The Bilderberg Group encompasses many members of the media, politics, and business. They meet in secret locations once every year.


David Rockefeller is the American founder of The Bilderberg Group a lifetime member and member of the Bilderberg steering committee. About 140 people meet for three days and no press coverage is allowed.


In 1991 Arkansas governor Bill Clinton attended where David Rockefeller sold him on the importance of the North American trade Agreement was a priority, the next year Clinton was elected President and on 4th January 1994, NAFTA came into being. This only one example. In 1955, the Group discussed the need for a European union including a unified Germany.

They want: to groom the politicians or buy them, they wage wars so the corporatists can make money, They want on 0 growth society with all the money for them and nothing for anyone else, 100% control over the education system, to train those children to obey and not think,


The United Nations to become the world government, Expanded trading blocks, like NFTA, APEC, European Union & African Union, to reduce the importance of individual countries and for people to have less of a say over the running of their countries, They want to expand NATO and other military forces into a world army