The Clintons did a 60 minutes interview designed to save Bill’s candidacy. In the interview, Bill and Hillary were all ‘lovey-dovey’. Don Hewitt, Executive Producer of 60 minutes said the Clinton’s came to them because they were in big trouble in New Hampshire. What they needed was a paramedic to rescue them. The interview got Clinton the nomination.


The media’s pro-Clinton bias was summed up by Newsweek “The truth is, the press are willing to cut Clinton some slack because they like him and what he has to say.”


Attempt to keep Whitewater transactions a secret were largely successful until the 1992 Presidential election. What the Clintons claimed was a simple money-losing investment was series of complex business transactions and cover-up that ultimately cost the American taxpayer more than $60 million.


On 19th July 1993, President Clinton telephoned FBI Director William S. Sessions to inform him that he had been fired and then called back several minutes later to remind him that the dismissal was "effective immediately”. Twenty-four hours later Vince Foster Deputy White House Counsel was found dead. His body was found in Fort Marcy Park, off the George Washington Parkway, in Virginia, outside Washington, D.C. He was the highest ranking United States official to die under mysterious circumstances, in office, since JFK.


Under the Assassination Statute, the FBI would have been compelled to investigate. However, the FBI was in disarray after the previous days firing of Sessions. Consequently, at Bill Clinton and Janet Reno’s request, the Park Police became the lead investigatory agency in charge. The Park Service had neither the depth nor experience to investigate a case of that magnitude. This led many people to think it was the intention of the Whitehouse to limit the scope of the investigation. Not until seven months later was the FBI allowed into the case. 


Foster, more than anyone else knew the secrets of both the campaign of 1992 and the Clinton Presidency, just as he knew the secrets of The Rose Law Firm. And of Hillary Clinton’s business and financial dealings over the previous decade, dealings like Whitewater. Dealing that would become the subject of numerous investigations.


Jim Leach, United States Congressman presented the following to Congress; Whitewater may have begun as a simple legitimate real estate venture, but it came to be used to skim directly or indirectly federally insured deposits from an S&L (Savings and loans) and a small business corporation. When each failed the United States taxpayer became obligated to pick up the tab. The family of the former Governor of Arkansas received value from Whitewater well in access of resources invested. Taxpayer guaranteed funds were in all likelihood used to benefit the campaign of a former Governor. The independence of the United States government regulatory system has been flagrantly violated in an effort to protect a single American citizen.


The Clintons set up Robert Fiske was Special Council into Whitewater. That same week the Rose Law Firm began shredding documents. A lady (who worked at the Rose Law Firm) came to Larry Nichols scared to death, she said they were shredding documents. Nichols tried to tell the media, who said there’s no way that could be going on. Along came a journalist from a Washington newspaper, he went to see what was going on at the Rose Law Firm and they were shredding documents right in front of him.


“They had his (Vince Foster’s) initials pretty much all over it, everything from the box to the manila files, to… I even saw his signature on one of the Rose Firm letterheads.” – Jeremy Hedges, Rose Law Firm Shredder.


During that same week, there was also a fire on the 14th floor of the Worthen Bank Building. It was supposedly caused by a space heater. This was a CPA firm and the documents that were in the office were important documents relative to Whitewater.


Fiske’s initial assignment was to quell rumour associated with the death of Vince Foster. Foster had been a senior partner at Rose Law Firm along with Hillary Clinton and Webb Hubbell, prior to his appointment as Whitehouse Deputy Head of Council. Foster was handling the Presidents legal matter while he was assistant to the President. A clear conflict of interest.


Fiske’s report confirmed suicide as the cause of death. However, there were a number of conclusions about Foster’s death that contradicted the idea that Foster took his own life.


