The Illuminati grand plan was to install agents in all governments around the world. In the case of Russia an effective way of gaining control was to infiltrate its government structures.

Newly released files from the KGB provide an unprecedented insight. Now that the Cold War is over documents are being smuggled out of the former Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the KGB many documents ended up being sold on the black market. The collapse led to widespread unemployment which meant former KGB members were willing to sell their secrets for the right price.

The KGB carefully recorded their actions in documents, films and tapes. Within the purchased files there is proof that the Illuminati infiltrated the Soviet government and the KGB. Communiqués between two high ranking KGB officers actually refer to the illuminated one, Adam Weishaupt by name. They go on to talk about two past leader of Russia, Joseph Stalin and Nikita Khrushchev.

“Our mission to place agents within the walls of the Vatican. It is a goal that the founder Weishaupt talked about 200 years ago. It is something that has been attempted through the years, by Stalin and Khrushchev with no success, but I believe we can finally do it this time.” In a lab, a magnification of a dot at the end of the sentence revealed that wasn’t a dot but a seal. It was of the unfinished pyramid with the eye at the top, the symbol of the Illuminati.

In 1972 the Illuminati using the KGB formulated a plan to position one of their people inside the Vatican. An agent was sent by the KGB to the Vatican posing as a Ukrainian priest. Pretending to be driven from his country by communists for anti-communist rhetoric. He was quickly accepted by the Vatican clergy.

After a few months he gained the confidence of Cardinal Villot, the Secretary of State to Pope Paul VI. When Villot’s assistant is sent on his monthly trip to Rome, a camera was placed in his room. Over several days the priest was setup. The KGB had a woman seduce him. This was caught on film and ensured the Priests complicity in their plan. Over time the Illuminati gained control over Villot.


Since the founding of the Illuminati, several officials including three Popes have died suspiciously. In each case the deaths were timed to have a political influence. In 1939 Pope Pius XI was to release a statement condemning both the Nazi’s and the Fascists. However before he could make the public statement he died. A Cardinal close to the Pope repeated in French “They have assassinated him”. His body was quickly embalmed making an autopsy and proof of death impossible.

Almost immediately after John Paul I took office, he showed a great interest the Vatican’s finances. While he was the Cardinal of Venice, the Venetian Capital Bank was sold in a secret deal to the Vatican Bank. The sale was for a greatly undervalued amount. Profits reaped by a few were of more than 70 million dollars. However the losses to the Venetians were great, the clergy of Venice even lost their pension funds. Instrumental in the deal were banker Roberto Calvi, his mentor Michele Sindona and the Vatican Banks Archbishop Paul Marcinkus.

After John Paul became Pope, theses three were still in charge of investing most of the church’s money. In his new position the Pontiff had the power to investigate them and publically bring out the facts. John Paul I was poised to uncover illegal dealing that would involve almost $1 billion. This would be a serious blow to the Illuminati who were behind the criminal dealings.

The danger to the Pope became clear one day, at a meeting between John Paul I and a Russian Archbishop Nikodim (Boris Georgiyevich Rotov). As the meeting began coffee was poured. Nikodim took the first sip and almost immediately fell to the floor and died. His face was very contorted as if the death was very painful.

The Pope put down his cup, almost certain that the coffee was laced with poison and that it was meant for him. The doctor quickly determined the Nikodim had died of a heart attack. This was the standard explanation for deaths at the Vatican. Nikodim’s body was embalmed very quickly after his death without a complete medical examination. The coffee was never collected for testing, and no forensic investigation was every carried out.

The meeting proved so frightening to John Paul I, that he called a secret meeting of his top four Cardinals to discuss the situation. The meeting took place on 28th September 1978. To this day it is not known what was said in the meeting. The pope was moved to take action. He ended the term of Cardinal Villot the Secretary of State. Villot was compromised by the Illuminati so in removing him John Paul I, removed some of the problem.

That night the Pontiff retired early and took with the notes of the meeting to read in bed. At 5am the next morning the Popes closest attendant Sister Vincenza Taffarel became concerned, as the Pope had never overslept before. She peered inside his door. John Paul I, appeared to be sitting in bed with the light on, his reading papers were scattered all around him. However to her horror his face was in the same contorted state that Nikodim had been in. After only thirty three days as Pope John Paul I, was dead. 

On 26th August John Paul the 1st became Pope, 33 days later he died mysteriously, there was no autopsy done. 33 is a sacred number to Freemasons. The Vatican didn’t get the story straight. There is an ongoing theory that the Pope was assassinated by a group of high-ranking clergymen and bankers because John Paul I planned to investigate the Vatican’s finances.

