People close to the Clinton’s have often died.


Clinton was a young, broke, teenager when someone, whose identity is not known to this day, paid for him to spend three months traveling Europe. While there he stayed in luxurious surroundings, himself with Marxist Socialists.  


When Clinton got back to America a close Bill Clinton friend, Frank Aller was found shot to death, his death was ruled a suicide.


Hillary Rodham was attending Yale at roughly the same time.


Clinton entered Arkansas politics in 1975, he left after twelve years as governor in 1991.


According to Judge Jim Johnson, Former Arkansas Senator and former Arkansas State Supreme Court Justice “Clinton was able to network himself into running for Attorney General (of Arkansas) unopposed, he was able to take that position and catapult himself into the Governors position two years later…I never thought that Clinton was…hemmed in by morality”


Clinton lied about being a Rhodes Scholar, something which he never completed. In Arkansas, he claimed to have balanced the budget every year, when he never did it once. He claimed he never raised tax, which he did 126 times. 


As soon as Clinton was elected governor, he and Hillary formed a partnership with Jim & Susan McDougal in the Whitewater Land Deal. The McDougal’s would manage the business and wear most of the risk and liability while Bill and Hillary would still enjoy 50% ownership. In 1979 the Clintons donated a small parcel of land near a river that flowed through to the State Gaming and Fishing Committee. The donation was contingent on construction of a boat ramp. Once the ramp was completed, a paved access road funded at tax-papers expense, was built from Highway 101 to the ramp. This added substantially to the value and overall marketability of the river front and home sites.


Jim McDougal died during the 1990’s, while in custody waiting to give evidence in the Whitewater case.


Bill Clinton had used the power of his office to enhance the value of his real estate speculation. Many elderly buyers invested in Whitewater, because it was owned by the Governor and his wife, however, they made the mistake of not reading the fine print of the Real Estate contact. As many of them would find, if they defaulted on their monthly payments for more than thirty days, they would lose all of their equity in the land. Regardless as to how much they had put down or paid in. The results would be devastating for more than half the people who put money down lost their land and all their equity payments.


Clive Saults but $3000 down and faithfully made monthly 35 payments $244.69 when he fell seriously ill he could no longer make the payments. Although he’s paid $12,000 of the $14,000 payments he quickly lost the land and all of his previous investment. This was a typical case.


Records showed that at least sixteen different buyers paying in at least $50,000, never receiving property deeds. Meanwhile, Whitewater carried on a flourishing business in repositions and resale’s, selling some lots over and over when elderly clients faulted on their payments.


Less than two months after starting Whitewater, Hillary began trading in the cattle futures market. She was allowed to open her account with one thousand dollars rather than the twelve thousand required by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange require. Within a five days, Hillary had netted a $5300 gain, within a week she had won another $7800 and another $7200 more only days after that. When she got out of the market in July 1979 her investment of $1000 had in less than a year grown into $100,000. Her investment had netted her more than 5 times what other traders had made buying and selling at the approximately the same time as her.


In 1995 economist at Auburn and North Florida University ran a computer statistical model of the First Ladies trades, for publication in the journal of economics and statistics. They concluded that the probability of Hillary having made her trades legitimately was less than 1 in 250 million. Her Broker Robert Bone was eventually given a three years suspension from trading.


Larry Nichols, Former Director of Marketing for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) and co-producer of ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ first met Clinton in the mid to late 1970’s there was a group of up and coming politicians including Jim Guy Tucker. Nichols did a lot of marketing projects for Clinton. In 1988 Nichols went to Clinton asking for a job. He was given a job at the ADFA.


The Arkansas Development Financial Authority (ADFA) was set up to help low-income families afford housing, support small businesses, schools, and churches. The agencies expensive legal work went to favourite law firms, its lucrative underwriting to select Wall Street houses and local Bond Brokers. There was no legislative oversight or public accountability. Clinton himself appointed the entire board and personally oversaw every loan from 1985 ton 1992.


After about two weeks Nichols went to Wooten Epes, President of the ADFA and said he’d done enough research and was ready to start marketing the ADFA. Nichols asked what the criteria for loans, Epes said whoever Bill wants to give a loan too.


After about a month Nichols realised he was in the epicentre of Bill Clinton’s political machine. Where he made payoffs, where he repaid favours to people for campaign support. Despite what the ADFA was supposed to be used for it the vehicle to fund the Clinton campaigns. In reality, millions of tax-payer dollars were being channelled into Clinton’s election campaigns, his inner circle of friends and his wife Hillary’s Law Firm, the Rose Law Firm.


