All Bills and legal documents have your name in all capital letters.


It is impossible to grant someone a right. If you are granted something it is a liberty, not a right.


Most people don’t own what they think they own. This is the Allodial title, you own a house but you don’t own the land, you cannot drill for oil on your land. Texas is the only state in the US that allows you to own land in the Allodial title, however, most people don’t own land in the Allodial title. No-one owns their own car, the government owns the Allodial title, that’s why you pay registration. This also why we pay property rates.


Allodium: Land held absolutely in one’s own right, and not of any lord or superior; land not subject to feudal duties or burdens. An estate held by absolute ownership, without recognising any superior to whom any duties are due on account therefore.


There are two kinds of law that rule the world Civil law, and (UCC) Uniform commercial Code (Maritime Admiralty Law) which is the law of commerce and trade and water.


When a ship pulls into a Dock it is in its berth. The first thing the ship has to do is present a certificate of manifest to the authorities. The certificate contains the details of what is on the ship and the value of the items.


When a baby is birthed by a Dock (tor) it is born via maritime admiralty law, because the baby is born of their mother's waters. When the baby is born a birth certificate, certificate of manifest is supplied, the baby is a corporation owned item. Your birth certificate becomes a security of exchange on the stock market. On the bottom of the birth certificate is a stock exchange number. There is a second person created when you are born it is sometimes called ‘the Strawman’.


The Strawman is a second you, however its name is spelled in all capital letters. The Strawman came into being in 1933. People are persuaded to believe the Strawman is them. Please check your Gas, Electricity, Water, Credit Card, Driver’s license, Mortgage or any legal document, they are all in capital letters.


The birth certificate is used by the government so that you will be a guarantee that you will pay back the government debt. Very soon input into the DNA databases will be part of the birth process.


In 1871 congress passed an act stating that the corporation of the United States, all in capital letters, they created. It also created the District of Columbia. This was done because the international banks did not want to start a relationship with a bankrupted nation. This throws out the original constitution of the US and implemented a new one.

Notice how the name is written in capital letters