The official coroner’s report depicts Foster as having large gaping exit wound located in the back of his head. According to Fiske the area surrounding the body, at Fort Marcy Park was meticulously searched to a depth of eighteen inches. However, no brain tissue or skull fragments were found. An FBI analysis found none of Foster’s fingerprint on the gun despite the fact that the gun was found in Foster’s hand. The FBI did make one discovery. There was “One latent fingerprint on the underside of the right pistol grip, approximately two inches from the base of the grip”. No attempt to find out whose fingerprint it was, was made.


Gunpowder was found in Foster’s clothing which did not match the gun in Foster’s hand. The fatal bullet is yet to be found. A thorough FBI search of the area which even uncovered artefacts dating back to the Civil War yielded over 70 pieces of metal including 12 modern day bullets but none that matched the bullet that killed Foster. Against police procedure, not one resident nearby was contacted by police to see if they’d heard a gunshot the night of the death.


Within minutes of identifying Foster’s body, the Park Police issued orders to the Whitehouse to seal Foster's office at the Whitehouse. David Watkins, Clinton’s administrative assistant assure them it would be done. He lied. Immediately high ranking members of Bill and Hillary’s Staff began ransacking Foster’s office. Removing important and possibly incriminating documents. The people who entered the office included Bernard Nussbaum, White House Counsel, Patsy Thomasson Whitehouse administration Director and former assistant to cocaine dealer Dan Lasater and Margaret Williams Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff.


The ADFA had been laundering its money through BCCI when it collapsed in the early 90’s millions of taxpayers and investors lost billions of dollars making it the worst banking collapse in history.


Heading up BCCI was former Defence Secretary Clark Clifford the overwhelming criminal charges against Clifford were dismissed by President Clinton. The attorney for Clifford and BCCI was Robert Fiske.


Fiske knew that a thorough investigation of Whitewater would lead to ADFA and his former client BCCI. Fiske also knew he would never be able to complete his investigation since it is illegal to prosecute a former client. Fiske was not selected by the Justice Department to investigate Whitewater at all but simply subpoena documents including Fosters from the Whitehouse and testimony to ensure they never saw the light of day.


Clinton claimed that Robert Fiske was an independent council, which he was cooperating with. If the Clintons were innocent the why would they hide a document that should prove that?


Betsy White, Clinton’s former Chief of Staff, admitted she was hired to conduct media smear campaigns against anyone planning on telling the truth about the Governor's sexual habits. She was prepared to go after at least 26 women, who had the potential to destroy Clinton’s chance at the Presidency.    


Back when Bill Clinton was Governor he was asked about the Mena operation. He said that that was a federal matter. Now he was President and the Mena operations are still going on and he was not prepared to do anything about.


On 22nd July 1993, Foster briefcase was searched twice by Bernard William Nussbaum in the presences of US Justice Officials and The Park Police. Four days later a suicide note mysteriously appeared in the briefcase. It was ripped into 28 pieces and was missing one piece. No fingerprints were found on the note only a partial palm print of Nussbaum’s. Distinguished handwriting experts were contacted and the note was described as a forgery by Dr. Reginald Alton of Oxford University, England. 


Jerry Parks was a Little Rock Private Investigator he was also Head of security for the Clinton / Gore national headquarters in Little Rock. During the early stages of the Presidential campaign Parks claimed to have made at least two trips to the Mena Airport. Parks said that Vince Foster had paid him One thousand dollars cash for each trip. Parks would pick up a trunk load of money from Mena a deliver it to Vince Foster, in the K-Mart parking lot.


Jerry’s wife Jane was the manager of the Quapaw Tower apartment complex, where Roger Clinton lived. She said many times Bill Clinton would show up there and indulge in marijuana and cocaine with his brother. Girls as young as seventeen years of age were there to party. When Jane told her husband about the goings on at Roger Clinton’s apartment. Jerry began to write down names, dates and license plates. He snapped photos from another balcony.  Over a period of time, Jerry Parks had collected a thick dossier on the comings and goings of Bill Clinton. Jane Parks said that her husband had carried out sensitive assignments for the Clinton circle for almost a decade. Sometimes Jerry Parks took his son Gary along with him on his stakeouts.


