As the Central Reserve bank lends money to the government at interest, it is impossible to pay back the entire debt. The end result is slavery for all of mankind.


The dominant families in the banking industry at the turn of the 20th century were The Rockefellers, The Warburgs, The Morgans and the Rothschilds.


In 1907, JP Morgan caused a rush on his banks by publishing rumours that a major bank (The Knickerbocker Trust) in New York was insolvent, in a bid to send people into mass hysteria and cause a run on the bank. It worked and banks were forced to call in their loans, a spiral of repossessions and bankruptcies resulted from the incident.


Before America declared its independence, in 1774, the currency act the parliament had banned the issuing of the bill of credit in the colonies. This made colonial script illegal in other words England told America, you can’t print your own money. Benjamin Franklin believed this is what was behind the American Revolution and he told England so. Founders like Jefferson, Madison and Franklin were opposed to a central bank knowing it would open the door to foreign and private interest seeking control over America's currency.


In 1791 Alexander Hamilton established the first privately owned Central Bank of America, with 10 million dollars on a twenty-year charter. This was contrary to the US Constitution which Hamilton had signed. When the charter of the bank expired the head of the private group was exposed. It was Nathan Rothschild who said, “Either the application for renewal of the Charter is granted, or the United States will find itself in a most disastrous war.” 


Alexander Hamilton, from New York, represented the money elite. Hamilton supported friendly relations with England’s fight for a central bank. The founders and the Southern States like Virginia and Maryland fought Hamilton on this. Hamilton’s proposal supported the assumption of states debts by the federal government which would be offset by new taxes. Virginia and Maryland had already paid off most of their war debt and didn’t want to pay twice.


There was also the debate as to where to put the nation’s capital. New York and Philadelphia were popular candidates in the North. However, some people were concerned that the corruption between bankers and politics in these two financial districts were likely to corrupt the system. A comprise was reached states debts would be centralised under the Federal bank and the national capital would be in the District of Columbia on the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia.


Hamilton was discovered by John Adams planning a coup d'état against the young US government. Despite this Hamilton’s face graces the US $10 bill to this day. In the end, Hamilton was shot dead over a private dispute, but his support for the money lenders of Great Britain got them their bank. The charter for the First National bank was due to run out in 1812, Congress refused to renew the charter. Almost immediately war between America and Britain broke out.


The second Reserve bank of America was established by President James Madison after the country was virtually bankrupted by the war of 1812. The two richest men in America were Stephen Girard a banker and John Jacob Astor, John Jacob made his money through fur and opium trading. They were both investors in Andrew Hamilton First Bank of America. After the First bank was closed down the two men used their influence to have Alexander J. Dallas promoted to Treasury Secretary. Dallas uses his position to push through a new Central Bank under James Madison. Girard and Astor were major stockholders in that bank as well.  The second bank was destroyed by Andrew Jackson under his Presidency.


The Rothschilds had their sights set on reclaiming America. A divide and conquer strategy would be used by creating a War between North and South America. The North was to be a British colony annexed to Canada financed and controlled by Lionel Rothschild. The South was to be a French colony financed and controlled by James De Rothschild. Lincoln main problem shifted from slavery, which he had outlawed, to how he was going to pay for the Defence of America from the international bankers who were destroying it.


Lincoln came up with an idea called the ‘Greenback’. The government would print its own interest-free currency which later on would be redeemable in gold. The bankers wouldn’t stand for this. On 14th April 1865, Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Booth was a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle. The Knights of the Golden Circle was a secret society in the mid-nineteenth-century United States. The original objective of the KGC was to annex a "golden circle" of territories in Mexico,  


Two factors contributed to the Rothschild banking success, one was to take advantage of financial panics, and the other was to create alliances. John Jacob Astor used an agent Jacob B Taylor to make his real estate deal in order to conceal his identity. Nathan Rothschild and his son Lionel did the same tact they used Taylor's son Moses.