This may explain as to why the ADFA had been drafted in such a manner, to keep its decision-making processes a secret. If you needed a million dollars you had to get your application handled by The Rose Law Firm. Pay them $50,000. There were five other companies in the state of Arkansas that were more qualified in bond structuring and applications but Rose Law Firm got them all.


Nichols asked Comptroller Bill Wilson how do people make payments on the loans, Wilson said him “they don’t” Wilson thought Nichols knew how the organisation functioned. This was about two months in for Nichols.


Nichols started staying late pretending to work on the annual report, and he started collecting all the documents. He made copies of them all. For about two months he watched accounts accumulate money then they suddenly zeroed out. ADFA was laundering drug money.


There was about $100 million a month coming into Mena Arkansas. They had a problem, there was so much money coming into their accounts it proved really hard to launder all that money. How do you clean $100 million a month in a little state like Arkansas? ADFA until 1989, never banked in Arkansas.


What they would do was ship the money down to a bank in Florida which later would be connected to BCCI. They would then ship the money to a bank in Atlanta Georgia, which again later would be associated with BCCI. They would ship it to Citicorp in New York City which would send the money overseas. Then the money would be sent back via a bank in Chicago (which was partly owned by Dan Rostenkowski, Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee). Then Dan Lasater would get the bonds, he became the broker for the bonds. He would then transfer the money back to ADFA. He never sold a bond. The money would then leave ADFA and go into one of the banks for the specific bond loan they would zero it out they were giving it back to Lasater minus their handling fees. 


The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was an international bank founded in 1972 by Agha Hasan Abedi, a Pakistani financier. The Bank was registered in Luxembourg with head offices in Karachi and London. A decade after opening, BCCI had over 400 branches in 78 countries, and assets in excess of US$20 billion, making it the 7th largest private bank in the world.


BCCI came under the scrutiny of numerous financial regulators and intelligence agencies in the 1980s due to concerns that it was poorly regulated. Subsequent investigations revealed that it was involved in massive money laundering and other financial crimes. BCCI became the focus of a massive regulatory battle in 1991, and, on 5th July 1991, customs and bank regulators shut down it down. In seven countries they were raided and locked down records of its branch offices.


Investigators in the US and the UK revealed that BCCI had been "set up deliberately to avoid centralised regulatory review, and operated extensively in bank secrecy jurisdictions. Its affairs were extraordinarily complex. Its officers were sophisticated international bankers whose apparent objective was to keep their affairs secret, to commit fraud on a massive scale, and to avoid detection."


The liquidators, Deloitte & Touche, filed a lawsuit against the bank's auditors, Price Waterhouse and Ernst & Young, which was settled for $175 million in 1998. By 2013, Deloitte & Touche claimed to have recovered about 75% of the creditors' lost money. – Wikipedia


Dan Lasater was an Arkansas bond dealer and a close friend and a major contributor to then Governor Clinton. Clinton awarded Lasater a 30 million dollar bond to install a new police radio system for the Arkansas Police. During this period Lasater was under investigation by the Arkansas Police for cocaine trafficking. Intelligence reports show the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) had opened a file on Lasater in 1983.


Doc DeLaughter was Former Arkansas Police Investigator in charge of the Dan Lasater case. He said that they had numerous witnesses for the Federal Grand Jury. The witnesses would testify to his cocaine trafficking and use. Lasater used the cocaine for sexual favours and political contributions. After Lasater was indicted DeLaughter received “quite a bit” of harassment from his own Arkansas State Police Association department.


According to DeLaughter, there was a fourteen-year-old cheerleader out of North Little Rock, Lasater put her on birth control and she lost her virginity to Lasater. She became addicted to cocaine. When she was subpoenaed back to the Grand Jury in, at the time she was working as a prostitute in Lake Tahoe.


DeLaughter had heard about Don Tyson’s cocaine trafficking and use, so he went through the intelligence file to find out if the information was credible. He found enough evidence to find that Tyson was involved. The Arkansas Police Criminal Investigation Squad had been gathering information for years.


Poultry tycoon Don Dyson helped fund Clinton’s election campaigns over the years, in return he received millions of dollars in tax breaks, as well as favourable treatment in the form of relaxed regulations. Under Clinton, the chicken industry made its own rules in Arkansas. Hillary’s amazing $99 thousand profit was made possible through Tyson Foods councillor James Blair. After this, the relationship between Don Tyson and the Clintons came under examination. The resulting revelations were made clear by the DEA.


