John Kennedy Jnr published ‘George’ magazine a hard hitting infotainment journal. He published real stories including two, particularly dangerous ones.


An interview with the mother of Yigal Amir the accused assassin of Yitzhak Rabin. His mother said that “charges not only members of the Israeli government knew the crime might be attempted but her son had been moulded into the perfect assassin by an alleged agent provocateur and undercover government agent. Avishai Raviv” She went on to say that The Mossad allowed Yigal to get close to Rabin in order to kill him. In short, the Mossad set up the killing of Rabin.


The second article John Jnr published was an article by Oliver Stone in which Stone claimed that the rich and powerful had always assassinated their Political opponent throughout history including John’s Father. John supported Stone’s movie JFK and paid him to write the article.


The establishment was scared John was going to run for office, and if he did he’d win. John didn’t except the Warren Commission’s findings into his Father’s death. He was a real threat to his father’s killers.


Why did the big money flow to George W Bush after he lost to John McCain in the New Hampshire election, normally it works the other way? The reason why is simple the big money men need a stooge to shut up and not make a lot of noise during their 911 plan.


If George H W Bush killed Kennedy then who did George W have to kill to get his seat at the table of ‘made’ men. No-one knows where George W Bush was on 16th July 1999, the night John Jnr was murdered. Bush was in Iowa in the morning, then he got on a bus at 10 am and wasn’t seen for another three days. The polls showed that he was losing to John McCain, therefore it was an important time for campaigning.


After John Jnr was killed, the media ran to Bush for his response, but he was nowhere to be found. His staff couldn’t say what he was doing, were he had gone or even when he would be back

John was an enormously responsible pilot. The nine flight inspectors who watched John fly over the seventeen years agreed the he “Jnr was methodical about his flight planning and would compute a weight and balance whenever needed. He also considered the pilot to be very cautious regarding his aviation decision making.”


How did such a professional pilot like Kennedy end up dying in a plane crash that killed his wife his wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette? The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigated the accident and found there was nothing wrong with plane and that the weather was clear and the moon was visible.  The Radar report showed that Kennedy’s plane just suddenly dropped.


Kennedy kept his flight log in an aqua marine duffel bag on the plane. The duffel bag was recovered intact however the flight log was missing. This very important because it records who was on the flight.


John and Lauren Bessette arrived at Caldwell airport at about 7:30 pm. Witnesses say that Carolyn arrived 15 minutes later at 7:45. Yet they sat around for 45 minutes, why what were thy waiting for? John was seen on the phone at this time, was he organising a flight instructor, it seems very likely. They took off at 8:30 pm. 


The NTSB has the phone records of whoever Kennedy was speaking too before he took off. They have chosen not to include it in their report. The fact that it’s missing is suspicious.


John, this wife Caroline and his sister-in-law Lauren. Took off at 8:30pm, from Caldwell Airport and headed to Martha’s Vineyard. At 9:39 John made contact with the air traffic controller at Martha’s Vineyard saying he was on his final approach.


At 9:38:50 Kennedy’s plane was holding steady at 2500 feet. At 200 miles per hour the plane would land in about five minutes. At 9:39 Kennedy contacted the tower. We don’t know how long the conversation lasted but 9:40:15 the plane began a catastrophic plunge into the sea crashing into the water at 200 miles per hour. 


Whenever you make contact with air traffic control your particular radar blip is then entered into the FAA air traffic system, if any where on your flight path your plane should descend below 100 feet the computer will immediately set off an alarm at FAA traffic facility. Therefore the alarm should have been set off when the plane fell below 100 feet. The FAA should have begun the search at 9:40 when the low altitude alarm went off. FAA regulations also state that a search should be conducted if a plane fails to land within five minutes of contacting the control tower.


Adam Budd, an airport worker at Martha's Vineyard, reported the plane missing to the FAA at 10pm. The Kennedy family called the control tower at 10:30 and 11pm. Senator Ted Kennedy called at midnight. What emerges from this scene is a conspiracy by the FAA and the Air Force to keep people away from the crash site.


News reports started almost immediately. Petty Officer Todd Burgun of the Coast Guard gave updates to the media. Todd Burgan is a professional media liaison. Every day he answers questions about air and sea rescues. At 9:38:40 the plane had stopped descending and was holding at 2500 feet.


FAA regulation states that the plane pause at this point and wait for instructions from the flight tower to continue. Burgun’s report was totally consistent with radar information. Tom Burgun confirmed all of this however at midnight he was ripped off the air and stopped from making media briefs. The FAA and the Coast Guard were also silenced. All request for information were to be channelled through the Pentagon.


At 12:30am, Tom Burgun was removed from his position and no further updates were furnished to the media. All government agencies including the FAA and the Coast Guard suddenly went silent. Reporters were now referred to the Pentagon. Why was the Pentagon involved in a peace time accident? The Pentagon then overtly took over the investigation and Lieutenant Coronel Steve Roark was brought out to do the official lying.


