Josef Mengele was a German Schutzstaffel officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. Mengele was a notorious member of the team of doctors responsible for the selection of victims to be killed in the gas chambers and for performing deadly human experiments on prisoners. One of the experiments was the brainwashing tests.


After WWII Mengele was shipped to America under ‘Project Paperclip’ there Mengele and his associates continued their mind control experiments, which later became known as MK Ultra. Where America tortured and murdered its own citizens for decades.


Exposed in1970’s by Canadian survivors the MK Ultra records show, over 150 operations all relating to behaviour modification which included; trauma, brainwashing, drug (LSD), blackmail, and mind control experiments. No-one ever accepted responsibility for the tests. Most researchers believes these programs continue secretly to this day.


Among the trauma based experiments, were electroshock, drugs and hypnosis create their very own mind controlled victims. They tortured children with shock and abuse therapy.


The CIA’s secret agenda was to create by Psychologic and Chemical means of creating perfect mind controlled spy, assassin, soldier and eventually slave. Someone who doesn’t know they are a spy.


Thanks to research by Heinrich Himmler and Josef Mengele the Nazis had determined via research that it was possible to brainwash a person completely by a young age through specific tortures.


MK Ultra didn’t end in 1973, it evolved into Project Monarch. Taking everything they’d learn from MK Ultra they created the ultimate Mind-controlled slave. Mind control victims are now in all walks of life. The Entertainment industry is known to be filled with Monarch Multiples. One reason these people are chosen is because they are able to control the thoughts of all their fans and followers. Messages through films and music are controlled. Many of today’s celebrities have shown symptoms of being mind control victims.


Today a multitude of groups like, US Army, ABC Disney, CIA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, American Navy and British Intelligence are performing mind control techniques on the public, but only a small number of staff have any knowledge of what is going on.


How are these mind control multiples created? It begins at a young age, children of elite mind control families will be traumatised starting in the womb, even going so far as to induce a premature birth.


They liken splitting the mind to splitting wood. Getting an initial split going is difficult, but once you’ve got that split going it gets easier and easier. The elite knows that if they traumatise the mind early and split a mind it will dissociate easier. For this reason, the elite will put a mouse trap on their babies hand while they are in the crib and not go into the room to remove it until the infant stops crying. This teaches the babies mind to dissociate from pain. Which is then rewarded with the parent’s attention.


Sometimes children from domestically abusive families will be chosen for their ability to dissociate, therefore the wood has already been split.


The Second aspect is IQ, a great deal of intelligence and creativity is required to create these dissociated personalities. Personality and IQ ultimately chose the child’s future role. Once the candidate has been selected preparation will begin. While multi-generational subjects will inherit the mental structuring required to begin mental programming others must be conditioned. The controller will begin expanding the child’s mind as soon as they are born. Teaching them not only to recognize shapes but also to associate smells and sound with memory.


The Child will be taught discipline, teaching them to hold still or keep their eyes open for long periods. This will be helpful later during EEG (Electroencephalography is an electrophysiological monitoring method to record the electrical activity of the brain) testing. For the first year and a half, the monarch child is smothered in love, in what is known as the ‘love bombing’ phase. Once an ability to dissociate and an IQ of 120 is confirmed than programmers will begin the first step; shattering the core.


In direct contrast to the love and attention the child has received, they will them be alone, isolated and confused. Loud noises and various smells will overwhelm the child’s senses. After some time the programmer, who has to this point only been shown love, will arrive and traumatise the victim. The shock shatters the mind like glass. The brain cannot reconcile these two opposite behaviours from the same person.  Experts have determined this is how the core is split.


Once the core is split, the mind can be divided and compartmentalised by further abuse and terror. As the victim's programming begins it is monitored at every level, charts are kept and programming levels are set. The programmer will use specific tortures to create splits. The unconscious mind takes flight, saying I can’t take this anymore I’m out of here. When this happens the unconscious mind is left wide open. The victim is left in a dangerously suggestive state. Dissociation creates the opening of the unconscious. This vulnerable state is characterised by rapid eye movement, heightened sensibility to shadows or rapid movement. The subject is highly hypnotisable, and can be told to create new parts within their mind. The fractured dissociated mind has no ability to question what it’s being told.


If you get tortured far enough then your dominant half gets put to sleep. This is a normal reaction to protect you. What is left is a very childlike persona of yourself from when you were about five years old. You have no ability to resist, you’re vulnerable, and that’s when they hypnotise you. Dissociation is the key to all of this.


In this state it is easy for the victim to go into shock and die, Life signs are closely monitored, that is why these brainwashing centres are equipped with all number of life-saving devices.