They linked Don Tyson to Drug Trafficking, One file sighted an informant that linked Don Tyson to narcotics trafficking and stolen property. Another stated that Tyson’s company airplane was being used to smuggle drugs from Florida to Springdale, Arkansas. One DEA memo called for a joint task force of the FBI, DEA, IRS and the State Police. There were documents that referred to Tyson hiring hitmen to kill drug dealers that owed him money. One woman was afraid she’d get killed because she knew Don Tyson was a drug dealer who bought drugs in from California by truck and airplane.


Journalist Scott Wheeler had heard about the Tyson investigation so he interviewed some the investigators who gave evidence. Most of the investigators thought that Tyson should have been indicted. Wheeler found out the case kept getting sabotaged from within. One narcotic agent told him that another investigator in that department, Doug Fogley had furnished Tyson with photographs of all the undercover officer investigating his case.


None of the allegation against Don Tyson has led to criminal charges. Police Officers who tried mount cases against Tyson had them destroyed by their superiors in the State Police. Coincidently Governor Clinton enacted a number of Laws that allowed Tyson Foods to grow into the largest business in Arkansas. Don Tyson also got $10 million out the ADFA. 


Donald Smalls was hired to look into the allegations that Tyson had given bribes to specific people particularly Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy. Smalls compiled all this information and put it into proper order the then approached Attorney General Janet Reno. Smalls asked to broaden his investigation. Reno barred the expansion of the Espy-Tyson probe. Tyson had already hired lobbyists and attorneys.


Dan Lasater was best friends with Bill Clinton he went to jail with Roger Clinton for cocaine use and trafficking. Once Lasater was convicted he was sent to a minimum security prison for six to eight months, then he got out. The day he got out Bill Clinton granted him a full and complete pardon. So consider that Clinton claimed to be rough on crime however he pardoned a man who gave cocaine to children.


Every loan that ADFA made Bill Clinton personally signed off on it. Therefore he was not only part of the system that was laundering millions of dollars in drug profits he was directly linked to all the cocaine distributed by Dan Lasater. This is a direct link between the President of the United States and cocaine dealing.


The first loan made at ADFA was to Park-O-Meter, Seth Ward was the owner. The Secretary General of Park-O-Meter was Webb Hubbell. Webb Hubbell was Seth Ward’s son-in-law. Webb Hubbell drafted the act that created ADFA. Webb Hubbell intruded the legislation to the Arkansas legislators and then got it passed through the Arkansas House of Representatives. So Webb Hubbell did all of this and then he got the first loan, however, there is more.


The audit and the evaluation of the loan were done by the Rose Law Firm where it was signed by off by Webb Hubbell, a senior partner at the Rose Law Firm, and Hillary Clinton. It’s against the law to investigate yourself for a loan. Ironically Webb Hubbell was Chairman of the Conflicts of Interest Committee at the Rose Law Firm. In 1988 he successfully advanced the ethics in government act. He lobbied Arkansas legislators to report conflicts of interest.


This law specifically exempted Governor Bill Clinton, his appointees, and his relatives. Clinton appointed Webb Hubbell to the United States Justice Department this exemplified the Clinton administration’s total disregard for legal ethics. Hubbell made a hasty resignation in March of 1994 for revealing a client of the Rose Law Firm, this was merely a ploy to remove Hubbell from the limelight before extensive charges could be could be brought against him.


The first loan to Park-O-Meter was $2.5 million. None of it was paid back. The Newspaper media started fishing around Park-O-Meter to find out what they did. What they found was Park-O-Meter was actually building retrofitting nose cone compartments for planes. The Nose cones were being shipped to Mena Airport. This was so drugs could be smuggled in them.


Barry Seal set up one of the biggest cocaine smuggling operations in the world out of Mena Airport in Arkansas with the go-ahead from Governor Bill Clinton. 


According to Grand Jury Witness Sharline Wilson, Roger and Bill Clinton came into the bistro where she worked. Roger asked her for a ‘one-hitter’ which was a very small dose of cocaine. Wilson got the cocaine for Roger who gave the hit to Governor Bill Clinton who took it in front of her. That was one occasion she supplied drugs to the Clintons.