The person who gave Parks his instructions was Vince Foster. Foster had called the Park’s home more than 100 times identifying himself with the code name the Congressman. By the late 1980’s Foster trusted Park’s enough to ask him to perform discreet surveillance on the Governor.  Foster claimed he needed it for Hillary, so she could gauge how vulnerable Bill would be to accusations of philandering just in case he decided to launch a bid for the Presidency. According to Jane, Foster rang Jerry about a week before his death. He wanted to know on behalf of Hillary, whether there was anything in the files that could damage both Clintons. Jerry said Foster couldn’t give Hillary the files as per their agreement. A few days later Foster again called Parks, he said he was going to meet Hillary at ‘the flat’ and give her the files. Parks then said you can’t give Hillary those files she’s capable of doing anything. Two days later Vince Foster was dead.


When Jerry Parks learned of Foster’s death he said to his wife Jane “I’m a dead man”. For the next two months, Parks carried a gun with him wherever he went and would double back or take different routes to work. Then one Sunday Parks had lunch at El Chico restaurant. He was heading down Chenal Parkway on Arkansas Highway Ten on the way home when a car pulled up beside him and shot at him with a nine-millimetre handgun, at point blank range. They corner him and stopped him as he was turning left they blocked his path with their car. They shot him five times, once in the arm, once in the leg and three times in the chest. Two weeks earlier the Park’s phone and security had been cut and their home was broken into. The only thing stolen was all Park’s files on the Clintons.


Gary Park contacted The Special Police Investigative Services who said they were making progress, then two weeks later Gary Park heard they had been pulled off the case.


On 14th July 1994, Copies of ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ were hand delivered to every Senator and member of the House of Representatives. On 15th July documents supporting the film were summited to Congress at their request. Whitewater hearing was scheduled to begin the next morning. However, the then House and Senate leader plotted with Robert Fiske to withhold evidence and refused to allow any of the new documentation to be admitted. In addition, witnesses that could confirm Clinton’s drug smuggling, arms dealing and money laundering were flown into Washington DC, but was barred from giving any testimony.


That same day a massive smear campaign was launched against ‘The Clinton Chronicles’. Nevertheless members of the congress point to ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ as the reason for bringing about the firing of Robert Fiske, as well as the reopening of the death of Vince Foster.


On 3rd August 1994, Larry Nichols was arrested on false charges of writing two bad cheques and failure to obey a ‘Yield’ sigh seven years earlier. The American media reported the arrest. When the Arkansas Police admitted that the cheques and traffic violations were fabricated the charges were dropped, yet the media failed to report that. Nichols had three attempts on his life since the release of the Clinton Chronicles video.


Fifteen year veteran of the IRS, Bill Duncan with a permit to carry a gun, was arrested for carrying a weapon. Then handcuffed to a pipe in the basement of a Washington DC police station and then later released. This incident affective bought the Mena drug smuggling and money laundering investigation to a halt. Duncan was later instructed by his superiors to lie at Federal Grand Jury regarding the results of his investigation. When he refused he was forced to resign.


Doc DeLaughter was forced to resign after attempting to reopen the investigation into Don Tyson.


John Brown, in charge of the Ives / Henry case, was removed from the case after he provided congress with information linking Clinton to drug trafficking in Mena, Arkansas. Brown was forbidden by his superiors to discuss Clinton’s connection to Ives / Henry case, after his refusal to do so he was forced to resign.


In February 1994 veteran journalist LJ Davis was beaten in his hotel room, his attacker tore pages from his notebook which contained information about the inner workings of the Rose Law Firm and the ADFA.


Trooper Danny Ferguson was named by Paula Jones in a sexual harassment civil rights lawsuit along with President Bill Clinton. Danny Ferguson ex-wife Kathy Ferguson was to be one of the key witnesses for the prosecution in the Paula Jones case. She had been openly vocal about her belief in Paula’s testimony.


