uncontrollably affected. It is possible that people buy corn at a market, then they drop some kernels, those kernels germinate and that is how the transgenic organism spread.


Contamination only benefits Monsanto. Monsanto has even used synonyms to infiltrate anti-GMO’s websites in an attempt to muddy the information about biogenetic seeds, they were found by tracing their IP addresses back to Monsanto and Monsanto representatives.


Argentina is the only South American country to allow the planting of GMO soybean crops, however from there they have spread to Paraguay and Peru.


Paraguay was forced to legalise the crops and as soon as they did Monsanto started to draw a profit from them. The GM crops wiped out all the small crops of fruits and vegetable planted by small farmers in Paraguay, they are like an invading army. They are two incompatible breeds of plants that cannot co-exist. It destroys the biodiversity of the landscape. In Paraguay, 70% of the land is owned by just 2% of the population. Three-quarters of the soybean producers are foreigners staking claims on the soybean harvests. The result is the Monsanto is depriving the people of Paraguay the sovereignty of feeding themselves.


Monsanto’s profits continue to rise, 2007 Monsanto employed 18,000 workers across 50 countries. Its stock price continues to rise and it profit exceed a billion dollars. Its shareholders include pension funds, banks and 100 of thousands of small investors.


(David V Monsanto. The Natural News)