70 years ago the CIA didn’t exist. Know it is one of the most powerful organisations in the world. With an estimated budget of 5,000 billion dollars annually and 25,000 people working for it, the CIA has more money and power than most developing countries.

The CIA first enemy was the Soviet Union. They recruited Reinhard Gehlen (3 April 1902 – 8 June 1979) was a German general who was chief of the Wehrmacht Foreign Armies East (FHO) military-intelligence unit, during World War II. He became a spy of the anti–Communist Gehlen Organization for the U.S. (1946–56).The CIA bought hundreds of Hitler’s officers back to the USA after the war. At secret bases, they were trained how to be spies and then sent back to Germany to spy on the Russians. Nikolaus "Klaus" Barbie was an SS-Hauptsturmführer and Gestapo member. He was known as the "Butcher of Lyon" was hired by Gehlen. The CIA didn’t question Gehlen on his hires as he was considered to valuables.

After a brief stint with Gehlen, Barbie was recruited by the Pentagons Counter Intelligence Division, known as CIC. In the late 1940’s French intelligence learn Barbie’s assignment in Germany and calls for his extradition. When this became came a political issue in France the CIC decided to smuggle Barbie out of the country to Bolivia where he lived comfortably for the next thirty years. 

In 1948 the Soviets over through the Czechoslovakian government and installed a puppet Communist government in its place. Gehlen over exaggerated the strength of the Soviet forces when reporting back to Washington. He did this to keep the focus on the Soviet’s strength and maintain his importance in the role of the CIA. The CIA were so interested in the Soviet control over Germany, they overlooked Gehlen’s hiring policies. Gehlen’s organisation was infiltrated by Soviet spies who blackmailed the operatives because of what they did in the war. 


The CIA believed the Russians had developed a way of controlling people’s minds so the CIA started on their MK Ultra experiments.

In 1953 Alan Dulles sent aside $1 million to get rid of Iranian democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh elected in 1951. The British wanted control of Iran’s oil fields and the US wanted control of the 1000 mile border with Russia. In 1953 the CIA bought newspapers, periodical, they bought Army Officers and they organised protests against Mosaddegh. Mosaddegh was overthrown by a group funded by the CIA and loyal to Mohammad-Rezā Shāh Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran to take over power. The CIA had successfully overthrown its first government.

The CIA efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was to stop the Russian from getting a stronghold in there. Within days of independence, the Congo was in disarray. Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba had asked the Russians for help. This was unacceptable to the CIA, so they started to look for a replacement Lumumba. They found one in Joseph Mobutu, Mobutu was Lumumba's chief of staff and head of the army. In 1961 Lumumba was murdered by troops loyal to Mobutu. Mobutu chased the Soviet’s out of Russia and he was managed for the next three decades by the CIA. The Congo became Mobutu’s backyard. Over his lifetime it was reckoned that Mobutu took $4 billion from the Congo equivalent to half of the Congo’s GDP. Mobutu was also extremely cruel if you crossed him you were a dead man. In spite of all of this, the CIA continued to support him.

In the Bay of Pigs the CIA mercenaries to invade Cuba. The CIA put together a fighting force of about 1,500 ex-Cubans they weren’t army men but trained them and then they sent them off to fight the 35 thousand strong Cubans army. The result was a complete humiliation for the United States.


The CIA then turned its attention to Indonesia the CIA did believe President Ahmed Sukarno to be at least indirectly involved with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). The CIA turned to Black Operations. Black Ops are illegal operations performed by the CIA for the US Government. On 30th September 1965, a low ranking soldier kidnapped and murdered six Indonesian generals. The solder claimed he’d carried out the attack to prevent the Generals taking over the country in a CIA-sponsored coup. In the confusion that followed the murders General Suharto blamed the Indonesian Communist Party and mounted a coup to get rid of President Sukarno the CIA had gotten what they wanted and Sukarno was driven from power. After the coup, the CIA worked with General Suharto to make sure every communist in Indonesia was killed.


The CIA gave General Suharto a list of people they suspected were communists, Suharto’s men then started massacred between half a million and a million people. The United States government supplied money, training, and ammunition to the Suharto government so they could carry out the massacres.

The CIA invented a gun that mimics the effects of a heart attack. The bullet made of ice can be shot into a person and only leave a tiny red mark. The ice then melts and leaves a poison in the body, the poison dissolves and a heart attack is the only thing that is detected in an autopsy.