Four days after Paula Jones filed her lawsuit against Bill Clinton Kathy Ferguson was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head. Her death was ruled a suicide. Kathy Ferguson had an open casket funeral. 


Several nurses and Doctor Samuel Hewson who knew Kathy Ferguson noticed that she appeared to have a small wound on the left side of her head and a large gaping hole on the right side of her head, which was contrary to the autopsy, which said she shot herself in the right side of her head. Because of this, it is believed Ferguson was murdered. The Following is an affidavit of Sherry Butler who was one of Kathy’s best friends:


“Kathy Ferguson had been a friend of mine from 1991-1994 and on occasion had mentioned that while attending functions at the Governor’s mansion. Then Governor Bill Clinton had cornered her in the kitchen of the mansion and pinned her to the counter. Shortly before her death Kathy stated that what Paula Corbin Jones was saying about Clinton was the truth and quoted “I wouldn’t put anything passed Bill Clinton”


Doctor Samuel Hewson recalled his last conversation with Kathy Ferguson on the day before her death; she told him that she wished she did not know as much as she knew concerning the Arkansas State Troopers and their activities and those of her ex-husband Danny Ferguson.


Police Officer Bill Shelton was Kathy Ferguson’s boyfriend. He was openly critical of the investigation into her death. A month after Kathy Ferguson’s death Shelton was said to have killed himself.


In November 1993, Kathleen Willey left the oval office after a private meeting with Bill Clinton. She ran into her friend Linda Tripp. Willey told Tripp that Clinton kissed her and fondled her. Tripp described Willey as “dishevelled. Her face was red and her lipstick was off. She was flustered”. Kathleen’s husband Ed Willey was Manager of the Presidential Finance Committee. He was found shot to death a few hours after his wife’s incident with Clinton. The Death was ruled a suicide.


Newsweek magazine dropped hints that a Whitehouse staff and Assistant District Attorney was going to go public with her story of sexual harassment at the Whitehouse. That staffer was Mary Caitrin Mahoney. A few days later on 6th July 1997, Mahoney and two employees of a Starbucks Coffee Shop were shot dead. The restaurant's doors were closed at the time and nothing was stolen even though there was $4000 in the store at the time. Mary Mahoney was shot at least five times.


The Washington Post characterised the crime as an execution-style murder. She had been heavily involved in Whitehouse politics working on Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992 and severed as a Whitehouse intern during the first Clinton administration.


Ron Brown was the United States Secretary of Commerce; He was the target of a major probe headed by Daniel Pierson. There were allegations that Brown had received a bribe from a Vietnamese businessman. He was also the subject of numerous investigations including one by the FBI and his own Department of Commerce.


Brown’s business partner Nolanda Hill would later testify that Brown was instructed to cover-up US trade mission slots to executives in exchange for a campaign contribution for the upcoming Clinton / Gore campaign in 1996, and the Democratic Party. Hill said Brown had expressed his displeasure that the purpose of the Commerce trade missions had been and was being perverted at the direction of the Whitehouse.


On 3rd April 1996, An Air Force plane carrying Ron Brown and 34 other people on a trade mission to the Balkans crashed into a hillside near Croatia’s Dubrovnik Airport. Air Force procedure called for a two-step investigation, however for the first time in history the Air Force cancelled the first step. The first step called for safety investigation of the crash on friendly soil. An autopsy on Brown’s body would normally be part of this investigation.


The Air Force instead went straight to the second step which was mostly legal paperwork which mirrored the Pentagon and Whitehouse investigation which implied the crash was nothing more than an accident. The Croatian wire service reported that the flight data recorder and black box recorder had been recovered. Later the Pentagon disputed his saying that no voice recorder was on board. However, Hillary Clinton had flown on the plane two weeks earlier making the Pentagon’s claims highly unlikely.


Air Force Technical Sergeant Shelly Kelly, was found alive three hours after the crash. She could have help officials into the investigation of the crash. However, she died of a broken neck on the way to a nearby hospital.


