On 4th June 1963, President John Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110, which called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815 in United States notes backed by silver, calling it the United States note. This act returned to the US government the power to issue currency, without going through the privately owned Federal Reserve System. This money was issued free of debt, and free of interest. It was enough money to allow the nation to conduct its business without needing to involve the Federal Reserve.


Five months later JFK was assassinated, and all ‘Kennedy bills’ were quickly withdrawn from circulation.


Executive Order 11110 remains in effect today, although the assassination of JFK served as a warning to future presidents. Don’t think about eliminating the US debt by excluding the Federal Reserve’s control over the creation of money or the consequences will be high.


Before he died JFK issued this warning to the American people.


“The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings…”―John F. Kennedy. This speech was given before the American Newspaper Publishers Association at the Waldorf0Astoria Hotel, in New York on 27th April 1961.


While Executive Order 11110 is undoubtedly the main reason JFK was executed there were many other players who also wanted Kennedy out of the way. Here are some documented situations and people who played a role in this murder.


President Kennedy’s last day began at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast in his honour, in Fort Worth, in his entourage was Vice President Lyndon Johnson and Texas governor John Connolly. From there he travelled to Dallas via Airforce One, for a luncheon. At the luncheon President Kennedy was going to give a speech attended by Dallas Citizens Council, Dallas Assembly and Graduate Research Centre of the Southwest at Trade Mart.


At Love Field a security change was made, the Dallas motorcycle police outriders for the limousine was cut from six bikes to two riders. One each side of the President, and they were made to drive behind the limousine not in front and next to.


The Secret service failed the President in Dallas, it is standard practice that the President car stays at 40 miles an hour. When Kennedy was shot the car had slowed to 7 miles an hour.


The Secret Service did not do their duty on the day of the assassination. The President’s protection was compromised from the very beginning. According to Col. L Fletcher Prouty, the Presidents men should have gone to Dallas a month earlier to look at every angle of the trip. Ordinarily, a special team would have been brought in to protect the president on such a special occasion, no such team was requested.


If the Secret Service had been doing their jobs, there would have been no open windows on the parade route. Had anyone opened one of those windows at that time the Secret Service would have been on the radio and been in the room immediately. There were no Secret Service people on the ground in Dallas that day, because they were told they were not needed.


The night before the assassination most of the Presidents bodyguards spent a drunken evening in a ‘The Cellar’ a notorious Forth Worth nightclub. Some staying until 5 am. Drinking alcohol while on a serious mission like this one was forbidden.


Agents were told not to ride on or near the back of the limousine, these orders came from Floyd Boring the head of the Secret Service. During the parade Emory P. Roberts the head Secret Service agent in the car behind Kennedy forced agent Henry J. Rybka to fall back from his position perched on the back of Kennedy’s limousine. Rybka can be seen showing his frustration at the command in the video footage of the incident. 


On the back of the Presidents car are handles for the Secret Service men to hold on to, when the car slows down they run beside the Presidents car. In Dallas, the Secret Service men were ordered to abandon their positions on the Presidents car. They didn’t like it but they followed their orders.


Normally there would be four motorcycle police one each side riding beside the President, however, all of the motorcycle police were removed from escorting the President. Two were placed on each side of the secret service agents while the rest were moved to the back of the parade.

The driver didn’t drive off until after the first shot, he stayed and waited for the President to be killed, leaving suspicion on the driver Secret Service Agent William Greer.


An FBI document states that at 1:45 pm less than one and half hours after the shooting, George H W Bush, was already trying to misdirect the FBI as to the killers. The document recorded:  That a Mr. Bush … telephonically furnished the following … that he recalled hearing in recent weeks, the day and the source unknown… one James Parrott has been talking of killing the President when he comes to Houston. How could you not remember when and how you heard someone say they were going to kill the president?


Many people claim there was a gunman on the grassy knoll which is probably true. However, David Ferrie talked about having three points of attack, which leaves the School Book Depository, the grassy knoll and the third and never talked about location, which is the drain / manhole in front of Kennedy’ limousine. The dedicatory of the bullet lines up perfectly a bullet moving in and upwards dedicatory from a lower position. Witnesses have stated that they saw a man climbing out of the end of the drain just after the assassination.