After Jackson shut down the 2nd National Reserve Bank, the National City Bank of New York grew to prominence. Moses Taylor with Rothschild backing drew two panics in 1837 and 1857 and bought up stock, and took the bank over. The bank grew from the remanence of Hamilton First Central bank, with a list of directors and stockholders that read like a who’s who of banking. Moses Taylor, James Stillman, Cleveland H Dodge, William A Rockefeller, Jacob Schiff, EH Harriman, John D Rockefeller, JP Morgan, JP Morgan Jnr, Frank A Vanderlip, Robert S Lovett, Percy A Rockefeller, James Stillman Rockefeller. It remains one of the busiest banks in the world today under the name Citibank.


A 1976 report on banking identified three Rothschild-owned banks in America The National City Bank of Cleveland, First City bank of Houston and the First National Bank of Seattle. 

The word ‘city’ refers to the City of London, the independent state within London. It has been the financial capital of the world since the days of the Knights Templars. 800 years ago the Templars built the crown temple church there, made it their home and England financial establishment grew up around it. You can find the similar Templar Red Cross on the Cities Coat of Arms. The Cross of St George as it is known also appears on the union jack.


National City Bank of New York was originally called City bank of New York as was its sister bank of Cleveland, They both became national banks in 1865 when they received a charter to print national currency. At the same time Lincoln who had been issuing his own currency the greenback was killed. The difference between the greenback and National City banks were; the Greenbacks were printed by the Treasury and had no interest attached to it, whereas the National money printed by the national Banks of America were interest accumulating debt notes. Only one other President in history tried to issue interest-free treasury notes, JFK, they killed him too.


In the decade between 1860 and 1870 over 20,000 miles of railway track was laid, linking east to West and North to South and proving a way to move grain and cotton to the growing cities. All this required loans and investors were more than eager to accommodate just to get their foot in the door of this exploding economy. The Rothschilds were no exception, they were pioneers in railroads on the other side of the Atlantic.


George Peabody a Rothschild associate got in on the ground floor of railroads. Peabody was taken under the Rothschilds wing in the 1830’s and set up an office in London. From there he quickly set up himself up as a ‘go to guy’ in London for anyone wanting to invest in America. He dealt in US state bonds, canals, transatlantic cable, and railroads, he even shipped steel to the US for laying track.


In 1864 Peabody retired and turned his company over to Julius S Morgan who really got the company moving. The Company was renamed JS Morgan and Company, His son John Pierpont "J. P." Morgan backed by Rothschild money would become the most powerful banker in America. Morgan’s likeness is that that graces the game of monopoly.


Alexander Brown was a linen merchant who emigrated from Ireland to Baltimore in 1800 becoming very successful. He along with Stephen Girard and John Jacob Astor was a major stockholder invested in the Second Reserve Bank of America. His sons would go on to establish one of the largest merchant banks in America Brown Brother & Co and a London branch as well Brown Shipley & Company. The Browns have always had a close ties to the Bank of England, in fact, it was an unwritten law that the banks Board of Directors must always include a Brown-Shipley member. One of them Lord Montagu Norman (Bank of England Governor 1916 – 1944) served longer than anyone in history.


Brown was closely connected to the Rothschilds, It was through George Peabody that Brown was first welcomed into the Rothschild circle. The Rothschilds two closest allies were the Schiff and Warburg families. The Warburg family name is legendary in banking. MM Warburg and Co based in Hamburg is the world oldest privately funded bank. The Schiff family shared a house with the Rothschilds in Frankfurt.


Jacob Schiff first came to America after the Civil War and in 1875 and started work for Kuhn, Loeb, and Company. He married co-founders Solomon Loeb’s daughter Therese Loeb and took over the bank. Paul Warburg, often considered the father of The Federal Reserve System, married Loeb’s other daughter Nina then came to America in 1902, were joined Kuhn, Loeb and Company and Co. Jacob Schiff sat on the boards of many companies; Kuhn, Loeb and Company as President, National City Bank, Union Pacific, Western Union, Wells Fargo, Baltimore Ohio, Equitable Life . Paul Warburg owned his own bank and sat on the boards of many companies; Kuhn, Loeb and Company, Bank Manhattan as Chairman, American IG Chemical Corp, Union Pacific, Western Union, Wells Fargo, Baltimore Ohio.