The Air Force concluded that Brown's plane was two miles off course. Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkic was in charge of the ground beacons, and scheduled to be grilled by the US Air Force Accident Investigation Team. However, he was found shot to death three days following the crash. His death was ruled a suicide.


Lt Col. Steve Cogswell the forensic pathologist who investigated the crash contends that there was evidence Ron Brown might have been murdered. Brown had a hole in his head similar to the size of a 45 calibre gunshot wound. “This man needs an autopsy, this whole thing stinks”. CPO Kathleen Janoski was the Air Force photographer in charge of photographing Brown’s autopsy. She mentioned that Brown looked like he had been shot. She claims that her life has never been the same since.


All of Ron Brown’s death photographs and negatives which were stored in a safe along with the records have disappeared. Dr. Cyril Wecht says there was more than enough evidence to suggest a possible homicide in the death of Ron Brown and says an autopsy should have been conducted.  


The biggest contributor to the Clinton / Gore campaign in 1992 was Indonesian businessman James Tjahaja Riady who gave $450,000 to elect Clinton. The Riady’s and their executives gave an additional $600,000 to the Democratic National Committee and Democratic State Parties. The Riady’s corporate flagship is the Lippo Group a multi-billion dollar financial conglomerate with business ties to China’s State Government. The patriarch of the business is Mochtar Riady.


In 1977 Mochtar Riady became partners in one of America’s largest investment banks; Stephens incorporated in Little Rock Arkansas. His son James Riady interned there and soon began a friendship with Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton. Thus began a friendship that lasted twenty years.


In return for the generosity, the Riady’s and their friends were given unparalleled access to the Whitehouse. 


The Riady family with communist connections to the KGB became the largest contributor to the Clinton / Gore campaign. Chinese communist agents and representatives of Chinese organised crime were granted access to the Whitehouse. They had targeted Bill Clinton fifteen years earlier when he was an obscure politician in Arkansas. America’s Defence and foreign policy had been twisted to benefit Clinton and Gore foreign backers including the Chinese military.  Nearly 100 witnesses have either fled the country or taken the Fifth Amendment. 


The Riady family first tried to enter American business through Georgia however that didn’t work so they entered through Arkansas. Their representative in America was John Wong who handled all the Riady finances. The Riady family saw Clinton was in trouble due to the Jennifer Flowers incident and the draft-dodging scandals so they organised for their bank in America to loan his campaign 3.5 million dollars and that was enough to get Clinton the nomination and he was the elected. So consequently Clinton was funded by Communist China.


The Riady family weren’t in it for charity though, they wanted something for their money. So after Clinton got elected they sent a letter to Bruce Lindsey, who was in charge of personnel in the Clinton administration saying that they had ‘invested’ in Mr. Clinton. What they wanted was for their man John Huang to be moved into the American government and they succeeded.


In January 1994, Huang who had been the area manager for Riady’s bank, in Little Rock, received a top secret security clearance for his new job at the Commerce Department. According to phone records, Huang made over 400 calls to Lippo executives. 170 calls to Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Red China. CIA representatives haves testified that they gave Huang 37 one on one classified briefings in his office of Commerce. They estimate that he could have seen as many as 550 pieces of American intelligence.


Huang later went to work for the Democratic National Committee. Where he would have normally lost his security clearance. But a lot of press was put on the Assistant Commerce Secretary Charles F. Meissner, Huang was able to keep his security clearance. Charles Meissner later died in the same plane crash that killed Ron Brown. One official said, “a lot of secrets died with Chuck Meissner”.


We now know that during the 1996 campaign John Huang was activity seeking campaign funds for Bill Clinton from Asian sources who had ties to organised criminal syndicates, narcotics trafficking, gambling and prostitution and communist China’s Intelligence Services. During this same period, Huang had access to highly classified information.


