The Bohemian Grove Club is an offshoot of the Skull & Bones society.


The main encampment area consists of 160 acres (65 ha) of old-growth redwood trees, over 1,000 years old, with some trees exceeding 300 feet (91 m) in height.


Member secretly meet for seventeen days each July in the remote “sacred grove” of ancient redwood trees, in the deep forests surrounding San Francisco. There are some 1,500 in number, their membership roll is kept secret. Its members include high-profile politicians from America, England & Europe, heads of media and major corporations they includes the super-rich, bloodline dynasty member families of the Illuminati; and high government officials. Mingling among them are a number of Hollywood movie stars, Broadway producers, famous entertainers, musicians, authors, painters and poets.


Many famous names have attended ‘the grove’ over the years for example: Former U.S. Presidents William Howard Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Jr. along with Al Gore (whose family married into the Schiff family).


The Grove also included guests, Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Jimmy Carter, Walter Cronkite, Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger. It is purported that Obama and McCain visited Bohemian Grove in July of 2008. No sitting U.S. President ever attends the grove so as to avoid public scrutiny. Both Carter and Reagan announced their candidacies for president at the grove.


Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Alexander Haig, Jack Kemp, John Major, William F. Buckley, Justin Dart, William Randolph Hearst, Jr., Caspar Weinberger, Charles Percy, George Schultz, Edward Teller, former C.I.A. director William Casey, Malcom Forbes, Helmut Schmidt, Stephen Bechtel (Bechtel Corp.), James Baker, Jerry Cole, David Rockefeller are also members.


Most of George W Bush's administration’s top officials, such as Colin Powell, were members of the club; astronauts Wally Schirra and Frank Borman; former FBI and CIA directors; former Secretaries of State George Schultz and Henry Kissinger; international bankers; heads of big oil companies (ARCO, Mobil, Pennzoil, Texaco), and corporate CEO’s along with some of the most famous creative people in history: Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Bret Harte, Jack London, Will Rogers, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and Art Linkletter all been guests at Bohemian Grove.


In July of 2004, a New York Post article reported how a top gay-porn star, Chad Savage, serviced the moguls at the Bohemian Grove. The legendary CEO of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, was a member of Bohemian Grove.


List of Bohemian Grove member:


Queen Elizabeth showed up in 1983. Yet, even the Queen of England could not join this club if she applied for membership. Why? Because this club is exclusively all male. Women have not been allowed as members since the club’s founding in 1873.


Since the founding of the club, the Bohemian Grove's mascot has been an owl, symbolising knowledge. A 30-foot (9 m) hollow owl (Moloch) statue made of concrete over steel supports stands at the head of the lake in the Grove; this Owl Shrine was designed by sculptor and two-time club president Haig Patigian and constructed in the late 1920s. Since 1929, the Owl Shrine has served as the backdrop of the yearly Cremation of Care ceremony.


​The Cremation of Care is an annual theatrical production written, produced and performed by and for members of the Bohemian Club.


Reports of occult rituals being conducted by these same powerful men, clad only in hooded red, black and white robes, offering an effigy of a human being to be sacrificed by fire to a towering 45-foot stone owl God Moloch, are all part of the  a ceremony called “The Cremation of Care.”


The Cremation of Care ceremony was first conducted in the Bohemian Grove at the Midsummer encampment in 1881, devised by James F. Bowman with George T. Bromley playing the High Priest. The Cremation of Care ceremony involves a possibly mock or possibly real sacrifice of a young female victim.


Sometimes, the members discard their robes, don women’s clothing and parade around onstage in theatrical productions or – if the spirit so moves them – they wear no clothes at all.


Stories have come out of the Grove about wild homosexual orgies. Claims that its members fly in 100’s homosexual prostitutes each year, and being engage in what can only be described as extreme sexual games. The theme of the Grove is men only and involves a lot of homosexual sex. Young children, like victims of the Boys Town sex ring were being exploited in unspeakable ways, up to and including cold-blooded ritual murder. There are stories involving actual human sacrifice on the “altar” of the Moloch God statue. Bill Clinton became infuriated when confronted by Alex Jones about The Cremation of Care.


After lunch in The Grove, an elite insider gives an insight into their particular area of expertise. Richard Nixon claims his speech at the Grove gave him the first stepping stone to the Presidency.  At its height, it is said that 2000 members attend. Every Republican President has attended Bohemian Grove prior to being elected although no sitting president has attended.


In the Watergate tapes, President Nixon who was himself a member of Bohemian Grove, called it “the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine”. Strange given what Nixon had said about his speech. Although for Nixon, the grove would have to be one of the required stepping stones on the road to power.


Alan Greenspan attended Bohemian Grove one month before he was appointed the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.


​If my neighbour was worshipping a 40-foot stone owl and burned children on a fire, I wouldn't let that neighbour walk my dog or baby-sit my children. Instead these people are baby-sitting the big red button ... This is some sick stuff."  —Alex Jones

It is closed to the public, sealed off by helicopters, a private security force, and armed guards is hired. There can be no doubt that without the public looking on, the power elite may engage in whatever activities they wish too, at the Grove. Whether it’s crafting policy matters in secret, dancing around in the Moloch statue, having gay sex with prostitutes and child victims, taking drugs, practicing black magic, or even committing murder, the isolation of the Bohemian Grove provides a convenient cover for any immoral, illegal, behaviours they desire. Alex Jones

Moloch on the One Dollar Bill

Cremation of Care

The Gates of Bohemian Grove

Cremation of Care

Bohemian Grove Logo

Moloch in the Grounds of Washington

Cremation of Care

Helmut Schmidt 1991 Lakeside Speech



Armed Guards outside Bohemian Grove