Before Warburg came to live in New York with Jacob Schiff, Schiff discovered Entrepreneur; JD Rockefeller in oil and Railway Carrier Edward H Harriman. Harriman controlled Union Pacific, Southern Lines Pacific, Illinois Central Railroad and Wells Fargo. He also sat on the Board of National City Bank of New York along with Schiff. Schiff arranged the financing for both the Rockefeller and Harriman empires through Kuhn, Loeb, or National City Bank of Cleveland.


JP Morgan & Co, financed Edison to form General Electric. He bought Andrew Carnegie's steel factory combined it with other companies and turned it into USS (US Steel). In the early 1900’s Morgan and his companies controlled a billion dollar in assets. On Morgans death he was only found to be worth of is estate was only $70 million dollars not nearly as much as expected.


The Truth was he was playing with someone else money most of the time. Morgan was one brick in a financial pyramid including Rockefeller, Harriman, Schiff and Warburg, the top tier of this was occupied by the Rothschilds. With the addition of a few other bit players; Lazard Brothers, Goldman-Sachs, Brown Brothers, J Henry Schroder Banking Co and Lehman Brothers.


The similarity between the Spanish-American War and the Iraq war are very similar; including that both wars were started by a lie. The Spanish-American War; the sinking of the USS Maine and Iraq; Weapons of mass destruction.


The Spanish-American war had prominent people pushing for war, Henry Cabot Lodge, Admiral Alfred T Mahan, Willian Randolf Hearst, Teddy Roosevelt, Elihu Root and John Hay. Roosevelt help drum up support for war with fiery speeches, While Root leads a campaign to modernize the US Navy, Root was Secretary of War at the time under McKinley, and Roosevelt became secretary of the navy in 1897. So how are they connected to the bankers? Elihu Root was Morgan and Harriman’s lawyer.


The Spanish were not managing Cuba well, and an independence movement was swelling. The rebellion got stronger with US backing and many Cubans were taken to relocation camps. William Randolf Hearst ran newspaper article vilifying the Spanish treatment of Cubans. Hearst told his reporters to make up stories about Cuba.


In 1898 The USS Maine was sent to Cuba to keep an eye on things. Three weeks later the Maine exploded killing 260 US Naval officers and staff in Havana Habour. Spain was blamed and the US declared war. As it turned out Spain had nothing to do with the sinking of the Maine, it was either an explosion on board or a false flag operation to get the war started.


The Spanish ships were no match for the newly modernized US Navy. The war was over in months. The US took possession of The Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico. Cuba was given limited independence, the US kept Guantanamo Bay for itself. With its victory over the Spanish, the US entered the new century as a world power.


McKinley was re-elected in 1901, with Roosevelt as his running mate. McKinley, who had resisted going to war was only six months into his presidency when he was assassinated. Teddy Roosevelt assumed the presidency.


Americans were growing wary of the large corporations controlling their country. They were even more startled when Morgan and Harriman who had been fighting over control of the Northern Pacific Railway, put their differences aside, and formed the Northern Securities Co trust, Rockefeller also got a piece of it. They combined several Northern Railroads under one umbrella. Roosevelt decided to go after Northern Securities and Standard Oil for anti-trust violations, the lawsuits resulted in the breakup of both monopolies.


In 1907 when all Roosevelt’s trust busting was going on, there was a run on Knickerbocker trust company. Morgan who started the run intervened and stopped the nation from a crash. The idea behind all of this was to convince people they needed a central bank.


 In 1909 a senate enquiry into the bank crash was headed by Senator Nelson Aldrich, related by marriage to the Rockefellers, His daughter Abby married JD Rockefeller Jnr. The committee represented by Aldrich recommended that a Central Bank be established so a crash like 1907 couldn’t happen again. This was the spark the International bankers needed.


Roosevelt was connected to the Delano and Astor families and the Roosevelts wealth date back to a powerful Dutch family. Like the Astor’s The Roosevelts owned large tracks of land in Manhattan, which Claes van Roosevelt Teddy’s Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather purchased back in the days when New York was still a Dutch settlement of the City of New Amsterdam. Roosevelt was said to be a Morgan man, was friends with Harriman and had accepted campaign contributions from Rockefeller.


So why then did Roosevelt attack the trusts; it was nothing more than a ploy to get the people on side. The breaking up of the companies’ actually benefited the Rockefellers and the Morgans and Harriman’s. Roosevelt was behind the Federal Reserve all the way.


