Has CERN opened gateways to alternate dimensions?

The CERN acronym once stood for Centre Europeen Pour La Recherche Nuclear. The organisation was made up of 23 member countries with the United States acting as an observer. The site spans the border of Switzerland and France.

CERN has a Large Hadron Collider, it is an accelerator, and it accelerates and then brings them to the speed of light or beyond at which point they cause a collision. The scientist there are trying to recreate the big bang.

At CERN they smash together particles at high energy. The explosions take place in a giant solenoid detectors. The Compact Muon Solenoid the proton accelerator, accelerates protons to the speed of light. Before colliding the inside the heart of the Compact Muon Solenoid. The energy of the colliding protons transforms into matter. The particles spray into all directions the CMS acts like a camera. 40 million times a second. The have observed new boson, possibly the Higgs-Bosom thanks to the LHC.

The LHC occupies a 27-kilometre underground ring, located 100 metres below the Switzerland and French border. It is the most powerful Hadron Collider ever built. It is designed to collide particles together at 40 million times per second its collisions take place at four points around the ring. At each collision point is a large particle detector. Built and operated by different international and collaborations. Then comes the solenoid magnets themselves and finally the muon (The muon is an elementary particle similar to the electron but with a much greater mass) detectors.

2009 CMS recorded its first collision between protons, on 4th July 2012 CMS announced the discovery of a new proton to the world. The Higgs-Boson.

CMS and Atlas are the two major detectors. CMS is designed to detect neurons, it has the most powerful Solenoid magnet ever made. It has 75 million channels for detecting and identifying particular particles. CMS is made from several layers the most detector is a silicon tracker which registers the trajectories of charged particles. The next layers are the electro metres and the Hadron metre which measures electrons, photons, and composite particles.


There are people in the world who believe that for all matter in the world there is actually anti-matter opposing it, anti-matter is volatile and is being released at CERN.

Stories are coming out CERN of apparitions that have manifested during testing.


Supernatural experiences have been seen at CERN during their experiments, strange gate and tunnels appeared in clouds over the top of the CERN location were seen during the ‘Awake’ experiment.