Wilson says that her relationship with Clinton lead to toga parties’ cocaine-fuelled orgies. The people at the parties included Bill Clinton, Attorney General Steve Clark, members of the Arkansas State Police along with Roger Clinton and other people. Wilson was the one who made sure the cocaine was there.


According to Wilson, she attended the Governor’s Mansion with Roger Clinton and there were a living quarters out the back where everyone would get together, and do cocaine.

Russell Welch, Arkansas State Police Investigator in charge of the Mena Investigation was made aware of a smuggling operation at the Mena Airport. He said Barry Seal had told him 1983 was his most profitable year of cocaine smuggling.


Bill Duncan IRS Treasury Agent was in charge of the Mena investigation. He said a lot of people knew about the money laundering because it was common gossip on the street. People saw investigations going on for years and they knew Grand Juries were being formed they kept watching for indictments and year after year nothing happened. There were regular articles in the local newspapers about the smuggling at Mena. So the people of Mena lost faith in the system.  


John Brown, former Saline Country Criminal Investigator said people have come forward about Bill Clinton’s drug abuse because they really want the truth to come out, but they wanted to make sure there was a conviction because they fear for their lives. According to Brown, the Mena operation is still going today (in the early 1990’s).


Winston Bryant the Arkansas Attorney General said there was more than enough evidence to prosecute a number of people at Mena for smuggling and money laundering. During the 1992 Attorney Generals races, Bryant was approached by a member of Bill Clinton’s organisation and told Bryant to stay away from the Mena investigation. After Bryant took office he refused to investigate further. 


Nichols said he thought he’d have to sneak around and watch the cocaine being unloaded at Mena, then after a while he realised that you could walk right up to the smugglers at the airport and they’d unload the cocaine right in front of you.


Larry Nichols went to Clinton and told him that he had two weeks to come clean his act or Nichols was going to go to the media, the Clinton spin doctors tore Nichols apart. Media accused Nichols of everything, every week there was some new scandal in the paper that Nichols was somehow involved in. Six to eight weeks later the media would print a retraction. According to Nichols “Bill Clinton didn’t care about the money, all he wanted ADFA to do was to channel the money to the big players financially…He profited by putting the money into his friend's pockets”.


Judge Jim Johnson said when Larry Nichols made his discloser that “it shocked those of us that had been kept in the dark through the years in Arkansas politics. The Arkansas media had done nothing to uncover anything derogatory about Bill Clinton. And for these disclosers to come out of the blue, was so shocking that the spin doctors attacked the messenger rather that investigate, rather than tried to answer the charges that Nicholas had made. And they did such an official job they called me and other, to look with less than favour on Larry Nichols. Because all we know about him was what the press was telling and the press was printing” “…As a result of that the boy had to pay a high penalty, in his acceptability…and then when the new evidence came out that supported everything that Larry Nichols had said he finds himself in the position of probably knowing the point that he had been exonerated but he had not been exonerated in the minds of the people generally in my view…”


During the 1990 governmental elections, Larry Nichols filed a lawsuit against Clinton. As expected the lawsuit was eventually quashed, sealed and illegally dismissed by the Clinton-appointed Judge John Plegge. What Nichols didn’t expect was a complete media blackout of the facts he’d presented. In Nichols’ lawsuit, he mentioned the names of five women who had come forward including Jennifer Flowers. Eventually, everything Nichols mentioned in his lawsuit from is tax-payer funded sexual liaisons, his drug uses and his criminal activities relating to ADFA would prove to be true.


Gary Johnson, saw Nichols story on the news and called him up offering to be his attorney. Gary Johnson was a Special Attorney. He lived next-door to Jennifer Flowers. Before Flowers had moved in Johnson had installed a security camera. It just so happened that he had recorded Clinton showing up at Flowers’ place a number of times.


Johnson got threatening phone calls, where he was told to mind his own business. Nichols filed the request for the subpoenas of the videos on Thursday. Saturday morning they found Gary Johnson beaten and left for dead. Two large men had showed up at Johnson place, he believed they were Arkansas State Troopers. They demanded the videos, which he gave them, however, they still beat him nearly to death.


Sally Perdue is a former 1958 Miss Arkansas, and Little Rock radio talk show host had an affair with Clinton between August and December 1983. Perdue was offered a $60 thousand a year job to keep quiet or have her legs broken. Whichever she preferred. She refused, following her going public Perdue lost her job, and received threating phone calls and letters. Live ammunition was found on the seat of her car and her car's back window was shot out. Even though a number of witnesses have corroborated her story the American press refused to print it.  Interviews with ABC, NBC and an appearance on the Sally Jessy Raphael show were taped but none of them aired.