It took 15 and a half hours for the search to begin. At midnight all government agencies went silent and reporters were referred to the Pentagon. Lt. Col. Steve Roark claimed that John did not contact the tower. He claimed that Kennedy never contacted the tower at Martha’s Vineyard and Roark didn’t acknowledge any of Todd Burgun’s reports. The news media didn’t believe Roark and kept reporting on what Burgan had told them.  


Then a little while later, the news media then fell into line and stopped reporting on Burgan earlier reports and didn’t ask Roark the hard question they’d been asking earlier.


By 2:15am, the Kennedy’s had exhausted all hope the FAA were going to help so they called the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard then contact the FAA which put the FAA on notice that another government agency was aware of the situation. The FAA then contacted the Air Force. The Air Force then contacted the Coast Guard letting them know that they should know do what the Air Force tells them to do.


The Air Force then sent the Coast Guard on a wild goose chase around the 100 miles from where the plane went down. This completely ignored Kennedy’s contact with the Martha’s Vineyard tower.


The Coast Guard trotted out Richard Larrabee to continue the lie. He claimed that although the plane was due at 10pm no-one in the Kennedy family reported the plane missing until 2pm, this was untrue given Adam Budd’s previous statement. This also was ridiculous given the FAA policy on what to do went a plan doesn’t land as scheduled.


Friends of the Kennedy’s reported the plane missing as soon as it didn’t land at it designated time. The FAA did nothing. Ted Kennedy contacted the FAA and still, they did nothing. Why the plane was not reported missing until 2:00 pm was never answered and never got caught up in any of the media’s questions. The Coast Guard was contacted by the Kennedy’s at 2:15 pm, they were referred by the FAA contacted the Air Force. The Air Force then had them go a wild goose chase Coast Guard checking and area 100 miles from where the plane went down. Meanwhile, between 3 am and 7:30 am the Air Force and the FAA did nothing. 


At 6:30am, Ted Kennedy woke up John Podesta, Clinton's head of Staff, at 7 pm Podesta woke up Bill Clinton. At 7:15 Clinton called the Air Force that if they didn’t have a search underway in 15 minutes then they would all be fired. The Airforce sent two planes and two helicopters to search a vast expanse in an area 100’s of miles from the area John’s plane was last seen. The Air Force kept the searching this vast expanse for five hours.


An N-Tap radio analysis is means you go back to the beginning of the flight, in Kennedy’s case it was giving the flight number which was flight N529jk.  In this case N is the first letter of all private aircraft, 4/29 is John Kenny Snr birthday and jk stands for John Kennedy. The planes radar blip is then followed along its radar blip until it disappeared indicating the crash site. The New York Times says this information was available at 5am.  Making the Air Force search of the expansive body of water pointless.


Steve Roark claimed that Kennedy had not spoken to the tower at Martha’s Vineyard. He claimed the Pentagon was unaware of the plane going into a dive, or at least he pretended he was. Roark lied and said the radar position was just the last known position, it wasn’t a crash site. Roark went as far as saying “it can’t be confirmed the aircraft we’re looking for”. It could be, the N-TAP mission to track the aircraft N529jk had already tracked the plane’s flight. Roark ignored the N-Tap information and said they would continue to search the area 100’s of miles from where the plane went down.


Despite the fact that the plane plummeted from its last known radar position Roark, continued to say “it looked like it was on its descent. I didn’t see anything unusual.” He claimed that it can’t be confirmed that that was the plane they were looking for. It could be confirmed via the N-Tap search.


​Roark is a very senior officer he was currently the director of the US Air forces National Search and Rescue School. He was the former director of the Air Force Rescue Coordination Centre. He had personally been involved in over 1000 search and rescue operations over his career. Why did Roark keep lying, because he didn’t want to find the plane? The obvious answer is they were trying to keep the search planes out of the crash area.


According to Larrabee by about 1pm they had narrowed that focus area down to an area about 17 miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard. This was about the time that a suitcase with Lauren Bessette name tag on it washed up upon the beach. This was about the time that the Coast Guard acting on its own were able to concentrate on one a vague crash area.


All civil aircraft are required to carry an emergency crash beacon or an ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter. These beacons are crash activated. If a crash happens the ELT sends out a network of satellite signals that can instantly locate a crash within a matter of a few feet. ABC had the location of the beacon, because it went off as it was supposed to. So while news teams at ABC got hold of this information. Coronel Roark didn’t have this information?


Roark continued to lie, claiming Kennedy didn’t have a flight plan and claiming he didn’t check in with air traffic controllers along the route. The voice backup recorder malfunctioned and therefore did not record the crews last minutes. They say the backup battery on the flight recorder failed. But with all the lies about the search you’ve got wonder what is true.