In 1910 the Jekyll Island meeting of banker drew up the Federal Reserve act. The Bankers wrote the legislation, not the lawmakers. The Act original failed because Aldrich insisted his name be on the bill and the Senate immediately identified it as the bankers Bill. The Second time round with what was the same plan Aldrich made a point of denouncing the plan in a bid to misdirect the other senators. The mastermind of both plans was Baron Alfred Rothschild of England.


The International banks then funded Woodrow Wilson's run for The Presidency, Wilson had already agreed to sign the bill, despite having campaigned against it. In 1913 two days before Christmas, the Glass-Owen bill as it was now known was pushed through the Senate. The Bill was named for the chairmen of the House and Senate Banking and Currency committees who sponsored the legislation; Rep. Carter Glass, and a Democrat of Virginia, and Senator Robert Latham Owen, a Democrat of Oklahoma hence the deceptive name. The Bill was the same Bill Aldrich had put forward two years earlier.


Coronel Edward M House deserves most of the credit for getting Wilson to sign the Bill. Houses father had made his fortune running blockades during the Civil War and trading with British investors including the Rothschilds. Coronel House was solidly in the circle of the money trust and was Wilsons most trusted advisor, maintain a residence in the Whitehouse. When Wilson Signed the Act Jacob Schiff sent a letter to Coronel house thanking him.


In 1913 The Federal reserve Bank wasn’t the only bill pushed through congress, they also created federal income tax law. Income tax was the government's guarantee that it could pay back the Fed the money it borrowed. The Federal income tax is unconstitutional as it is a direct unapportioned tax all taxes have to be apportioned (divide up and share out).


The amendment was never ratified by the number of states it required. As of the present day, roughly 25% of the average worker’s wages are taxed, that’s the equivalent of working 3 months a year for free. All that money goes to pay the interest on the fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank. Despite the law not being ratified the IRS, Internal Revenue Service was set up. The IRS Corporation is registered in Puerto Rico. There is no law in existence that requires Americans to pay income tax. The income tax is an enslavement of the entire human race.


The international bankers love war, it means huge loans to all governments and as they back both sides they never lose. In 1908 oil was discovered in Persia. Much of the Middle East at the time was controlled by The Ottomans who with Germans were building a Berlin railroad to Baghdad. One of the real reason for war was the invasion of Iraq, in 1914. Cars, planes, locomotives, ships and diesel engines had been invented all which ran on oil. Standard Oil in America and The Rothschilds in Europe through Royal Dutch Shell, had the market cornered. The US, England, and German had just changed their Naval ships from coal to oil, making huge profits for the oil producers and refiners.


In 1914 when war broke out in Europe, American wanted nothing to do with the war. Wilson declared neutrality, however, behind the scenes, the administration was looking for any excuse to join in the war. Woodrow Wilson’s top advisor was Colonel Edward House, who was great friends with banks and the bankers wanted a World War. According to Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan said “The large banking interests were deeply interested in the World War because of the wide opportunities for large profits”.


In a documented phone call between Colonel Edward House and England Foreign minister Sir Edward Grey, Grey said “What will Americans do if Germans sink an Ocean liner with Americans on board”.


House responded, “I believe that a flame of indignation would sweep the United States and that by itself would be sufficient to carry us into war”.


On May 7th, 1915, at the suggestion of Grey, a ship called the Lusitania was sent into German waters and was submarine torpedoed killing 1,198 people, although the Germans only shot one torpedo two explosions were heard. The Lusitania was carrying 4200 small arms munitions and 1250 shrapnel cases.


The Allies were the group of people who would benefit by America joining the war. The Germans took out advertisements in The New York Times warning people not to travel on the Lusitania because it was going to be sunk. What were a thousand odd civilians lives worth if it brought America into the war? The false flag plan worked perfectly.  The First World War cost Americans 320,000 deaths, JD Rockefeller made $200 million off of it.  The war cost about $30 billion to America, which was borrowed from the Federal Reserve at interest. 


"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence.


Congressman Louis McFadden was an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve System.