After the shooting Oswald was accused of killing Officer J. D. Tippit although Oswald did not have the time to get to Tippit. An interesting thing about Tippit was that he had a nickname ‘JFK’ because he looked like the President. It has been theorised that Tippit was murder to be made up as a dummy President so the powers that be could show the injuries consistent with the story being told about the assassination. 


Deputy Sherriff Rodger Craig told investigators that it was plain to him that Lee Harvey Oswald was not supposed to survive his arrest procedure. He said that when he arrived at the theatre a group of his fellow officers was waiting at the back of the theatre with guns drawn. Oswald, himself, was an experienced intelligence agent and once he realised that he was going to be made the ‘patsy’ for the assassination. He prolongs his life my yelling for all the witnesses to hear “I am not resisting arrest” over and over.


Oswald was escorted out of the basement Police headquarters after 36 hours interrogation, by detectives Jim Leavell and LC Graves. Both detectives claim they saw Jack Ruby with the gun, however it was too late to stop him. Within days Oswald was declared the ‘Lone Gunman’ of Kennedy.


Jack Ruby’s life was in chaos at the time of the shooting. He based his life around gambling, narcotics and prostitution. His Carousel Club in Dallas played host to members of the Dallas Police Force, as well as mobsters and gangsters. In the months preceding the assassination his phone calls from well-connected mobsters increased significantly. This pattern of phone calls began in late April with the announcement of President Kennedy’s planned trip to Dallas.


Seth Kantor was a journalist who knew Ruby well. He said that in the weeks preceding the assassination Ruby had visits from members of the underworld who he had not seen in a period of twenty years.


In May of 1963 Ruby travelled to New Orleans to recruit dancers for his club. New Orleans has always been run by the MAFIA in particular Carlos Marcello. Marcello was a target of Bobbie Kennedy’s war on organised crime. Marcello had swarm vengeance against the Kennedy’s. These underworld links were never investigated by The Warren Commission.


Beverley Oliver (who claims to be the Babushka women), former night club singer, claims she was in Jack Ruby’s club. She went and sat at the table with Ruby and dancer 'Jada'. Ruby introduced Oliver to his friend Lee. According to Oliver ‘Lee’ was Lee Harvey Oswald.  Janet 'Jada' Conforto was a dancer a Ruby’s Carousel Club and she corroborated this story.


Dallas Police Officer Billy Grammer, was on communications duty on the night before Ruby murdered Oswald. Around 9 pm he received a phone call, from a caller who refused to indemnify himself, this was while Oswald was in custody. Grammer thought he recognised the voice. The voice told Grammer that the police needed to change the plans on moving Oswald, the statement that the caller made was “we are going to kill him”. It was the next day, after Ruby killed Oswald that Grammer realised that the voice on the phone the night before was Jack Ruby’s.


When Ruby was interviewed by the Warren Commission which included Senator Gerald Ford, later to become president Ford, Ruby told them he could not talk to them in Texas. Ruby asked to be transferred to Washington so he could talk. Ruby was never moved from Texas so nothing ever came of the Commissions interview.


Beverley Oliver who was allegedly taking photos as the Babushka woman, had her camera a film taken off her by the FBI. Next to her however was Mary Ann Mormon who took a photo of the President and the Grassy Knoll behind him.


The ‘Mormon photograph’ was quiet famous, however, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that its significance was realised. Assassination researchers Gary Mack, the long-time curator and archivist for The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and photographer and Jack White noticed an image in the photo. The Image has been named ‘Badge Man’. It appears to show a man behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll, in a uniform, shooting at the President.


Gordon Arnold was a young US army cadet at the scene of the assassination. He wanted to film Kennedy from behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll, however, he was directed away from the scene by a CIA agent. Arnold then filmed the assassination from just in front of the fence. He said he heard at least two shots coming from behind him. Shortly afterwards he had his film confiscated by an armed man.


Lee Bowers was a railway signalman who was working in the Railroad tower behind the picket fence, at the top of the Grassy Knoll. Bowers testified to the Warren Commission that there were two men behind the fence that he could see. He said these two men were behind the picket fence before and during the assassination. Bowers died suspiciously in August, 1966, when his car left an empty road and struck a concrete bridge abutment near Midlothian, Texas.