A number of women who have had sexual relations with Bill Clinton have received major career boosts: Beth Coulson received a judicial appointment to the Arkansas Court of Appeals. Regina Blakely landed a job with CBS Washington DC covering the Whitehouse likewise Deborah Mathers secure a lucrative job with the Whitehouse press core. Susie Whitacre was made a liaison between the Arkansas State capitol and the Whitehouse. Elizabeth Ward obtained a position with the Clinton’s close friends Hollywood Producer Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. And Jo Jenkins was given a high-level position with AP&L (Arkansas Power and Light).


Judge Jim Johnson said “if we’d have known his background the people of Arkansas would never have elected him Governor of the state. And I charge the media of this state for not doing their duty and exposing these things that have since became matters of fact”.


Dr. Samuel Houston, Former physician to Hugh Rodham, Hillary’s father said that a Doctor Suen was taking care of Bill Clinton who was regularly admitted to hospital after damaging his sinuses due to excessive cocaine use.  


Clinton had integrated a number of corrupt Police, Judges, and politicians into high-level position to continue the high-level secrecy of the Cocaine and money laundering operations. All was going well until the deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry.  


After he was elected President, Arkansas Troopers, Body Guards, and others would testify to his hundreds of affairs. State Trooper LD Brown stated that on State time and using State cars he drove the governor to over 100 women’s places and guarded him during those encounters.


In December 1993 former bodyguards came forward regarding former sexual partners the Governor had had. Larry Patterson and Roger Perry both veterans of the Arkansas Trooper spoke on the record. Other troopers who spoke off the record were later identified as Danny Ferguson and Ronny Anderson. In April 1994, a fifth Trooper LD Brown cohobated the other Troopers evidence adding that Clinton’s sexual partners added over 100 women during the time Brown was working for him.


The Troopers official duties involved approaching women to get a phone number for the Governor. Driving to the rendezvous points in state vehicles, guarding him during sexual encounters, securing hotel rooms and lying to Hillary about his whereabouts. Phone logs and other corroborating evidence backed these accounts up.


Former State Trooper Larry Patterson worked for the governor for six years. He had to stand guard while women gave the governor oral sex in the back of the Governor’s vehicle, one time at Chelsea Clinton’s school. Patterson said his job entailed him having to go out into the audience state rallies and other get togethers, to get women’s phone numbers for the Governor. 


A 1991 audit discovered that Chelsea's nanny, Dessie Sanders was employed at the Governor’s mansion from the time of Chelsea’s birth to the time Clinton left office. The State of Arkansas doesn’t cover the cost of Nanny’s so Governor Clinton had Dessie Sanders listed on the payroll as a security guard.


During the 1980’s the Clinton’s income put them in the top 3% of families’ income in America. Despite this, the Clinton’s would take nearly $200,000 of their income through tax schemes. They claimed to donate to various charities including deductions for $30 for three shower curtains, $40 for an old pair of Bill’s sneakers and various amounts for discarded underwear. The 1980’s proved to be very profitable for the Clinton’s. Ironically during Bill’s run for office in 1992 Hillary referred to the 1980’s as the decade of greed.


In 1985 alone ADFA issued loans for more than 750 million dollars. His 1990 campaign received over 400 million dollars in contributions from those benefiting directly from the publically guaranteed bonds.


The Attorney General’s office in Santa Fe, New Mexico had investigated Lasater on drug trafficking and links to organised crime. A Federal Grand Jury indicted Dan Lasater and accused him of conspiring with Bill’s brother Roger Clinton with the intent to distribute cocaine. In the end, Lasater was offered a plea agreement and was charged with intent to distribute cocaine. He was jailed for one year, most of it spent in a halfway house. The day he was released he was granted a full and complete pardon by the Governor Bill Clinton. 


Patty-Ann Smith was sixteen when she fell under the influence of Dan Lasater. She was a virgin. Lasater introduced her to cocaine and took her virginity. She was a student at Little Rock High School according to her Lasater planned to use her as a prostitute to entertain his friends. She was told by one of Lasater’s associates that if she ever betrayed Lasater or hurt him in any way she wouldn’t see daylight to tell about it. She said she met Bill Clinton several times, she claims to have witnessed Clinton take cocaine on many occasions.