Lieutenant Colonel Liu Chaoying is the daughter of General Liu Huaqing China’s premier PLA Officer and an old revolutionary communist soldier. She also studied Marxist-Leninism at the Chinese Peoples University in Beijing.  A major training centre for future communist officials. Colonel Liu is a Communist, she is a high-tech spy she was an official of two red Chinese companies that deal in arms trafficking. She ran 10’s of thousands of dollars through Johnny Chien Chuen Chung and the Democratic National Committee.


According to FBI Director Louis Freeh, Chinese Criminal Gangs called Triads, had emerged as a significant and violent force in the United States. Committing contract murders, extortion, drug trafficking, kidnapping, prostitution, weapons smuggling and money laundering. The Triads had been guests at the Whitehouse many times and had made illegal contributions to the Clinton / Gore re-election campaigns.



Ng Lap Seng is a Macau criminal syndicate figure, who visited the Whitehouse on many occasions, he attended many fundraisers and even sat next to the Clintons on some occasions. Ng Lap Seng are partners in a Taiwanese company many that procure women, many that are underage for prostitution. In May 1996 these men were honoured guests at a Clinton fundraiser.


Charlie Trie is Taiwanese, he came to Little Rock, Arkansas to work in the kitchen of his sister’s restaurant where he became friends with Bill Clinton, when he was an Arkansas government official. Trie grew up in a rough neighbourhood that was a breeding ground for the Triad. When Clinton became President Trie saw it as an excuse to expand his business interests. Triad member Charlie Trie had been in Little Rock since the late 70’s thus he was the perfect messenger for the People’s Republic of China.


For the last 50 years, the United States had guaranteed Taiwan’s independence against China’s threat of forcible reunification. In 1996, Taiwan was preparing for elections something that outrages the People’s Republic of China. When the election went ahead as planned China launch several intermediate-range ballistic missiles landing the just off the North and South coasts of Taiwan. Clinton then sent a battleship and an aircraft, Independence and the Nimitz, from the United States Seventh Fleet. The Chinese Government was outraged at Clinton’s interference in their attempts to recolonize Taiwan. After this incident two things happened:


A China envoy was sent to Washington saying interference in the China’s people attempts to interfere with China’s process of intimidation against Taiwan than an attack on Los Angles would be imminent. 


The Red Chinese Government also sent Charlie Trie to Washington DC carrying a letter and a bag of money. On the morning of, 21st March 1996, Trie dropped off several 100 thousand dollars to the President and Hillary’s favourite charity, the Presidential Legal Defence Trust.


On the same day Trie also delivered a letter to the President a letter about the situation in Taiwan. The letter in effect was saying that interference in Taiwan could result in all-out war between the two countries.


Clinton’s letter to the PRC in return was an attempt to dampen his actions saying he had no intention of interfering in the politics between the PRC and Taiwan and his sending of “…the Independence and the Nimitz was intended as a signal to both Taiwan and The PRC that the United States was concerned about maintaining stability in the Taiwan Strait region. It was not intended as a threat to the PRC”. This letter in effect was saying that the United States would no longer take any actions in Beijing’s intimidation of Taiwan. Clinton had been intimidated not by the Chinese Government, but by a member of the Triad gang who was under indictment for violating election laws.


On 4th June 1989, Chinese tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square to confront pro-democracy students.  The students were unarmed and practitioners of nonviolence. When it was over some 4000 to 6000 people were massacred in the streets of Beijing. The United States knows who did it. They know the names of the Chinese units, they know the names of their commanding officers. The reason they know is because NATO’s military attachés had spread out over the city and were reporting on who the commanders of the Chinese units were and what they did that night and how they killed the Chinese people.


The United States Congress reacted immediately, forcing President Bush to cut off all military aid to the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). That policy stood for the next four years. As soon as Clinton was elected that policy was reversed. Since then every Chinese General who was responsible for the killing of young people, had been to the United States and been given ‘the royal treatment’. The way it worked was, every General would come to the Whitehouse and be given a nineteen gun salute. Then given a tour of the United States military bases including sensitive information, and then return to China. This had been done for between a dozen to two dozen Chinese Generals.