Bowers story is confirmed by Ed Hoffman, a deaf mute, who was on the bridge overlooking the where Kennedy was coming, and could see behind the picket fence. Hoffman said he saw two men. One of them shot a gun from behind the fence then, he handed the gun to the second man who took the gun from the first man. Hoffman said man number one then straightened his clothes and walked off toward the Grassy Knoll. The second man, the one with the gun, took it apart and put it in a toolbox before walking away towards the railway tracks.


Hoffman tried to tell the police what he had seen. No-one was interested however, he was even offered money by the FBI to keep quiet about everything. It was hard for Hoffman to communicate what he had seen. This is probably why he is still alive.


Gordon Arnold didn’t believe there was any evidence that he was there the day Kennedy was shot, until he was shown the ‘Badge man’ photo which showed a silhouette of what could have been him.


Tom Wilson spent thirty years with US steel developing his image processing techniques for revealing imperfections in product services. His expert evidence in gunshot wounds has been accepted in Federal Court. In 1988 he began to apply that knowledge to images of the Kennedy assassination. Wilson has been rejected everywhere he has turned in his attempts to show what really happened to Kennedy. He’s tried talking to the media, the government, but no-one would listen.


Wilson’s examination have determined the bullet that shot Kennedy entered in an upward direction. Wilson went to Dallas and used all the electrical equipment available to him and he could get a reading that showed that ‘badge man’ was the shooter. ‘Badge man’ was up on a hill and was shooting down. The bullet that killed Kennedy was moving in an upward trajectory. After running multiple tests and excluding every other circumstance he came to one conclusion: Kennedy was shot by a man in the drain. There was a drain with a manhole cover just metres from the motorcade and the trajectory lines up perfectly. The route for escape leads straight to the Trinity River via a storm water drain.


After the assassination police arrested a dozen suspects in and around Dealey Plaza all of who were later released. Three of them were discovered in a boxcar in a Marshalling yard. No official word exists on who they were or what they were doing. Their arrest was widely photographed by the press. They became known as the three tramps.


It was determined that one of the tramps bore a striking resemblance it Charles B Harrelson, Father of Woody Harrelson. Charles B Harrelson was convicted of killing a judge in San Antonio Texas. He claims to have killed five people. He was connected to the Dallas underworld through Santo Trafficante, Carlos Marcello Hardy Matthews who was a strong arm man in Dallas in 1963, and Ruby claimed that Harrelson was his best friend. Charles B Harrelson denied being involved in the assassination.


Seth Kantor canter was at the hospital the day Kennedy was shot. While there he ran into Jack Ruby. Kantor knew Ruby well, and he said he was thinking of closing his club down for a couple of days out of respect for Kennedy. The Warren Commission investigated the claims and determined that Kantor was confused and he actually spoke to Ruby at the Police station. Ruby denied he had been at Parkland Hospital and the Warren Commission believed him.


Jack Ruby claimed he acted on impulse when he shot Oswald. The popular story was that Jack Ruby came in via the Main street ramp at the police station, however Roy Vaughn who was guarding the ramp guarantees that Ruby didn’t come in via the ramp. The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations in the 70’s sited that eight people didn’t see Ruby come down the ramp, many of who know Ruby Personally.

It was concluded in the Committee on Assassinations that Ruby used an obscure entrance into the building that was located in the alley way behind the building. From there he preceded into the lobby, where he entered an unlocked door that led directly into the basement. From there he would have entered into the parking garage he proceed through to the railing and up through the railing to the spot where he killed Oswald.


Reporters on the scene backed up the railing story, Two policemen guarding the door into the basement had been relieved of their duties and placed in the street shortly before Ruby entered the building, thus giving Ruby the opportunity to enter the basement.


The FBI in Washington at first had given full co-operation to the Dallas police. Their field agent in Dallas in charge of the Oswald file prior to the assassination was James Hosty he was directed to help the police in their initially interrogation of Oswald. But within hour these orders were changed. He was approached by one of the senior agents from the counter intelligence squad and he told him there were now new orders and he was not to talk to Oswald anymore. He was told not to co-operate with the police department any manner concerning Oswald’s background.


Hosty has since determined that those orders came from assistant director William Sullivan who was in charge of the counter intelligence squad. Sullivan was also the person who had direct liaison with the National Security Council. The National Security Council is the President, The Vice President, The Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defence.


In order to shoot President Kennedy, Oswald needed to squeeze his way out of the sniper perch, maneuver his way through stacks of books, hide the gun on the way, and descend four flights of stairs unobserved, and yet appear calm and unruffled in from of Officer Baker all within 90 seconds.