As a circuit court clerk Dennis Patrick’s income was less than $25,000 annually. Dan Lasater’s brokerage company would secretly run over 100 million dollars through Dennis’ bank account. When the FBI found out, they informed Dennis that he would be an important witness in their investigation of Whitewater. The ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) soon learned that Dennis’ life was in danger and that a contract had been taken out on his life. After two attempts on his life, the police arrested a man who admitted he was to be paid 20 thousand to assassinate Dennis Patrick and his wife.


Patsy L Thomasson was given power of attorney to manage Lasater’s Brokerage Firm while he was in jail. Thomasson kept the pressure on Dennis and he was stripped of his name, his life, his integrity everything he had. He and his family eventually fled the state for their own safety.


Patsy Thomasson was clearly a favourite of Bill Clinton’s, he appointed her Executive Secretary of the Arkansas Democratic Party, which helped build the foundations for his Presidential bid. After the 1992 Presidential elections, Thomasson was given one of the most powerful positions in Washington, Director of the Whitehouse Office of Administration. In that position, she failed to provide proper security clearances for over one hundred Whitehouse staff members, many of whom were alleged drug users. Under her direction, random drug testing for Whitehouse staff was eliminated. 


Mena Arkansas is tucked away in the Ouachita Mountain. It is believed the airport was used to transport weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras with collusion and cover-up implicating Governor Bill Clinton. It was a multibillion-dollar gun running, drug smuggling and money laundering operation.


Barry Seal was a legend in the cocaine smuggling world, his drugs were flown in from Latin America. Loads that averaged 300 pounds of cocaine and worth at least tens of millions of dollars, were flown in or parachuted onto remote sites in Arkansas. By the sheer magnitude of the drugs and money his flights generated, tiny Mena became in the 1980’s one of the world’s centres of the narcotics trade. And the base of what many believe was the single largest smuggling operation in United States history.


Larry Douglas Brown was one of Bill Clinton’s favourite troopers, assigned to protect him. Brown gave 100’s of pages of testimony and supporting documents that Clinton had full knowledge of the arms and drug running going on at Mena as early as 1984. In October of 1984, Brown and Seal met for lunch. In conversations over the next few weeks, Seal referred to Clinton as ‘The Gov’ and acted like he knew him.


By December of 1985, Seal became a scapegoat, and was sentenced to a halfway house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There he was assassinated in February 1986, behind the wheel of his white Cadillac. Barry Seal had betrayed the CIA and was telling his full story to the DEA, he had to be gotten rid of.


IRS Agent Bill Duncan and State Police Investigator Russell Welch had compiled a mammoth file on the affairs at Mena Airport. The material became part of a 35 volume 3000 thousand page Arkansas Police archive. A meticulous detail of the Mena case for a Grand Jury. However, the cases were effectively suppressed. Duncan and Welch were not even called to testify before Grand Juries, State or Federal. Duncan and Welch watched as the Mena enquiries were systematically quashed as their own careers were destroyed by way of the IRS and State Police effectively disallowed their investigations.


On the night 23rd August 1987, just outside the little town of Alexandra, Arkansas to teenage boys, Kevin Ives (17) and Don Henry (16) set out to see a cocaine parachute drop with their own eyes. The boys were captured and their hands tied behind their backs. They were kicked and beaten and finally executed. Don Henry was stabbed to death. Their bodies were left on a train track covered in a tarpaulin, waiting for a train to run over them.


The Arkansas medical examiner Fahmy Malak ruled the deaths an accident. He claimed the boys had smoked marijuana joints and passed out side by side on the railway tracks. The facts would later show that the crime lab never tested the amount of marijuana in their blood. The Crime Lab was told to back Malak’s ruling. Bill Clinton was the only person the Crime Lab answered too.


Kevin Ives mother, Linda, created such a stir that a Grand Jury was called to investigate the case. The bodies were exhumed and a second autopsy was conducted the Atlanta Medical Examiner Doctor Joseph Burton. He showed an enhanced photograph of Don Henry’s wounds to six other medical examiners, they all agreed they were stab marks. Burton also found that Kevin Ives had been smashed in the head with a rifle butt.


The report of the Grand Jury was that the death of Don Henry and Kevin Ives was definitely a result of foul play. It urged that law enforcement agencies the prosecuting attorney office continue the investigation into the deaths and into the drug problem in Saline County. Because of her continued investigation into the death of her son, Linda Ives was placed on Bill Clinton’s enemies list by Whitehouse Council Mark D. Fabiani. Already people associated with the case were beginning to die.