From 1914 to 1919 the Federal Reserve increased the money supply by 100 percent. Resulting in small loans to banks and the public. In 1920 the Federal Reserve called in mass percentages of the outstanding loans resulting in Banks having called in massive amounts of loans. Just like in 1907, bank runs and bankruptcies occurred. Over 5400 banks outside of the Federal Reserve collapsed, further consolidating the monopoly of the international bankers. Congressman Charles Langberg publically condemned the Federal Reserve a number of times.


After WWI the money trust continued to consolidate their power, specifically to strengthen and influence their position over the government. In 1921 The Elite formed the Council on Foreign Relations. They did this by bringing together the country’s top minds in business, law, medicine, media, and politics. Currently, the CFR has 4000 members. Their meeting place is at the Harold Platt House New York City.


The CFR was originally dominated by Morgans however the Rockefellers assumed more of a leadership role. The majority of US Presidents and Vice Presidents have been members along with Secretaries of Defence and State most congressional leaders are Council members and important cabinet members are also filled from the ranks of the council, their objective is a one world government. The CFR is compartmentalized, meaning only the people at the top really know what’s going on. Most people join just for the prestige of being a member. Its first President was Elihu Root.


From 1920 to 1929 the Federal Reserve again increased the money supply by 62 percent. By this stage, the margin loan had been invented. The margin loan meant that the borrower had to only put down 10% with the of 90% being covered by the broker meaning a person could own $1000 worth of stock with only $100 down. There was a catch to this loan, it could be called in at any time on a 24-hour notice. This is termed a margin call. A margin call is the selling of the stock with the loan.


A few month before October 1929 JD Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, Joseph Kennedy, and other cartel insiders quietly left the Stock Market. On 24th October 1929, the New York financiers who furnished the margin loans started calling them in on mass. This sparked an instantaneous sell off in the stock market, by people trying to cover margin loans.


It then caused massive bank runs for the same reason, this collapsed over 16,000 banks. This meant the international banker were able to buy up thousands of banks and corporations at pennies on the dollar. The greatest robbery in American history. The Federal Reserve didn’t increase the money supply, it contacted it, leading to the Great depression.


Congressman Louis McFadden began to bring impeachment cases against members of the board of the Federal Reserve. Having survived two previous assassination attempts McFadden was poisoned before he could bring the impeachment charges.


By 1933, and having destroyed society through the Great Depression, the international bankers decided that the Gold standard needed to be removed. Under the pretence of ending the depression came the 1933 gold seizure. Under the threat of imprisonment for 10 years, everyone in America was required to hand in their gold to the treasury, basically robbing the people of America of the little wealth they had left. At the end of 1933, the gold standard was abolished. If you look at a Federal Reserve note prior to 1933 it says its “redeemable in gold”. After 1933 it says it is “legal tender”, which is backed by nothing.


It is important to remember that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned institution. It makes its own policies and it loans money at interest so that can never be paid back in full.


On 7th December 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Habour, signalling the Americans entry into World War II. The attack was known about weeks in advance and could have been prevented. President Franklin D. Roosevelt whose family had been New York bankers since 18th Century and whose uncle Fredrick was on the original board of directors of the Federal Reserve was sympathetic to the International Bankers.


Roosevelt said in a documented memo of 25th November 141 to Henry Stimson, Secretary of war “The question was how should we maneuver them into firing the first shot…It was desirable to make sure the Japanese be the ones to do this so that there should remain no doubt as to who were the aggressors”.


In the months leading up to the attack on Pearl Habour, Roosevelt had done everything possible to anger the Japanese; He halted all imports of American petroleum, He froze all Japanese assets in the US, He aided Japan’s Enemies by giving aid and military assistance to China. Three days before the attack, Australian intelligence told Roosevelt about a Japanese task force moving towards Pearl Habour. Roosevelt ignored it. 


24,000 soldiers were killed in Pearl Habour. Before Pearl Habour, 85% of Americans weren't interested in the war. On the days after Pearl Habour one million men volunteered for the war.


It should be noted that Germany’s war was supported by two major companies; IG Farben made 85% of the German Explosives and created Zyklon B the infamous for its use by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust to murder approximately one million people in gas chambers. One of the unspoken partners of IG Farben was JD Rockefellers US Standard Oil. The German airport could not have operated without a certain additive that was patented by Rockefeller Oil. The bombing of London was made possible by a 20 million dollar sale by Standard Oil to the IG Farben.