Less than 15 minutes later police were describing a wanted person who closely represented Oswald. Who provided this description is still unknown. Meanwhile Oswald had gone to a Taxi rank, politely offered the cab in line to another passenger, he took the next cab to his home in Elm St. He grabbed a jacket and revolver and was last seen by his landlady standing at a bus stop shortly after 1 pm at 126 North Bentley Drive.


In another part of Redcliff, Officer JD Tippet had pulled over a man on the side of the road. Helen Markham witnessed the shooting of Tippet. She said Tippet was shot four times. With Helen Markham, car dealer Ted Callaway identified Oswald as the man who shot JD Tippet. The different routes taken by the assailant were not the only thing different, about the shooter. The man in question was wearing different clothes according to both witnesses. One witness said there were two men involved in the shooting who ran off in opposite directions. It was said that Tippet was shot with an automatic shotgun, while Oswald was carrying a revolver.


Oswald was able to walk down the street to the theatre without being noticed despite police checking all males in the area for the assassin. Oswald was seen to dodge into the theatre without paying. He slipped in to the movie between 1pm and 1:07 pm. According to official records Tippet was shot at 1:07 pm.


The main evidence against Oswald was the bolt-action shot gun discovered 30 minutes after the assassination. There is no record of Oswald’s interview with Dallas Police.


Oswald was not the one dimensional character that the Warren Commission made him out to be. Oswald was in the marine corp. he had a high security clearance, he was stationed over at SUVI, he was one of the guys who tracked the U2 flights over Russia. He reached the rank of buck sergeant.


 Two weeks after he left the army he went to Russia and allegedly renounced his American citizenship. While in Russia he met his future wife, she thought his Russian was so good she believed he was from Russia. This indicates that he was been trained in Russian. Oswald claimed that he never renounced his citizenship, and at all times was under the protection of the American consul.


Lee Harvey Oswald was a ‘Patsy’ he was a CIA asset, however, he could not have been the gunman. When you look at the footage of Kennedy getting shot and he is seen moving back and to the left. This would be impossible if he was shot from behind. Once arrested Oswald was given a Paraffin Test, I test to see if he’d fired a gun that day. The result was that Oswald had not fired a gun that day. In Oswald’s possessions, the police found a spy camera issued to him by the CIA and a letter to Mr. Hunt requesting what his next assignment was.


Oswald’s history of training with the CIA, then moving to Russia, then returning home, then attempting to move to Cuba and his pro-Marxist agenda was enough to draw the attention of FBI boss J Edgar Hoover.


Oswald managed the local chapter of the ‘Fair Play for Cuba’ Committee he advocate opening up trade with Cuba, and call himself a Marxist. Guy Bannister paid Ron Lewis (Who would later say Oswald knew Ruby well) and Oswald. Bannister was the head of the Chicago office of the FBI, although they weren’t paid directly by Bannister.


Bannister had Oswald handing out anti-Castro leaflets on the streets in Florida. Oswald was only pretending to pro-Castro. He was also on the street passing out anti-Castro propaganda. He was arrested for passing out the propaganda and the CIA got him off.


Lee Harvey Oswald was clearly a CIA plant, he was sent to Russia in the hope that he would infiltrate Russian intelligence. While there he got married to a Russian girl. Oswald returned to America a communist and continued to be a CIA asset. He was allegedly pro-Cuba.


Oswald was a patsy. He was set up by the assassins of Kennedy to be the fall guy.


Oswald knew Jack Ruby very well, they used to run guns together. Oswald ran guns out of Guy Bannister building 544 Camp St New Orleans. Oswald used Bannister address on his pamphlets and the account he used to pay for them was the CIA’s. Bannisters office was across the street from Naval Intelligence and the Secret Service. Around the corner was the Crescent City Garage a garage used by the intelligence community and then a FBI building.


George DeMorhenschildt was petroleum geologist and professor who befriended Lee Harvey Oswald in the summer of 1962 and maintained that friendship until Oswald's death. DeMorhenschildt was the man who got Oswald the job at the Texas school book depository. DeMorhenschildt was a CIA agent. The night before he was to give evidence at senate committee into assassinations his head was blown off with a shotgun. In his address book at the time was George H W Bush’s personal contact information.