April 1988, Keith Coney, told his mother that he feared for his life because he knew too much about the boy’s death. He died after slamming into the back of a truck on his motorcycle while trying to escape someone who had slashed his neck.


Boonie Bearden a friend of Ives and Henry disappeared, his body was never found.


November 1988, Keith McKaskle said good-bye to his friends and family that his life wasn’t worth two cents due to the knowledge he had of the two boy’s deaths. He was stabbed 113 times, to death later that night. According to Linda Ives: The night of the elections in 1988 McKaskle took two penny’s out of his pocket and through them on the bar at the Wagon Wheel pub and said if Jim State loses this election then his life isn’t worth two cents and he was murdered later that night.


January 1989, Gregory Collins claimed to have knowledge of the murders but was found dead of a shotgun blast to the face before he could give evidence.


April 1989. Jeff Rhodes a friend of the boys claimed to have knowledge of the murders but was killed. His body was found in the city dump dead of a shotgun wound with his hands cut off and his head half decapitated and his body burned. Shortly before he’s made a phone call to his Dad and said he needed to get out of Arkansas, because he knew too much about the boys on the railway tracks.


July 1989, Richard Winters, claimed to have knowledge of the murders but was killed by a blast from a sawed-off shotgun, before he could testify.


June 1990, Jordan Ketelson, claimed to have knowledge of the murders but was killed before he could testify. He died of a shotgun blast to the head.


To date, there have been no arrests in any of these murders or disappearances.


Fahmy Malak ruled the death of Ives and Henry an accident, but it is not the only questionable decision he has made. In 1985 an Arkansas man was fatally shot four times in the chest, Malak ruled it a suicide. In a 1986 Malak called a man’s death accidental drowning, it was later discovered that the victim was shot in the head. In 1992 a man’s body was found with five bullet wounds, Malak called it a suicide.


In one of his most outrageous ruling, he declared that James "Dewey" Milam died of an ulcer when he had been decapitated. Despite all the evidence against him, Malak claimed he’d never made a mistake. Malak claimed that he was disliked because he was Egyptian.


There were a number of calls to have him removed from office, but as long as he kept doing as Clinton asked, he was kept in office. There was allegation of Malak tampering with evidence in murder cases. There were allegations of perjury in different cases. Clinton kept making excuses for Malak saying he was overworked. At one stage Clinton said Malak was underpaid and gave him a 41% pay rise.


That Fahmy Malak survived in Arkansas was a testimony to Clinton’s power. Just before Clinton announced his intention to for President Malak was moved to another state job.


Dan Harmon was just a local attorney in Arkansas, he approached Linda Ives and the Henry family about trying to help them. According to John Brown, Harmon got involved in the case and led them down a path that led to nowhere. He attacked John Brown in court for no apparent reason. Brown bought up Sharline Wilson’s evidence which he investigated and substantiated and Harmon ‘went ballistic’ he threatened Brown and his superiors. All because he talked to Sharline Wilson.


John Brown said they know who killed the boys, but Clinton took care of everyone involved in the case. They either got promoted or killed.


According to Sharline Wilson, the people at the railway track that night were Dan Harmon, Keith McKaskle, and Larry Rochelle. Apparently, the boys knew about the drop site and were curious about what was being dropped there. 


Jean Duffey was the former Arkansas Deputy District Attorney. In 1989-90 Jean Duffey was appointed to investigate a federally funded Drug Force in Saline County. She was told, by Gary Arnold prosecutor of the Seventh Judicial District of Arkansas, on her first day on the job that she was not to investigate any public officials on drug charges.


Duffey had several undercover operatives working for her. It didn’t take long before the task force was being led to public officials dealing drugs and protecting drug dealers. The person who’s name that kept coming up was Dan Harmon.


Duffey heard reports of low-flying planes at night in the vicinity of Mena dropping parcels of cocaine from them. She had even found a witness who said she had collected a parcel. But the Drug Force investigation went nowhere and Duffey’s name was slandered in all the media across Arkansas. Her Drug Force was shut down because she was getting too close to those in power. So in 1991, Dan Harmon became the districts Prosecutor-elect. Jean Duffey was forced to flee the state for Austin, Texas for her own safety.  


She believes that it was the CIA or possibly rogue CIA operation to import drugs into the United States through Mena Arkansas specifically using Barry Seal. Barry Seal was the most famous cocaine smuggler of the 1980’s.


