Are we living in an alternative timeline?


The Mandela effect, large groups of people have been found to have memories of alternate timelines? There are a lot of people who remember Nelson Mandela passing way while he was locked up in prison in 1980’s. Almost half the population remember different things from the past, it’s as if two timelines have bridged together so that some people say things are always the way they should while other remember something different.


This also extends to other aspects of life or example there was a children’s book called ‘The Berenstein Bears’ this has now become ‘The Berenstain Bears’. I remember these books from my childhood, I definitely remember them being called ‘Berenstein’. Evidence has been found that the ‘Berenstein Bears’ book actually existed. Life is full of these little effects that appear to have changed.


Some of these things I remember some I don’t. Some people believe the man who stood in front of the Tiananmen Square tanks was killed, while other remember him not being killed, I fall into the first category here, although I don’t really remember what happened, I do remember being told he was killed.


Another example is Oscar Meyer Wieners are in fact, Oscar Mayer Wieners. Or there is JCPenny which has now become JCPenney. Again there is ‘Febreeze’ which is actually spelled ‘Frebreze or Charlie Brown creator Charles M Schultz is actually Charles M Schulz. ’ There is also ‘Jimmy’ peanut butter, which apparently is just called ‘Jif’. Again there is the American breakfast cereal names ‘Captain Crunch’ however it’s actually ‘Cap’n Crunch’ I have not much of a memory these probably because they are American and I didn’t really pay that much attention.


Other inconsistencies are in ‘Star War’ I remember Darth Vader saying “Luke I am your father’ but apparently the words are “No, I am your Father”. Everyone remembers “Luke…” no-one remembers it the other way, yet there it is on the screen today. James Earl Jones the voice of Darth Vader remembers the “Luke….” line in two separate interviews.


Again with Star Wars, I remember C3PO being completely gold however if you look at the movie today you will see he has one silver leg to the knee, while the other one is gold’. I remember all the toys at the time C3PO was all gold. How can millions of people have a false memory?


There is also the change to the car ‘Ford’s’ logo, it has an extra loop in the small line of the F. And ‘Fruit Loops’ is now ‘Froot Loops’. In ‘Snow White’ it is “Mirror Mirror on the wall” not “Magic Mirror on the wall”. These things I remember being different.


This has also happened in various other movies like ‘Field of Dreams’, ‘Jaws’ ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Forrest Gump’. ‘Interview with a Vampire’ is now ‘Interview with the Vampire’ and the TV Show ‘Sex in the City’ is now ‘Sex and the City’.


It has also happened with the footage of JFK’s assassination, there were four people in the car, and now video footage shows six people. Also, the spelling of some people’s names have changed I remember spelling ‘Gandhi’ it is now ‘Ghandi’ Furthermore some people remember a large landmass of the western coast of Australia. There was also a place called Sandy Island, it has been mapped Cartographers many times, near New Caledonia. Between the Chesterfield Islands and the Nereus Reef, however, it is not there now.


Another one is ‘Looney Toons’ which has become ‘Looney Tunes’, this one, in particular, makes no sense to me. I remember ‘Toons’ as in cartoons. This one really doesn’t make much sense. ‘Tunes’ as in music tunes doesn’t fit the narrative. Why am I along with millions of other people remembering it the other way?


In July 1954, a man arrives at Tokyo airport in Japan saying he was from a country called Taured. The man presented a passport, driver's license and check book from the Bank of Taured. He became very upset when he could not locate his homeland on a map. He was taken to a hotel and was placed under police guard but he mysteriously vanished, the Japanese police launched an investigation but couldn’t find anything out. He had all the valid paperwork to back himself up that he was from Taured.


There seems to be a correlation between those who suffer from the Mandela Effect and tinnitus (a ringing in the ears). There are many theories but they are thin on evidence. Some people blame The Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Other feel that we are living in a large supercomputer and we have been hacked. Some blame time-travellers, others still say it just imagination. How is it that so many people remember these things differently?