Preparing to rebuild the international banking system as WWII was still going 734 delegates from all 44 allied nations gathered at Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, for the United Nations Bretton Woods Monetary Conference. The conference was three years in the making. The United Kingdom wanted to hide its true wealth and pretended it was a declining power in the world.

Consequently, the idea was that the United States would take over as the world’s economic power was devised. People may try to argue there is truth to this however with most of the United States Federal Reserve being owned by England and other European nations the idea of the United States being an independent power was merely a front.

With all the other countries in ruins their economies were non-existent and therefore they were at the mercy of the Rothschilds and their cohorts to devise whatever global economic plan they wanted. While the countries were broke spending money on the war the World’s central banker experienced massive profits from the war. Now it was time to control and exploit the people of the world in another way.

The International Monetary Fund was supposed to be a lender of last resort to countries experiencing great hardships, however, with those loans came great expectations. The IMF like all Central Reserve Banks makes money out of thin air. The idea works like this: if you put a country in debt either by their own devices or by installing a corrupt government. Then the country needs to borrow money from the IMF. The IMF can then say yes we’ll lend you money, however, we want something in return.

They generally take control of a country’s natural resources, oil, gas, food. For example, the IMF will lend a country money to buy seeds for planting crops but make the country buy off Monsanto, therefore making the country a debt slave to Monsanto as well as the IMF. They can also bargain with the United States military bases being set up in their countries.


Whatever happens, it decreases a countries independence and will make them further debt slaves to a banking system that runs the world. When the value of a countries currency drops then all their products values drop too. This makes them vulnerable to predator countries seeking to exploit the poorer nation. The also involve themselves in social welfare programs like controlling their education or health systems.

These countries often find themselves having their electricity or water privatised and controlled by a corporation offshore. The loans that can’t be repaid are often used as blackmail techniques to get a country to vote a particular way in the UN. Of course, the governments and a few rich members of these countries make out well from these deals the average person in these countries is far worse off.

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