The European Union was planned long before the name was mentioned, long before the European Economic Community was mentioned. It involved the House of Rothschild and the Hapsburg family, Otto von Hapsburg has been involved in the European Union from its very conception. The idea is simple, if you are the few and you want to centralise decision making, you need to put power in the hands of the few.

They started bringing nations together under centralised control so now a few bureaucrat located in Brussels are dictating to the nations of Europe.

The next stage is a world government which would dictate to the unions.

The European Union started way back in the early part of the 20th Century. One of the early front men was Jean Monnet. He wrote to a friend a said we want to create a centralised superstate but we need to keep it a secret.

“The difference between the original Constitution and present Lisbon Treaty in one of approach, rather than content... The proposals in the original constitution treaty are practically unchanged. The have simply dispersed through the old treaties in the form of amendments. Why this subtle change? Above all, to be head of any threat of referenda by avoiding any form of constitutional vocabulary… But lift the lid and look in the toolbox: all the same innovative and effective tools are there. Just as they were carefully crafted by the European Convention”

The European Union is the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire       

Tower of Babel

European Union Brussels