Britain claimed it could no longer support Europe, who was struggling to rebuild after WWII and were ending aid to Greece and Turkey. So they asked America for help.


Europe was fertile ground for a communist takeover. The Soviet army was strong. It appealed to new recruits who were starving and looking for a better way of life. It appeared to be the only party you could join if you wanted to change the world.


The 1948 Czechoslovak coup – in Communist historiography known as "Victorious February" was an event late that February in which the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, with Soviet backing, assumed undisputed control over the government of Czechoslovakia, marking the onset of four decades of Communist dictatorship in the country.


Truman asked the congress for $400 million to help Greece and Turkey.  


The General George Marshall plan was for America to fund the rebuilding of Europe after World War II. The objective was to prevent Eastern Southern Europe from falling under Soviet control.


ERP European Recovery Plan, America offers a grant to for money and machinery to all the European, they offer the money and equipment to everyone, however only the western countries accept the other countries had turned to communism. OEED: But get the many countries had to sign up to the OEED the Organisation for European economic Co-operation they decided how the money would be spent, so they could coordinate the whole endeavour.


The Marshall plan started in the United Kingdom, and because of its success there, it spread across Europe. A lot of the money was spent on water purification, food, shelter and medicines as most of their hospitals were destroyed.


Every country in Europe was broke including, car, steel, coal, cement and wheat industries. The idea was that American companies give money to their Europeans counterparts in exchange for work and capital. Ford worked with the car industries while American coal worked with the coal industry and so on. While one partner worked with another. These were known as strategic partners where one partner offered technology to another where the both parties profited from the increase in earnings. These exchanges between Europe and America solidified American imports and made trade agreements between the two countries possible.


Stalin realised that this was an attempt to democracies the countries of Europe so he forbade all Eastern bloc countries from joining. He called it an attempt from the US to buy them all.


Eventually, there were 16 countries who accepted the offer. By 1953, they had received 17 billion dollars. Italy receives 600,000 million dollars. As a result the west recovered very quickly, increased the standard of living, its economies grew and began trading with America. However, the result was it divided Europe, into capitalist and communist.


In response to Marshall Plan, Stalin set up CMEA council for mutual economic assistance in 1945 where he was going to give aid to all the eastern bloc countries.


The Marshall Plan was not all good though it started the IMF and the World Bank.


It needs to be remembered that Britain and Italy lied about being broke. With the City of London financial district in London and the fact, the American is subservient to them means that London ordered the United States to rebuilt Europe. Furthermore the Vatican being the financial head of the world, they received money from the United States Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, so they were in no way broke.

General George Marshall