After two hundred years, the Illuminati was very thorough at covering its tracks. Although the Pope had relieved him of his duties just hours before, Cardinal Villot took charge. As the senior Cardinal he was now, in essence, the acting Pope. He first locked himself in the bedroom and collected prescription medications from the bedside table and most of the notes including the secret meeting. Also taken were the Pope’s candies, his reading glasses, his slipper and a glass of water along with other items. None of these items were ever seen again.

Next Villot sent Sister Vincenza away to a convent, forbidding her to tell anyone that she had found the Pontiff dead or anything about what she saw. Then at 6:10am he ordered that embalmers be summoned. Shockingly they arrived almost immediately. It was estimated, that given the distance they had to travel they would have had to be contacted at 4:45am, 15 minutes before the Pope was discovered. At 7:30am a public announcement was issued. The cause of death was heart failure.  


Instead of Sister Vincenza, It was reported that the Pope’s Secretary Monsignor McGee found him and the time was changed to 5:30am. By the time of the announcement the embalmers had already done their work. Just as in the case of the Russian Archbishop only 23 days before.  


The Vatican immediately embalmed the Pope’s body, making detection of poison in the Pope’s body impossible. The Vatican’s version of the Pope’s last day in office is inconsistent.

Normally a Pope’s embalming is not done until 24 hours after their death, in John Paul I case, as in Pius XI,  it was done immediately which was contrary to Italian law.  It is said it was done to cover up the poison Digitalis is the Pope’s body.

The Vatican’s version of the Pope’s death is that he went to bed at 9 pm, he had a heartache at 11 pm and he was discovered in the morning looking peaceful. They said he was smiling and holding a copy of the ‘Initiations of Christ’.

According to a doctor it would be impossible for him to be smiling and because your hands go limp when you die it would be impossible to hold anything. The Vatican then said he was holding a collection of mediations and sermons then. They said the Pope’s body was found by his Secretary Monsignor McGee. When it emerged it said his body was discovered by Sister Vincenza who had bought him his morning cup of coffee however Sister Vincenza was written out of the story because she knew too much.


Ten days after the Pope’s death Cardinal Villot assembled a conclave to elect a successor. The official electing body includes 111 Cardinals. Once sequester in the Sistine Chapel the Cardinals must invoke the power of the Holy Ghost to guide them to their decision. But in truth is the principle candidates for Pope are not determined behind the closed doors of the conclave. These decisions are made in the restaurants of Rome. Where the most powerful Cardinals meet for their meals.

When the Cardinals finally entered the Sistine Chapel for the close to a session on morning of Sunday morning 5th October 1978, it became the scene of a political manipulation on all levels. From promises whispered between Cardinals, to heated debates, with each ballot tensions elevated.  After the eighth ballot white smoke billowed up from the Vatican, signalling that a new Pope had been elected. It also signalled a defeat for the KGB and the Illuminati.


On 13th May 1981, in St. Peter's Square at Vatican City. The Pope John Paul II, was shot and wounded by Mehmet Ali Ağca. Ağca admitted it was an attempt sponsored by the KGB through Bulgaria. Of course both parties denied it. Ağca was dismissed as a lone nut. Distressed that he was left to carry the burden on his own, Ağca laid out the whole conspiracy for the Italian investigators.

Sergei Antonov a Bulgarian was arrested in Rome and charged with involvement in the assassination attempt. Soon the list widened to include three other Bulgarians and four Turks. Ağca yelled to reporters while he was being transported in 1983, that the KGB were involved. In the end the Italian courts decided there was insufficient evidence to try the accused conspirators.

It is quite naïve to think that the Illuminati only tried to use the KGB to infiltrate the Vatican. The Jesuits who were closely associated with the Illuminati had been involved with the Vatican for Centuries. It is possible that the KGB for their own reasons for why might want to infiltrate the Vatican. The Vatican, it has been proven over the years, is the pinnacle of all Satanist agendas and therefore the Illuminati would be a branch of the Vatican’s secret organisations.

The Vatican has always been light years ahead of the rest of humanity. It hoarded all the knowledge and treasures for a thousand years of the Dark Ages. It has always had access to all the worlds’ knowledge and secrets through its vast archives. It created other religions to provoke war and disunity among the peoples of the world.

It was able to secure all of England’s physical and future endeavours through the Treaty of 1213. It had remained untouched throughout the centuries despite having some of the world’s most evil people at its helm. It invited the Jesuits and the Knights Templar in, the latter providing untold knowledge and wealth.

The Jesuits were an off shoot of the Templars they infiltrated the Vatican over the years until they, acting for the Illuminati took control of the Vatican. So if the KGB wanted to infiltrate the Vatican, hoping to gain favour with the Illuminati then they should have realised that they weren’t the only avenue in.

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