Al Qaeda is an invention, all it is a database, in fact, Al Qaeda translates into the database in Arabic, and it is simply a list of names of the mujahidin and arms smugglers trained in terrorism by the CIA in the 1970’s.

To every police officer, the job of the police is not one of blind enforcement of the law but is rather to protect and serve the public not protection and servitude to corrupt Politicians.

The role of the military is the protection of their nation, not the protection of the nation’s politicians.

If politicians in act legislation or issue decrees that oppress the rights of the people or are not in the best interests of people in promoting freedom and the right of each individual their personal pursuit of happiness then it is politicians who sought to enact such laws should be arrested and not the people who disregard them.

People are sovereign, not the government, the government is the servant of the people, not visa-verse.

Waking some of these police officers would be difficult in not impossible because it is highly likely that they have already been micro chipped. It is extremely easy to control the emotional state of a person who has been implanted with a microchip. The human body is a biological computer, actions. Feelings and emotions are detected by the brain as electrical impulses. Placing a microchip inside the body allows the computer to be interfered with by an external source, similar to a Trojan program on a computer.


No intelligent or thinking person should ever allow themselves to be micro chipped, no matter how convenient it is made to appear to entice you. To allow yourself to be chipped is to place your life and emotions and feelings into the hands of another person who you do not know. This is not science-fiction this fact. Scientists have been doing this for decades with animals. With a simple change of frequency, they can change a cat from calm and placid to angry and full of rage.

It is probably due to such technology that some police officer act so violently. The Police’s job is to protect and serve the public rather than to harass and intimidate as they appear to be concentrating on now.

It must be understood that there are only two emotions: love and fear all other emotion stem from these two base emotions. Love is a much faster vibration than fear. Love has been proven to affect human DNA. It is this knowledge that elite want to keep from us. Hatred empowers your enemies.

What is needed is a global revolution of the earth’s people. All that is required is to wake and stop going along with the system. Stop agreeing with what is being done to the people. For just one week stand up and say we will not do this anymore. Get yourself a supply of food for the week, don’t go out and be a consumer. Don’t watch TV, don’t go to work, don’t buy guy gas don’t buy alcohol don’t go shopping at all. Can you imagine what could be achieved with one week of global non-compliance?  Non-compliance would bring the entire global elite to their knees in a foul swoop.

Then if the people forgot what the TV told them what was right. If we help each other rather than buy more useless trinkets the entire system of slavery would come crashing down like a house of cards. The only power that the ruling elite have over is the power we grant to them. All that is needed in the world is for the people of the world to stand united in one act of non-compliance. It needs to be done quickly in peaceful and united manner.

Your first action in hearing this would be to feel anger at the suggestion because it implies you have been wrong about this world. You only feel anger because you’ve been lied to all your life. To acknowledge that you’ve been duped is difficult because society has trained us to believe such thoughts as an affront against the ego, rather than an enlightening of spirit or the freeing of mental shackles. The fact remains that the only power the ruling elite have over then is the power that the people grant to them.