Bush Family Fortunes – The Best Democracy money can buy.


With just twelve days to go before he became subject to the draft, George W Bush applied for the Texas Air Guard. The problem for George is there 100,000 would be draft dodgers were lined up ahead of him. For George W Bush to get into the Texas Air Guard, the safest appointment in the military he had to take a test and his score out of a possible 100 was only 25.


George W Bush leaped over all the other candidates, some of whom ended up dying in Vietnam, to win a position with Texas Air Guard thanks to the intervention of his Father George H W Bush (Senator). All this in spite of his incredibly low test score. Not only did Bush get the position with the Texas Air Guard, Bush never even showed up for duty. It looks like Bush was AWL.


In 1978 George W Bush lobbied for a seat in congress, he failed. 1994, he ran for Governor of Texas. Then 2000 he ran for President, and the vote came down to the 25 Electoral College votes in Florida. The Governor of Florida was Jeb Bush and had promised to deliver Florida to his brother. As did Katherine Harris both Florida’s secretary of state in charge of the vote count and Chairwoman of the George Bush for President Campaign.


The individual responsible for recommending that Fox call Florida for Bush was John Ellis, who led the network's decision desk. Ellis was not a disinterested party in the presidential election. Ellis is the first cousin of the Republican candidate and his brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Pretty soon every other news network across the country copied off FOX, and without any evidence to back up the claim, named George W Bush the President of the United States.


The exit polls were all in favour of Al Gore, and no-one could understand why George W was so confident. Meanwhile, there were problems, all over the state with votes machines failed, chad’s fell and thousands of ballots piled up. The state was in recount mode when all of a sudden Katherine Harris calls a stop to the recount. 179,855 votes were never counted and more than half of those not counted were by Al Gore supporting Black voters. Another issue came when thousands of black voters were turned away because they were listed as criminals. These allegations later turned out to be false. Altogether 94,000 voters were names as felons of them, 95 percent are innocent. That’s enough people to swing the election Al Gore’s way.


Our leaders have told us that the War on Terrorism may last 100 years.


​To the corporations that put him into the Whitehouse, George W paid off big time. Three days after taking office George W signs an order increasing the cost of power in California to help out his buddy Ken Lay at Enron.


George H W Bush was in a hotel in Dallas the night before JFK was shot. And at some stage over the next day, he flew from Dallas to Tyler Texas via a chartered plane.


​John Hinkley who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan, grow up with the Bush’s. Their families knew each other well.


Free speech was banned for hundreds of miles around George W Bush’s Crawford ranch. Now you can only protect on private property or designated free speech zones which are so out of the way that no-one can see them protest.


Known in the Whitehouse memo are minutes of the pre-war meeting of between Bush and Blair. Bush told Blair of his plan to dress up a US plane to look like a UN plane, fly it over Iraq in the hope that Saddam Hussain would shoot it down. This was reported on, in ‘The Time of London’. Bush also had the plan to have defectors claim they had seen weapons of mass destruction that did not exist.


​When congress threatened to block the re-authorisation and expansion of the Patriot act in 2006, President Bush announced he would still enforce the law, even if it wasn’t a law; that is by definition is a dictatorship.


When President George Walker Bush was caught paying off reporters, Newspapers and television stations, to ‘spin’ which cost him $1.6 million dollars, the government accounting office called it legal. Every single action by itself was a crime and there were 10 of thousands of incidents. President Bush simply said he was above the law. It didn’t matter if congress said it was illegal he was going to continue the practice. When a leader declares himself above the law you’re living in an official dictatorship.


When congress informed Bush that secret arrests, secret detention, and torture were illegal, Bush had his Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales claiming that it was lawful. Known as the torture memo’s Gonzales said we’d stop calling it torture and call it pressure. And if someone died in prison from torture that was acceptable. Whitehouse counsel John Yoo went even further. In memos that he gave to the military, he stated that they could even torture small children in front of their parents in some cases sexually.


President George Walker Bush had taken to signing pieces legislation that hadn't even passed the Congress. Bush was also caught in engaging warrantless searches and using the NSA to spy on the American people. Bush claimed the authority to ignore anything that he wished. Bush then claimed that the Constitution gave him the right to spy on the American people. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights say the exact opposite.


The retiring head of the National Security Agency went before the National Press Club a said there was no need for a search warrant in America anymore. He claimed that all that was needed was that it be reasonable and that the government would decide what was reasonable.


A few years into the War on Iraq, that Iraqi had freedom of the press, now it had been revealed if you write one story about the occupying government you are instantly arrested and sentenced on average to 30 years imprisonment. In some cases, reporters are simply executed or tortured. Then the news came out that the Pentagon was covertly controlling almost every major newspaper in Iraq and the public relations firms were writing most of the stories in Iraqi newspapers from the United States. But it’s not just going on in Iraq. Every year, billions of dollars are spent paying off reporters, planting fake news stories and producing fake newscasts. The military call this info wars seizing the mind of the enemy, they are treating the American people like an enemy.


​When you learn that the CIA, The Pentagon, and the Whitehouse are openly engaging in military style operation and propaganda against the American people, you begin to realised why large populations of the American people don’t have their facts straight. 


Since the dawn of time bullies have attempted to dominate and control the tribe. Human history has been one long battle between individual free humans against organised crime syndicates looking to enslave them. Brute force has been replaced with intimidation and propaganda.


We are manipulated into enslaving ourselves. We are conned into believing that the establishment is our loving keeper and not our parasitic master. The New World architects are a group of predatory control freaks who have enslaved the human race and are desperate to control the cattle. The Elite is threatened by independent free humans who control their own destinies.


The elite are threatened by intelligence, by beauty, by honour, by family. They seek to control and steer the destiny of humanity in a direction that secures their power monopoly forever. They are sadistic, they are callous, and they think nothing of Human life. Only control and keeping that control.