The Clinton administration gave the PLA a tour around the United States military facilities, shown them amphibious landing exercise and Guided Missile cruisers. The also gave the PLA leaders a tour of the United States military command centre and their nuclear submarines.


General Xu was the one who gave the orders on the night of the Tiananmen Square massacre, he was responsible for the death of children as young as three years old. Xu shoulders more responsibility for the deaths of his countrymen than any other Chinese person. Upon Xu visit to the United States, he was given a nineteen gun salute. Defence Secretary William James Perry said Xu’s visit was of great symbolic significance. Perry pledged to brief the PLA on United States strategy and plans for the years ahead. The American tax-payer paid $13,200 for General Xu to take a four day holiday in Hawaii.


The China Ocean Shipping Company otherwise known as COSCO is a merchant marine company, that is essentially the naval arm of the People Liberation Army. It is also a major arms supplier to dictators and terrorists. In 1996 a COSCO ship called the Empiricist Phoenix sailed into the Oakland Port of California carrying 2000 automatic weapons that were destined for Los Angles street gangs. The Chairmen of one of the Chinese companies implicated in one of these schemes later had a get together at the Whitehouse.


The Naval Station in Long Beach California closed in 1991. It did not remain unused. A marine reserve that was closed due to an earthquake was allowed to train there. COSCO also wanted the naval station. So in November 1996, the Whitehouse placed a series of phone calls to Long Beach officials. The Clinton administration made it clear that they wanted to lease the port to COSCO. In the end, the United States marines lost their space and communist China got what they had lobbied for. They got control of the naval station at Long Beach. 


Johnny Chung is a Taiwanese businessman who lives in California. He was famous for saying that “The Whitehouse was just like a turnstile, you had to put coins in to pass the gate”. He went in and out of the Whitehouse 50 to 60 times. At one point he gave Hillary’s Chief of Staff, Maggie Williams, a cheque for $50,000 made out to the Democratic National Committee. The money that Johnny Chung was dropping at the Whitehouse came from Chinese military sources.


Chung went to the Whitehouse to set up many visits from Chinese military officials. Including setting meetings with the President, tours, and lunch at the Whitehouse. A photo opportunity with Hillary Clinton and an invitation to attend the President’s radio address. Every request was granted. Bill Clinton and Al Gore would sit down to dinner and be photographed with, with illegal Chinese donators including Ng Lap Seng who would make their money from underage prostitution and narcotics sales.  The evidence shows that military and computer technology were exchanged with the Chinese government.


July 1978, Susan Coleman, allegedly became pregnant to Bill Clinton, something that would have hurt his re-election campaign. She supposedly killed herself by shooting herself in the back of the head.


August 1991 Danny Cassolaro was a reporter who investigated various scandals in Arkansas including ADFA and Mena, Cassolaro had warned his family that if he died of an apparent accident it wouldn’t be of his own doing. He was found dead in a West Virginia hotel room with his wrists slit. His death was ruled a suicide.


July 1992 C. Victor Raiser II and his son Montgomery. Raiser was the National Finance Co-Chairman of Clinton’s Election Committee, he and his son died in a plane crash near Anchorage, Alaska. With his inside knowledge of the Clinton Administration, he had become disillusioned by what he had seen and thus became a potential liability.


September 1992, Paul Tulley, Democratic National Committee member was a friend and trusted advisor of Clintons. He was found dead due to unknown causes in his hotel room.


December 1992, Paula Gober was a speech interpreter and had travelled with Clinton extensively from 1978 until her death. She died in a car accident.


January 1993, Ed Cauley a former Clinton Campaign Chairman in Arkansas was found dead in a hotel room.


28th March 1993 C LeBleu / T. McKeahan / R. Williams / S. Willis Clinton bodyguards were killed during a raid on Waco.