E Howard Hunt set up an office at 544 Cam St, the Cuban revolution Council, it was a dummy company. 


Kennedy had threatened to stop the CIA from importing drugs and selling them to American people to cover the cost of their black operations. He wanted to pull the CIA apart.


At Parkland Hospital, the world’s media were reporting that the shots had come from the front of the vehicle. Malcolm MacGregor "Mac" Kilduff, Jr. was a United States journalist, best known for making the public announcement of the death of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. He indicated that Kennedy had been shot in the right temple. He attributed the finding to Admiral George Burkley who was the president’s private physician.


Connie Kritzberg was a journalist who interviewed two of Kennedy’s treating doctors, Dr. William Kemp Clark who was head of neurosurgery and Dr Malcolm Perry. Dr Clark told her that Kennedy had a large gaping hole at the back of his head. Perry said he was working on an entrance wound below Kennedy’s Adams apple. The next day Kritzberg found that the story she had filed had been changed. There was one line inserted at the end of the third paragraph “A doctor admitted there was possibly one wound”. She immediately chased up the city desk to find out who changed the story. She was told it was the FBI.


Dr Evalea Glanges was a second year medical student at South Western medical Univercity in Dallas Texas, She ran around the side of the building at Parkland Hospital and the presidential limousine was there. She noticed that there was a bullet hole in the windscreen which she pointed out to a friend. Glanges had been raised around guns and said it was very clear it was a through and through bullet hole from the front to the back. At the time she did not know the details of what happened. While she was looking at the vehicle someone jumped in the vehicle and drove it away.


The secret service removed the limousine and flew it back to Washington DC before the Dallas police could examine it. Lawyer Douglas Weldon has studied what happened to the limousine. Secret Service agent Charles Taylor Jnr who had accompanied Secret Service Agent Sam Kinney in driving the vehicle back to Washington DC noted a small hole in the front centre of the windscreen. The car was housed in the Whitehouse garage for a few days before it disappeared.


It is understood that the vehicle was smuggled out of Washington to the Ford car factory’s Rouge Plant. George Whitaker Snr was a lifetime employee with Ford. On 25th November 1963, he went to work and found the Kennedy limousine stripped of all its interior and missing it front windscreen. He was a manager, so he went to the glass lab, where he was greeted by a locked door. He knocked and his subordinates told him they were using the windscreen with the hole in it as a template. They had been told to make an exact duplicate of the Kennedy limousine windscreen.


The Presidents body was switched while on Air Force One. When the body arrived at Bethesda Hospital the wounds were substantially different from the wounds describe in Texas, This was because the power elite probably switched the body for J.D Tippit and/or had John Liggett work on the body until it looked the way the official version said thing should be. The men who stole Kennedy’s body very were powerful men.


John Liggett was a highly skilled embalmer, he would rebuild eyes, noses, lips and all part of the face for funerals. He’d worked all night long on someone who had been shot in the face. He was the best of the best. John Liggett worked at the Restland Funeral Home. Liggett’s wife was Lois.


On the day of the assassination Liggett was with Lois at Restland attending the funeral of Lois’ aunt, when he was called away for a phone call. when he came back he told Lois the President had been assassinated. He told her that he was called to go to Parkland hospital. John called Lois from Parkland, she asked if Restland had gotten the job, he said no some other company had gotten it. Liggett then told her not to try and call him, as he had a lot of work to do, he didn’t elaborate on what.


Tippit was shot in the right temple. Tippit was pronounced dead at the Methodist Hospital, however, for reasons that no-one can explain, he was the transferred to Parkland Hospital. The newsmen focused on the body of Kennedy didn’t notice that Tippit’s body was shipped on to Air Force Two, there is photographic evidence of a casket being loaded on board the plane that day. John Liggett was on Air Force Two waiting for Tippit and Kennedy’s bodies.


After the assassination, Liggett came into a lot of money. He bought Lois and her family a big home. However, he started gambling and throwing wild parties.  His marriage to Lois ended in divorce in 1966.


It is believed that G Gordon Liddy, former CIA agent, working with E Howard Hunt had shot J.D Tippet, however, he had botched the job, he was supposed to have shot Tippit in the back of the head.