Russell Welch a Criminal Investigator for Major Crimes for the Arkansas State Police. The investigation into Barry Seal bought down on Welch the weight of the Federal Government. Costing him his job, his health, and nearly his life. He was sprayed in the face with military-grade anthrax. A strain of Anthrax that could have only come from Fort Detrick. Maryland.


Sherriff Fred Niblick stopped Welch one day outside the courthouse and told him that Bob Dole had sent somebody to the Mena Airport to look into the allegations that were being made to see if it was going to have an effect of George HW Bush’s bid for the Presidency.


Mena is a city in Polk County, Arkansas, United States. It is also the county seat of Polk County. The population was 5,637 as of 2000 census. Mena is surrounded by the Ouachita National Park and the Ouachita Mountains. There were more rumours of Contra gun-running and cocaine smuggling and covert black ops than any other spot on the face of the earth.


Jean Duffey the former head of Arkansas drug task forces found her investigations led straight to Dan Harmon. A brutal media campaign was launched against her with accusations of misspending funds to ordering illegal arrests. The Drug Force was even shut down for weeks during a bogus State Police investigation. In spite of crippling disruption, the Drug Force was making a significant discovery in the drug trade in Arkansas. Some of which led to the people like Dan Harmon who were conducting the media campaign against her. They discovered that drug trafficking in Arkansas led to government officials in high places. 


Robert Govar and Chuck Banks were the attorneys for the district of Arkansas at that time. Sharline Wilson was subpoenaed to testify against the drug cartel that had to do with Dan Harmon and company. Govar insisted he was ready to prosecute two key figure in the cartel, but the holdup was coming from his superior Chuck Banks who repeated delayed the request for indictments. In November 1990, Banks removed Govar from the case and Duffey was fired from the drug task force.


In November 1991 Dan Harmon took office as the seventh juridical prosecutor. Harmon immediately called a state grand jury to investigate the allegation against Jean Duffey. To avoid being jailed in Hot Springs County, which would have put Duffey is serious danger, she left the state.


In the meantime, Chuck Banks who had taken over the Federal investigation attempted to give the impression of carrying the investigation forward while systematically destroying it. He harassed witness, suppressed evidence and finally announced in February 1991, that the investigation had disclosed no credible witnesses or and public official.


Sharline Wilson received a phone call and they told her she had “made a very big mistake”. Wilson had been assured by the US Attorney’s Office that her name, her testimony, her statements and the people on that witness list would never be revealed. Someone in the US Attorney’s Offices had given Dan Harmon a list of the effect witnesses. Some of these witnesses over a period of time came up dead or were missing or were never heard from again.


Dan Harmon the very same man who turned Sharline Wilson onto drugs in the first place had her arrested. We walked up to her at her apartment with a search warrant and said “Bitch I told you if you ever ever cross me, if you ever bought my name up or brought the past dealing that we had the I’d take you down” he said “You’re going to prison, I’m going to put you in prison”. Sharline Wilson gave her interview from prison. For a first time offense she was given thirty years. Thankfully due to Jean Duffey’s tireless work she got Wilson out after eight years in prison.


In 1997 Dan Harmon got arrested on charges of racketeering and drug dealing. Harmon was indicted on eleven charges The RICO Act, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, Cocaine Hydrochloride, Hobbs Act conspiracy which prohibits actual or attempted robbery or extortion affecting interstate or foreign commerce, Conspiracy to manufacture drugs, Witness Tampering and Witness Retaliation. Initially, Harmon was jailed for refusing to take a drugs test.


Dan Harmon told Linda Ives he was going to get to the bottom of the murders case, instead of the people who testified ended up in jail or dead. 


Jean Duffey can provide information that led to Governor Bill Clinton’s office.


Meanwhile, Welch and Duncan’s investigation was about to derail. Neither of them was ever invited to the Grand Jury to give their evidence. Charles Black, Polk County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney said there was definitely suppression of evidence and definitely a cover-up of the investigation.  Ten years in its running and not one cocaine bust was made out of Mena, Arkansas.


Clinton saw that his legacy in Arkansas and Mena would continue he made sure his own man Jim Guy Tucker took over as Governor when he moved to the Whitehouse. Tucker, however, was not as charmed as Clinton and was eventually convicted on Whitewater-related charges, he received a four-year suspended sentence. He was not charged with anything related to cocaine, arms or money laundering. He like everyone else involved in the crimes conducted in Arkansas got off lightly.


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