One of the companies that operate close to the US government is the Carlyle Group. On their payroll are people like George Herbert Walker Bush, James Baker III, and John Major. The Carlyle Group is one of the largest private investment banks in the free world, however, it’s always managed to keep a low profile.

They invest in areas quite close to government regulated industries, aerospace and defence, Telecom, Health Care and the Banking Business. With 16 billion dollars under management, they have the reputation of being the best run company in the world.

Carlyle is a private equality firm, they raise money from wealthy people and companies and fund and invest that money in high-risk forms of investing in the stock or bond markets. They will purchase controlling shares in the company, and because it’s a private company they are not subject to the rules and restraints of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They will purchase a company for a fraction of what’s really worth and then sell it for a huge profit, it’s called the buyout practice.

The Carlyle group is considered the premiere investor in Aerospace defence, over a period of time in Washington DC. They play in an area that is heavily influenced by politics, and to do that they hire some of the best-known politicians from all over the world.

They hire Defence specialists like Frank Carlucci Former United States Secretary of Defence and Donald Rumsfeld’s roommate in college, for their insights. As well as politicians and NBA businesses men. The iron Triangle is a uniquely American phenomenon it’s the confluence of the military, big business, and politics. Presidents of the past have warned against such organisations: A group of businessmen that becomes so large and powerful that it’s large enough to influence the direction of the war. The Carlyle Group personifies the description of the Iron Triangle.

The Carlyle group is the 10th largest Military Contractors in the World. Frank Carlucci was setting up policies while in government and then cashing in on them when he entered the private enterprise.

Carlyle was founded in 1987 as an investment banking boutique by five original partners with backgrounds in finance and government: William E. Conway, Jr (From 1981 to 1986, Conway had worked in various financial positions at MCI Communications being named senior vice president and chief financial officer in 1984), Stephen L. Norris, David M. Rubenstein, Daniel A. D'Aniello (He served as a financial officer at Pepsico and TWA) and Greg Rosenbaum.


The founding partners named the firm after the Carlyle Hotel in New York City where Norris and Rubenstein had often met to discuss the formation of their new investment business. Rubenstein, who was a Washington-based lawyer, was a deputy domestic policy advisor to President Jimmy Carter and as an advisor to Bill Clinton. Norris and D'Aneillo had previously worked together at Marriott Corporation (is an American multinational diversified hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities) while Conway was a finance executive at MCI Communications (MCI, Inc. was an American telecommunication corporation). Of the founding five partners Rubenstein, Conway, and D'Aneillo remain active in the business while Rosenbaum left in the first year and Norris departed in 1995.

The Carlyle Group was founded with $5 million of financial backing from T. Rowe Price (is an American publicly owned investment firm), Alex. Brown & Sons (Alex. Brown & Sons was the first investment bank in the United States, founded by Alexander Brown in 1800 and based in Baltimore, Maryland), First Interstate Equities, and the Richard King Mellon family (commonly known as R.K., was an American financier, general, and philanthropist).

Colin Powell is an example of a Carlyle Group consultant. Frank Carlucci was his mentor. They get paid through secret methods. George H W Bush is another who has no official position but is as an advisor. He generates a lot of money for Carlyle in Saudi Arabia. Carlyle invested heavy in a Crusader weapon.

It was a terrible conflict of interest to George senior selling the benefits of Carlyle worldwide, while his son George Junior was President.

George W Bush asked congress for an increase of more than 48 billion dollars in national defence to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. While his father was selling the military equipment to the government. The defence panel looked at the crusader weapon in 1998 and decided it was too big and too slow to go to war with. The defence panel of 1998 recommended that the crusader be terminated.


As part of the 48 billion dollar defence contract was money for the crusader missile. The Missile was manufactured by United Defence Industries which was owned by The Carlyle Group, which had by the President's father on the payroll. There was a backlash that was big, and the program was cancelled but not before United Defence Industries was able to go public and the Carlyle Group made 237 million dollars on that day.

On the 11th September 2001, The Carlyle Group had been having their annual general meeting. George Herbert Walker Bush, Shafiq bin Laden (representing the Bin Laden family) James Baker, Frank Carlucci and the rest of the board watched the towers fall.   

The Vinnell Corporation is an international private military company based in the United States specializing in military training, logistics, and support for the Saudi Arabian royal Family, to police the people of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is littered with US Army, Navy and Airforce bases. 

The relationship of Carlyle and Saudi Arabia began when Steve Hughes developed a very profitable relationship with Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal who is a very wealthy Saudi Arabian Prince, who loved to invest in the United States.

The big spur for Saudi investment was the Gulf war, with people seeing George H W Bush and James Baker as the heroes of the Gulf war. The bargain that was struck gave the US preferred stock in Saudi energy in return for protection from foreign interests. When the requirement arose in 1990 to protect the kingdom and liberate Kuwait. There was good feeling between both countries and trade boomed. The military presence in Saudi Arabia became stronger than ever before. The people close to the Saudi Royal Family were encouraged by the Royal Family to invest in the Carlyle Group.


Carlyle became a gatekeeper to where the money was coming and going in Saudi Arabia. They grow very close to the Saudi and Binladin Families. Basically, Carlyle was brought in to put some legitimacy to the bribes.

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney a democrat, noticed the relationship between the upcoming defence project and crusader missile manufactured by United Defence Industries which was owned by The Carlyle Group and the relationships between Bush Senior and Junior and the 48 billion Dollars spent on the military. The Congresswoman brought the relationship to the attention of the congress this is where the crusader came in. McKinney voted ‘no’ and wrote a letter of decent. Eventually, congress had the Gun program cancelled.


McKinney was vilified in the press. Then when it came time for her election, The Republicans got a black woman to run against McKinney as a democrat in her democrat primary. 47, 000 republicans crossed over to Republican posing as a democrat. The Republicans did their homework and were able to take McKinney out of her district.