Sensory overload by lights, sounds, smells is all used to help put the brain into a dissociated state. With each new split, new alters can be created to do whatever the programmer wants.  Some alters will be perpetual toddlers other will be allowed to mature with age, all serve a purpose within the system.


Ritualist abuse like that found in satanic cults involves traumatic chanting, incense, strobe loghts and sheer terror frequently create the split, a skilled hypnotherapist can input phrase, codes and specific tones to trigger the newly created alter at any time. So centres have elaborate faculties designed for maximum hypnotic and lighting effect. Heated salt water sensory tanks create weightlessness and put subjects into an out of body state which can then be used by programmers to speak to the unconscious mind.


A multiples mind can be divided into many parts. If a programmer wants, a single trigger could create 10 or more alter the stronger of which will be programmed and managed for different purposes. Alters personalities are kept in place by a web of anchors, threats and hypnotic suggestions. Programmers have worked out how to trigger emotional memories. Most front alters are programmed not to remember the ritual abuse. Fear of remembering helps reinforce their programming, preventing the mind from pulling itself together.


The roots of all thoughts and behaviours is a connection between neurons in the brain. Neurons connect via electrical circuits in the brain called brainwaves, which vary depending on the subject’s state of mind. Brainwaves are like musical notes; Beta, 14-30 hertz, Awake normal alert consciousness; Alpha, 9 – 13 Hertz Physically and mentally relaxed, awake but drowsy;  Delta, Below 4 Hertz,  Deep (dreamless) sleep. Theta, Deep sleep, and relaxation. Brainwaves change frequency according to what we are doing or thinking. Alters are programmed in at each frequency.


Alpha is used to train the perfect spy and have five times the physical strength of a normal man. These are used for corporate and government espionage. Because of their photographic recall and ability to record volumes of information. They can also be used to destroy data like a computer. Some Alpha’s are used to record volumes of sports statistics, so they can used as amusements at parties.


Beta is the sexual programming level; void of any inhibitions, or moral conviction; often cat-like; known as sex kittens, many female entertainers have beta programming. Billionaires and power brokers will pay huge sums to sleep with a huge celebrity so getting the monarch slave into their armoury can be very lucrative to the programmers.


Delta wavelength is used to program super soldiers and assassins who are devoid of fear and their programming makes them void of fear / Self-preservation capable incredible strength and fighting ability. One who kills and if gets caught self-destructs. Simply imagine a marksmen with 40 timed visual acuity and unparalleled skill and determination. Some of these hidden alternates are highly trained super soldiers. They complete their mission, return home and never remember a thing. Other are trained to wait for arrest or kill themselves.


Where do the victims come from? Some are born into inter-generational satanic abusive families. Epigenetics in learning and memory is passed on through DNA through generations and is what allows these families to dissociate. This is why children from old luciferin European families are sought after for programming


These cults also keep breeders, woman to give birth to victims so the alternate can be programmed from birth. Both as a way to get fresh victims and have victims for ritualist murder.


Other children are brought into the program by other means. In the case of army children their parents are told we can make your child into a genius, and the parents are rewarded well financially and militarily. Other children are brought in because the parents have been abusing them sexually or physically, so the parents are blackmailed. Some parents are told their children will grow up to be celebrity’s still other children are brought in via kidnappings.


Anton LaVey was the founder of the Church of Satan, he was a powerful brain-washer, and he turned Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield into Sex Kitten slaves. Since Marilyn’s death many other celebrities have died under similar bizarre circumstances, Britney Murphy for one.  Bob Hope has been named as a handler.


Experts have discovered that it doesn’t matter how advanced the programming is it usually come unglued between the ages of 27 to 30, we have seen this happen with Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan all having meltdowns around this age range. The victim begins to fall apart switching alters at inappropriate times. They are usually called back in for reprogramming under the guise of rehab.


The veil of secrecy is beginning to fade, thanks to so many victims coming forward. Those who are having flashback often felt that no-one will believe them, but with the power of the internet so much is coming to light. Thanks for people like Cathy O’Brien coming forward what was once seen as dismissive is now being addressed. Once you are aware the signs are everywhere. In the grand scheme, those who commit such acts are few while those who fight it are enormous.


Not many people know this, but the CIA has an entire department dedicated to the entertainment industry. It’s run through the CIA’s Entertainment Industry Liaison Office, which collaborates in an advisory capacity with filmmakers. The CIA doesn’t just offer guidance to filmmakers, it even offers money. In 1950, the agency bought the rights to George Orwell’s Animal Farm and then funded the 1954 British animated version of the film. Its involvement had long been rumoured, but only in the past decade have those rumours been substantiated.


(Total Mind Control documentary 2016 MK-Ultra, Celebrities & More!)