19th May 1993, W. Barkley / B. Hassey / S. Reynolds / T. Sabel all Clinton bodyguards were killed in a helicopter crash.


19th May 1993, John Wilson a Washington DC City Councilman had decided come forward with inside knowledge he possessed regarding Whitewater. Wilson was founded hanged, his death was ruled a suicide.


June 1993, Paul Wilcher a Washington DC attorney wrote a one hundred and five-page letter to Attorney General Janet Reno describing evidence he had concerning drug and gun running out of Mena Arkansas. On the first page of his letter, he stated quote: “The lives of key participants and even myself are now in grave danger as a result of my passing this information on to you. If you let this information fall into the hands of the wrong persons, some or all of those who know the truth could well be silenced in the very near future” Wilcher was found dead in his apartment the coroner did not rule on the cause of death.


1993 August, John Walker was a senior investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation, he was looking for information concerning a 50 million dollar transfer from an RTC fund in Chicago to Madison Guaranteed Savings and Loan to cover up a 47 million dollar embezzlement scheme that included Whitewater and the Clintons. Walker mysteriously fell to his death from an apartment. His death was ruled a suicide.


1993 September, Dr. Stanley Heard, was a long-time family friend, physician to the Clintons and was chairman of Hillary’s Health Reform Committee. He was killed in a plane crash only a few days after Steve Dickson Attorney for the Health Reform Committee was killed in a crash of his own light plane.


On 1st March 1994, Herschel Friday, Clinton's Finance Committee Chairman, died in a private plane explosion. He was a member of Victor Raiser’s Campaign Finance Committee. Although he was an excellent pilot his plane exploded as it approached the runway. His death was ruled an accident. 


Two days later on 3rd March 1994, Dr. Ron Rogers, an Oklahoma dentist, was on the way to be interviewed by a reporter from the London Daily Telegraph, to whom he "would reveal some Clinton dirt," when his plane crashed.


In March 1994, Dr. Donald Rogers the Clinton’s dentist was traveling to meet London’s Sunday Telegraph reporter Ambrose Evans-Prichard, with information on the Clinton’s scandals. Rogers and his pilot were killed when their plane crashed in clear weather near Oklahoma.


1994 May Gandy Baugh, Dan Lasater’s attorney committed suicide by jumping out of the window of a tall building. His partner committed suicide one month later.


1994 June Stanley Huggins was a partner in the Memphis law firm who investigated the dealings of to Madison Guaranteed Savings and Loan. He produced a 300-page report that has never been made public. Huggins was found dead reportedly of viral pneumonia.


1994 October Florence Martin was found dead of three gunshot wounds to the head. Martin who allegedly had documents, as well as the pin number to an account that had been set up in the name of Barry Seal for $1.46 million at the Fugi Bank in the Cayman Islands.


1996 November, Barbara Wise was a Commerce Department staffer, she was found dead in her locked office at the Department of Commerce. Partially nude and covered with bruises.


Gary Aldrich, special FBI agent assigned to the Whitehouse “my name would be mud, my FBI career would be over, and might even be in danger, if the stories coming from Little Rock were true – about how so many enemies of the Clinton's ended up having fatal accidents”


Bill Clinton is only the second President in US history be impeached. If it wasn’t for the media’s preoccupation with Monica Lewinsky he would have been found guilty of:


Accepting bribes from the Red Chinese Army and Government, for international criminals and Triad Kingpins in exchange for US government support for their schemes. Obstructing Justice by withholding key evidence. Encouraging others to lie under oath and arranging for other to receive payoffs in exchange for their silence. Aiding foreign powers considered to be enemies of the United States by giving them access to top secret information, restricted military armament, and providing a safe haven on US soil, for large campaign contributions. 


(Bill Clinton: His Life) / (The Clinton Chronicles: directed by Patrick Matrisciana, produced by Larry Nichols) / (Glittering Steel – M A Taylor – Clinton Cash – Everything is for Sale)

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