In October 1995, Diana, Princess of Wales wrote this letter to her butler, predicting her own death. It said in part “…My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car. Break Failure and serious head injury…”


The inquest took place in the royal families own court, so it was no surprise The Coroner decided that the royal family (and key suspects) did not have to give evidence. In any other legal case in the world, given the note that was written by Diana, the husband would have been called to give evidence.


The mainstream media were at pains to only report one side of the story “it was a traffic accident”. The media had decided the outcome of the hearing before it began, and declared it a waste of money. The BBC sent their Royal Reporters, who spent their lives sucking up to the royals, rather than send crime reporters. The reporters all had preconceived notions of what the outcome should be.


Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Fayed is an Egyptian business magnate. Fayed's business interests include ownership of Hôtel Ritz Paris and formerly Harrods Department Store, was the father of Dodi Al-Fayed, Lady Diana boyfriend and fellow victim. He claims that the British racist royal family would not tolerate a Muslim as a step brother-in-law. Diana told Mohamed Al-Fayed she was worried that she was in danger.


The Judge or Coroner as he was called, Lord Justice Scott Baker, had swarm his allegiance to the Queen, the royal family and the queen's councillors, so how was he supposed to investigate them in their courts, and having already assured the senior royal family that they didn’t have to attend.


Before any blood test were taken the French media decided that Henri Paul, the driver was “drunk as a pig”. Though footage of Henri Paul just shortly before leaving to drive the couple showed him appearing sober.


Within hours of the accident, Paris police allowed road crews to wash away all evidence. It’s so much easier to claim their deaths were an accident if the evidence had been washed away.


Simone Simmons, friend of Diana, was gagged and prevented from mentioning the abusive letters Prince Phillip had sent to Diana, when she gave evidence. His first letter was attacking her moral character and addressing her faithfulness to Charles before Prince Harry was born.


According Simmons, Diana got a phone call from Nicholas Soames Former Minister of State for the Armed Forces telling her not to mess with issues that don’t concern her. This was in reference to her involvement in the worldwide anti-landmines campaign.


Diana’s involvement in the anti-landmines campaign leading up to her death was outraging arms manufacturers in Britain, France, and the United States. Diana’s tour of the areas affected by landmines particularly in Bosnia, in the weeks preceding her death was particularly infuriating for them.


Diana habitually wears a seatbelt, however when the car was examined it was found that the rear right seatbelt, where Diana was sitting, was broken. This never came up during the inquiry.


Some of the paparazzi outside the hotel tried to catch up with the car, however, their scooters were not fast enough to catch up with the much more powerful car. Police evidence states that by the time the car entered the Pont de l'Alma tunnel the paparazzi were miles behind. Yet eyewitnesses saw a white Fiat Uno and several motorcycles surrounding the Mercedes as it entered the tunnel.


There was a very bright flash and the White Fiat collided with the Mercedes. The Mercedes ran head first into the 13th pillar of the tunnel. All the other vehicles from that night have not been found however they have been excluded as being paparazzi. All the paparazzi that were on duty that night were identified and their locations mapped so they could all be eliminated as suspects.


The jury found that the following vehicles were guilty of manslaughter, however, the media read “following vehicles” and changed it to “paparazzi”. The Jury decided that these vehicles were guilty of a criminal act, yet neither the French or British police are attempting to find the drivers.


The British secret service MI6, told the inquiry that the British secret service had not killed anyone in 50 years. This lie was exposed in by former MI6 secret service officer Richard Tomlinson. Tomlinson saw a secret memo to assassinate a European political figure by arranging a car ‘accident’ by flashing a strobe light gun in the driver’s eyes. According to Baroness Daphne Park, former MI6 agent, she claimed she had been involved in plots to kill people, but would not elaborate on it.


Several witnesses who were near the Pont de l'Alma tunnel on the night of crash claimed they saw a bright flash just before the crash. The French government tried to deny the existence of the White Fiat at first, however to many people saw it.


The crash occurred at 12:23 am, Dodi and Henri Paul died immediately, and Bodyguard Trevor Reece Jones was seriously injured. Diana was injured but conscious and relatively alert. Although other ambulances were present Doctor Jean-Marc Martino took over the full treatment of Diana and made a series of bizarre and strange decision that sealed Diana’s fate.


It took 35 minutes for Doctor Martino to move Diana from the Mercedes. This is odd because the back of the car was undamaged. It took another 81 minutes before the ambulance took off for the hospital. The ambulance made no radio contact with Ambulance HQ throughout the journey. It took an inexplicable 1hr and 45 minutes before the ambulance arrived at a nearby hospital. Having travelled there at a snail’s pace on empty roads. By then Diana was close to death.