The Union Banking Corporation of New York City. It financed numerous aspects of Hitler’s rise to power and purchased actual material during the war. It was also a money laundering operation for the Nazi which was eventually exposed for having millions of dollars of Nazi money in its vaults. The bank was run by Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman. The Union Banking Corporation of New York City was eventually ceased under the trading with enemies act.


One of the CFR greatest achievements was the creation of the CIA, in 1947, as part of the Defence Act. A bill that also created the departments of Army, Navy, and Airforce into the Department of Defence and created The National Security Council. This act was formulated by three men; James Forrestal who served as the county’s first secretary of Defence. Harry Truman was up for re-election at the time, and was up against CFR-sponsored Thomas Dewey.


Dewey lost, and in a move that ensured this wouldn’t happen again, the CFR made a point of backing every candidate in future US Presidency races, insuring their man always gets in. As for James Forrestal he was fired by Truman and was admitted to Bethesda Hospital and soon after fell out of a sixtieth-floor window in what was described as a suspicious death.


The second architect of Department of Defence act of 1947 was George Kennan’s cousin twice removed George F Kennan. The CIA and the Bolsheviks were created by the same people. 


After financing the Rockefeller and Harriman Empires Jacob Schiff turned his attention Japan, Russia and the rise of communism. Tsar Alexander II Russians Czar 1855 – 1881 had sided with Lincoln against the international bankers. The Tsar had long resisted Western banking to take root in their country. So the bankers started to formulate a plan to end Tsarist rule in Russia. Schiff right-hand man was a man named George Kennan, in the 1880’s Kennan travelled to Siberia writing articles and giving lectures on the terrible conditions in the Tsars labour camps.


Influential supporters like Mark Twain joined in the campaign for changes in Russia. Jacob Schiff, through Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. began funding revolutionaries like Leon Trotsky. Schiff spent about $20 million into Bolshevism in Russia. Paul Warburg's brother, Max who ran the family business in Germany and sunk money into the funding of Trotsky and Lenin revolution. Before a coup in Russia the bankers saw another way of weakening Russia and it involved Japan.


In 1600 in Japan they had a huge civil war the victors moved to Edo and named their society Tokugawa Shogunate and lead by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Under the Tokugawa, with the exception of the Dutch, who were given exclusive rights to trade with Japan through the port of Nagasaki, Japan would remain off limits to other traders for the next two and a half centuries.


The Tokugawa clan maintained relative peace in Japan up until 1853 when American warships showed up and lead by Admiral Perry docked on its shore demanding that Japan trade, or else. The Tokugawa chose to appease the strangers who had the much more powerful warships. This set off a civil war in Japan, led by the tribes of the in the west who had lost the last great Civil war. France supported the Tokugawa with weapons while Britain provides weaponry to the Western Clans. Tokugawa Shoguns lost the war and Japans Emperor Meiji moved the capital to Edo which was renamed Tokyo.


Tokugawa Ieyasu formed an alliance with the Dutch East India Company, as opposed to Holland. The Dutch East India Company set up its first outpost in Indonesia. The Dutch East India Company incorporated in 1602 and the British East India Company incorporated in 1600 they were the world’s first multi-national companies. Much of what these corporations trade in was licensed piracy, slaves, and the opium trade, enforced by warfare. From the investors and governors down to the ship Captains they were all Freemasons.


This is evident in the numerous masonic lodges that sprung up around the trade roots. The Skull & cross bones in piracy is also a symbol in freemasonry. Both Masons and pirates received the symbol from the same place; The Knights Templar. The Skull & Crossbones come from the Chi-Rho, ancient symbol who meaning is more akin to rebirth.


The original Templars were Norman’s blood product of Franks and Vikings. The order was formed during the first crusade and with the blessing of the Pope they operated a vast banking empire throughout Europe and built 100’s of churches and castles across the Middle East and Europe. They also maintained a large group of ships and controlled commerce across the world.