According to Roark, Kennedy had not filed a flight plan, however he has done this on every trip he’d made in his 17 years of flying. Roark also claimed that Kennedy never contacted any of the air-traffic controls along his flight. When you contact air-traffic control they can warn for of any hazards, weather or alike along your flight path. Given Roark’s history of lying about everything there is no reason to believe this. Given Kennedy’s unblemished history it is more than likely he did these things however they got ‘lost’ when the Pentagon took over the case.


The information on the cockpit recorder was lost because the information on the recorder could be recovered because when the plane was found the back-up battery was missing. It is possible that during the fifteen hours when the flight was missing that someone removed the battery thus deleting the last minutes of everyone on the planes last minutes.


“At this point according to what ‘the family’ has told us it is believed that Kennedy was the pilot of the plane and that in fact he was the only pilot on board. There have been other reports that perhaps there had been a fourth passenger, a flight instructor. According to ‘the family’ and what they have told us that this is not the case. ‘The Family’ is also saying they are not sure that JFK Jnr. Had the proper license to pilot the plane last night. Through the FAA has not in fact confirmed that.”


​This statement cannot to be confirmed by any member of the Kennedy family. I wasn’t true Kennedy had seventeen years’, experience over 300 hours of flight time, enough for him to become an instructor. He had recently taken the performance test to get his instrument license allowing him to fly blind in the thickest fog, and he passed. But the weather was clear and he was legal to fly even with his old license under visual flight rules.


This baseless report suggests that the killers have someone identifying themselves as ‘the family’ and spreading lies in the media. The person calling themselves ‘the family’ is also the source claims there was no flight instructor.


The report that there was a flight instructor on board came from a reliable report, Carole Ratowell.  Ratowell is the member of the family that called the Coast Guard at 2am. Ratowell told the Coast Guard there was a flight inductor on board the plane.


Kennedy never flew without a flight instructor. In the weeks after the accident the NTSB could find no-one who said John flew his new plane without a flight instructor. There was a reason for this, john followed safety rules to the letter. John had flown to Martha’s Vineyard eight times in the previous month every time he had a flight instructor with him. Waiting for a flight instructor would explain why they waited around until 8:30pm to take off.


The flight instructor would have been there because John’s foot injured and he was on crutches and because he was working on an instrument rating. He didn’t need his feet to fly.


Richard Blow of George magazine has lunch with Kennedy the day of the crash, Kennedy told him he was flying with an instructor.


When the Coast Guard and the Navy finally found the wreckage the scoured the bottom of the ocean for every piece of wreckage. They found thousands of little pieces however what they found was that one of the seats was missing. It took five days to recover the bodies. Ratowell may have only been guess that there was a flight instructor on-board but the evidence is overwhelming that there was one.


So did the Pentagon delayed the rescue for fifteen hours so they could recover the flight inductors body, recover the log book and get the battery from the cockpit voice recorder? It doesn’t seem make sense however it’s the only explanation. ABC got the beacon. Todd Burgun is giving live updates until he is shut down and it took fifteen hours to start the search.


The fuel selector valve was found in the off position. The valve in the off position will cut off petrol to the engine. The valve had to have been moved to this position during the last moment the plane was in the air. This alone wouldn’t cause the plane to plummet it is still capable of gliding. The fuel safety valve has a protective device built into it. You have to hold down a button on the valve while simultaneously moving the valve to the off position, that way it is accident proof. That means someone one the plane couldn’t have turned it off by accident. So the fuel valve just leaves more questions.


On 31st October 1999, all 217 people aboard EgyptAir Flight 990 were killed when it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean about 60 miles southeast of Nantucket. The EgyptAir 990 was piloted by, Gameel Al-Batouti. Fifteen weeks after John Kennedy Jnr’s death, this plane full of Egyptian military people Gameel Al-Batouti walked into the cockpit and pulled the controls right down sending the plane hurtling towards the water. Five other pilots over powered him and while they were trying to straighten the plane out Al-Batouti turned the fuel valve to off.


EgyptAir 990 hit the water 50 miles from where John Kennedy Jnr’s crashed a few weeks earlier. No-one in Egypt expects this version. Muslim’s don’t commit suicide outside of military operations. Many people think that the plane was taken out by an Israeli missile to kill all the military personnel on-board. The Black box recorder, recorded the struggle on board. Which leaves a third expansion: Al-Batouti was a victim of MK Ultra mind control. Was the flight control instructor on JFK Jnr’s flight a MK Ultra victim? Or was he threatened with the death of his family if he didn’t do it. Given that we don’t know who he was we can only speculate.


The most important lesson to learn from this that the most reliable reports come from people and reporters at the beginning of the story. When we see these early reports from responsible, knowledgeable reports replaced by unsubstantiated people (like Roark) with no credibility, we should demand to creditable substantiated evidence before accepting the new version that someone is trying to sell us. We need to recognise this exchanging of good information for bad as evidence that supports a conspiracy to murder.


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