At the inquest, it was agreed that Diana’s life could have been saved if not for the suspicious actions of Dr. Martino and his crew. Other members of his crew have not been officially identified or interviewed.


On day 9 of the inquisition, The BBC Nicholas Mitchell fell asleep several times missing all the evidence about Dr. Martino, and his failed rescue of the Princess. He missed the potential biggest story of his life.


Diana’s telephone calls were not only being monitored by MI6, but also the American NSA. Between the two agencies they admitted having 1200 pages of transcripts although refused to make them public on the grounds of national security.


19th September 1997 was when the Oslo conference on landmines took place, less than three weeks after Diana’s death. Without Diana there to protest, it hardly rated a mention. Bill Clinton who had spoken out against landmines when Diana was still alive, voted in favour of continued landmine production now.  


The note, that Diana gave to her butler, and advised her lawyer Lord Mischon, who made a note about the intended car crash. Mischon realised that the note would have devastating consequences for the royal family. So he handed the note to Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Paul Leslie Condon, Baron Condon. He also recognized its significance so he concealed it and kept it hidden for three years. Condon was accused by Michael Mansfield QC, Counsel to Mohamed Al Fayed, of conspiracy to hide the evidence. Lord Justice Scott Baker the Judge leaped to the defence of Condon, despite the fact that Condon had admitted breaking the law in concealing the evidence.


​Furthermore, John Arthur Stevens, Baron Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, Commissioner of Police’ hid the letter for a further three years upon taking over from Condon. Is it just a coincidence that both these men were made lords?


Had the contents of the letter been known at the time, then all accusations against the paparazzi would have ceased.


Although she wasn’t royalty, Diana was embalmed within an hour of her death, that way no-one could tell if she was pregnant with Dodi’s baby or had been poisoned on the way to the hospital.


The job of doing the autopsy on Henri Paul fell to Professor Dominique Lecomte, Lecomte was known for covering up medical evidence that is likely to embarrass the state. She committed at least 58 basic errors. At the inquiry, all the medical experts agreed that the autopsy results seemed impossible. There was also the question as to where the blood from Henri Paul came from, as it contains lethal doses of carbon monoxide. Every scientist involved in the inquest signed a joint statement saying the results were biologically inexplicable.


The CC camera at the start of the Pont de l'Alma tunnel was switched off, it normally operates 24 hours a day. In fact, all 17 cameras in the tunnel was turned off. Also, all police frequencies were switched off in the hour and a half before and after the incident.


Suspicion fell on paparazzi, photographer James Andanson, he had been following Dodi and Diana earlier that month, but he was not amongst the paparazzi that were waiting outside the Pars Ritz on the night they died. James Andanson was a millionaire paparazzo, who lived in style in the French countryside.


Andanson told the police two different stories about where he was the night of the ‘accident’. His wife and son give him different alibis as well. He had told friends he had been there in the tunnel that night. He also owns a White Fiat Uno, which he claimed was off the road at the time, which later proved to a lie.


In May 2000 Andanson’s body was found murdered in his burnt out car. There were no keys on Andanson and the car was locked, no keys to the car were anywhere near the vehicle. The ambulance member who found him claim to have seen two bullets in his head. Nevertheless, his death was ruled a suicide.


Despite the media and the coroner’s attempts to misrepresent the death of Diana, the jury found that the death of Henri. Dodi and Lady Diana was an unlawful death. The media ignored this outcome and continued to blame the paparazzi.


The ultimate outcome is that The Royal family killed Lady Diana. The media and the inquiry into her death was a farce. The Royal family continue to get away with murder like they have for centuries. No action was taken against the two police officers who help cover up the crime and they now sit in the House of Lords. Charles married Camilla Parker-Bowles without incident, MI6 now publicly admit that they have been involved in killings. The Queen stripped Diana of her royal title Her Royal Highness. Mohamed Al-Fayed was ordered by Prince Philip, to take down the royal warrants that hung above Harrods department store. There was a clear verdict if unlawful killing but no-one was arrested.

The Mysterious Death Of Princess Diana

Dodi Al-Fayed

Mohamed Al-Fayed

Lord Justice Scott Baker

 Lord Mischon

Paul Leslie Condon


James Andanson

Michael Mansfield QC

Nicholas Soames

Pont de l'Alma Tunnel

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