In 1407 King Phillip IV of France, who deeply indebted to the Templars decided to denounce the as heretics. So with the consent of the Pope, he started arresting the Knights. Many were executed however many fled to Spain, Scotland, and Switzerland. The Swiss Flag and the Templars flag are the same with the colours reversed. Is the flag of Scotland also a Templar symbol? It is commonly believed that The Knights Templar took to the seas became pirates eventually settling in Scotland and then emerging as Freemasons / Rosicrucian years later.


The Templars who fled to Spain and Portugal, joined new orders, and helped make Spain and Portugal into the great seafaring nations they became, The Portugal Henry ‘The Grand Navigator’ was a member of the Knights of Christ. Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan all flew sales with Knights Templar logo on them. 


The new Emperor of Japan did not kick out the foreigners, instead they went on a technological binge, which included building railroads, factories, power plants and warships as fast as they could. Military advisors were brought to Japan from Britain, France, and Germany. Japan then fought and won a war with China and Korea.


This made Russia nervous and was made worse when Japan signed the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 1902.In 1904 Japan attacked and declared war on Russia. Jacob Schiff. Max Warburg, Deutsche Bank and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank immediately went into action pouring money into Japan to help their war effort. Schiff used his influence to see that Russia got no assistance.


On 6th May 1905, the Russians were defeated at Tsushima, in September 1905 Russia signs the Treaty of Portsmouth, ceded Port Arthur, Korea and half of the Sakhalin Islands to Japan. It was no secret that imperial interests drove Japan to victory over Russia, Schiff even bragged about it, it’s no wonder that the money of Jewish bankers drove the Japanese to successful victory over Russia. George Kennan also boasted of his role in bringing down Russia.


In 1908, Schiff convinced President Taft to end the US long-standing trade agreement with Russia dating back to 1832. In 1914 The American International Corporation was formed, a forerunner to the CFR. On its board was a who’s who of American banking interests. Percy Rockefeller (director), James A Stillman (director), Robert S Lovett, Frank Vanderlip (founder), Oto Kahn (director), Pierre DuPont (director) and George Herbert Walker (director).


They worked closely with Guarantee Trust of New York, which was made up of Whitney, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Harriman interests. But by 1915 JP Morgan held controlling interests. These two groups would go on to run hundreds of multinationals all over the world. In 1915, however, their role was to make sure that Lenin and Trotsky’s Bolshevik revolution had all the backing they needed.


The US official declaration of war in Vietnam in 1964 came after The Gulf Tonkin Incident. The Gulf Tonkin Incident never happened it was a staged event to enter the war. Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara stated many years later that the incident was a ‘Mistake’ in 1966 Lyndon Johnson lifted trade restrictions on the Soviet Block all the while knowing the Soviets were supplying 80% of the North Vietnam war supplies.


Consequently, Rockefeller interests financed factories in the Soviet Union which the soviets used to manufacture military equipment and send it to North Vietnam. The funding of both sides of the war was just one aspect. The idea was to make the war go as long as possible and this was achieved by American soldier’s rules of conduct.


In 1985 Vietnam’s Rules of engagement were released through freedom of information. It includes thing like 1) North Vietnamese anti-aircraft missiles systems could not be bombed until they were known to be operational. 2) No enemy could be pursued into surrounding areas once they crossed the border of Laos or Cambodia 3) Critical Strategic Targets to be engaged via high approval only.

North Vietnam was informed of these restrictions and based their entire strategies around the American limitations.


The Vietnam War was never meant to be won, just sustained. The war resulted in 58,000 American soldiers being killed and 3,000, 000 Vietnamese.


911 was the latest false flag incident which provoked two illegal was the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was also part of an agenda to rob people of their civil rights. The Patriot Act, homeland security, Military tribunals Act and many others are all completely designed to destroy your civil liberties, and limit your ability to fight back.


Currently, in America, your home can be searched unannounced and in secret when you’re not home. You can be arrested with no charges revealed to you, be detained indefinitely with no access to a lawyer, and tortured all under the suspicion you might be a terrorist.


The objective of the Iraq and Afghanistan is to create sustained wars, which will allow the US to set up military bases on their lands to threaten Iran and to control the flow of oil out of the countries. All of this is possible through a corrupt media. 


These agendas are all working toward a one world government.


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