John Warnock Hinckley Jr. was born on 29th May 1955, in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and moved with his wealthy family to Dallas, Texas, when he was four years old. His late father was John Warnock Hinckley Snr, was the President of World Vision United States, and Chairman and President of the Vanderbilt Energy Corporation. His mother is Jo Ann (Moore) Hinckley.


Just 60 odd days into his presidency Reagan was shot. At the time many people suggested fowl play by George H W Bush.  What people don’t realise is how long term the family connection between the Bush's and Hinckley's was.


After the assassination attempt, Nancy Reagan openly declared her disliking for the Bush’s. She refused to be seen with them in public. She would refuse to be seated with them during formal functions.


Very little is known about John Hinckley Jnr. Students who went to school with him don’t seem to remember him. After the shooting stories started to come out about Hinckley being schizophrenic and about his obsession with actress Jodie Foster. There were also stories that he was the black sheep of the Hinckley family. All these things were part of propaganda released after the assassination attempt.


What people forget about the assassination attempt was that Hinckley had six bullets in his gun yet there were seven bullets fired at Reagan. The official story wants you believe that the bullet that shot Reagan ricocheted of the presidential limousine and hit Reagan. In reality it would appear that the seventh bullet was shot from a higher position. FBI investigations into the shooting have never been released.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation had determined that a special explosive bullet, called Devastators, were fired at President Reagan. Officials said, doctors who removed the bullet from the President's lung did not know during the operation, that the bullet could have exploded at any second.


According to Roger Young, an F.B.I. spokesman, Mr. Hinckley had no bullets in his possession when he was arrested, and none were found in his belongings at the Park Central hotel, where he stayed on Sunday night.


George H.W. Bush and his cabinet determine that John W. Hinckley Jr was a ‘lone nut’, and no conspiracy, foreign or domestic, was involved? How did they arrive at this conclusion just five hours after the shooting, without any thorough examination? 


George H W Bush knew the family of John Hinckley Jnr, the man who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan. George H W Bush, and John Hinckley, Snr., were neighbouring families in Houston.


John Hinckley, Sr., contributed to the political campaigns of George H W Bush, back when Bush was running for Congress, and he supported Bush against Reagan for the 1980 Republican presidential nomination. Bush, Snr, and Hinckley Snr, were both in the oil business. When the Hinckley oil company, Vanderbilt Oil, started to fail in the 1960s, Bush, Snr's, Zapata Oil financially bailed out Hinckley's company. Hinckley had been running an operation with six dead wells, but he began making several million dollars a year after the Bush bailout.


Zapata was a CIA front for the Bay of Pigs invasion.


The Hinckley’s and the Bush’s are seventh cousins.


Here's the Hinckley / Bush family line:


1.Samuel Hinckley (1652-1698) and wife Sarah Pope (1657-bef 1727);

2.Mary Hinckley (1678-1741) m. Samuel Banks (1680-1750);

3.Joseph Banks (1730-c. 1757) and Thankful Hamlin Barnstable (1715-aft 1768);

4.Lemuel Banks (1739-1824) m. Rebecca Keeler (1751-1812);

5.Elijah Keeler Banks (1780-1856) m. Ester Stockhouse (1787-1819);

6.Mary Ann Banks (1817-aft 1876) m. Joseph Ambrose Beaky (1818-1858);

7.Martha Adela Beaky (1841-1917) m. David Davis Walker (1840-1918);

8.George Herbert Walker (1875-1953) m. Lucretia Wear (1874-1961);

9.Dorothy Walker (1901-1992) m. Preston Sheldon Bush (1895-1972);

10.George Herbert Walker Bush (born 1924), the 41st President, m. Barbra Pierce (born 1925);

11.George Walker Bush (born 1946), the 43rd President, married Laura Welch (b. 1946).


Neil Bush, son of George H W Bush was scheduled to have dinner with Scott Hinckley, John's brother, the night after the assassination attempt. At the time, Neil Bush was a Denver-based purchaser of mineral rights for Amoco. Scott Hinckley was the Vice President of his father's Denver-based oil business. The dinner date was cancelled.


The NBC news anchor reported that George H W Bush was associated with the family of the would be assassin. The story of the Bush-Hinckley connection was reported on the AP and UPI newswires and in some newspapers, including the Houston Post, which apparently originated the story. It was also reported in Newsweek magazine. Then the story about one of the strangest coincidences in presidential assassination history simply disappeared.


Every morning, in the months leading up to the assassination attempt, John Hinckley Jnr, would visit a donut shop near the Hilton Hotel, where the assassination attempt took place at. There he reportedly waited for a phone call from the phone booth on the corner, even though he had a phone in his hotel. The nature of the calls is unknown. This would imply some sought of brainwashing, possibly MK Ultra.


Reagan didn’t like Bush leading up to the 1980 election. It was Reagan’s handler who put Bush on the ticket as Vice President, Reagan had nothing to do with the decision.


On 27th July 2016, a federal judge ruled that Hinckley would be allowed to be released from St. Elizabeth's on 5th August 2016, as he was no longer considered a threat to himself or others. The conditions of his release are that he has no contact with the Reagan family, the Brady family (James Brady was an assistant to the U.S. President and White House Press Secretary under President Ronald Reagan). In 1981, Brady became permanently disabled from a gunshot wound during the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.

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