Kennedy’s body arrived at Love Field a few minutes later and was placed upon Air Force One. While at Love Field all the people on-board Air Force One were told they had to move to the forward compartment and witness the swearing in of Lyndon Johnson. This was just a trick to get Jackie Kennedy away from her husband’s coffin, so they switch the coffin with Kennedy in it with an empty one. Kennedy’s body was placed aboard Air Force Two alongside Tippit’s.


On Air Force Two, Liggett started to make a copy of the dead President out of Tippet’s body. In order to obscure the real damage to Kennedy Liggett was making Tippit’s injuries appear consistent with a shot from behind. Liggett realised this was almost impossible. Liggett was not able to create the illusion that was required. Liggett had Kennedy’s brain which was blown apart and Tippets with a full brain but still a frontal injury. With all his embalming experience he realised a ‘botched’ job was all he could deliver.


He sawed of Tippit’s skull and removed the brain so no-one could track the path of the bullet. Liggett then made a large hole in the back of Tippit’s brain to copy the damage done to Kennedy. With this done he rebuilt the skull then set about making the cadaver of Tippit look more like Kennedy’s. He shaved his eyebrows, slightly brought forward Tippit’s slightly more receding hairline filling in missing segments of both heads with plaster of Paris and rebuilding parts of the flesh with wax.


Liggett had been missing for 24 hours after Kennedy died. His wife Lois described how he came home he was physically a wreck his clothes were all dishevelled, unlike the man who was always impeccably dressed. He looked like he’d been through something traumatic. He said to her that they were going to get out of town for a while “until all this blows over” however he never explained what ‘this’ was.


At this stage, Lee Harvey Oswald was still alive. Lois Liggett says that while sitting in their motel room John saw Ruby kill Oswald on television. She said that from that moment on John relaxed and said “Everything’s going to be OK now”. John Liggett was photographed with Jack Ruby at one of Ruby’s clubs, so it is assumed they were associates.


When the Presidents coffin arrived back at Andrews Airforce base it was empty. Instead of placing Tippit’s body in a coffin identical to the one on Air Force One they placed him in a grey metal coffin inside a body bag. After the empty coffin was taken away, the two bodies were loaded onto a helicopter. FBI agents Francis X O’Neill and James William Sibert made the journey to Bethesda Hospital in the car behind the hearse. Which carried Jackie and Bobby and Admiral George Berkley.


Berkley guided the family into the building then directed the coffin to be dropped off at the back.


All of a sudden “all hell broke loose”, it was mayhem and nobody seemed to know what was going on. The military men were rushing around everywhere talking about decoy ambulances they had been ordered to follow. There were also many helicopters in the air that night. It seems this confusion was created with intention of misleading both the press and the large crowd that had gathered.


People were asking which ambulance was it that contained the Presidents body. A rumour started that it was coming via helicopter. The FBI claimed they help bring the body in while a team of Navy men claimed they did it alone. It seemed clear that two bodies were brought to the morgue while confusion reigned.


They forgot to switch the bodies in the coffins. Aubrey Rike, in Dallas said he help put President Kennedy’s body into a bronze ceremonial casket while mortuary technician Paul O Connor at Bethesda Hospital received a grey metal coffin with the ‘President’ inside a body bag. The autopsy then took place while FBI agents O’Neill and Sibert made the observation the body appeared to have undergone surgery prior to autopsy mainly in the head area, which they put in their report.


Commander Dr. James Humes state “The moment he touched the head pieces of the skull fell down onto the autopsy table”. That is not possible unless surgery had been done before hand and that surgery could only have been done on the flight from Texas. Humes could not find any of the bullets while Berkley interfered constantly with the procedure steering Humes away from the torso. Humes actually told the Warren Commission that the bullet entered and exited from the same hole in Kennedy’s head, claiming it had done a U-turn.


Dr. James Humes the Navy doctor was chosen to do the autopsy on JFK, despite the fact he’d never done an autopsy involving gunshot wounds before. He never examined Kennedy’s clothes, in a standard autopsy he should have dissected all of Kennedy’s wounds to trace the path of the bullets, and he didn’t. He didn’t even realise that Kennedy had a throat wound. He later claimed his drawing of the wounds were wrong, they showed a bullet entry in the back of Kennedy’s back and head. He lost Kennedy’s brain, which is still missing, and then he burned his notes.


With the autopsy over Jackie and Bobby were shown the body ready for burial. They were both unconvinced by Liggett’s attempt to make Tippit look like Kennedy. Witnesses there at the time said Bobby scoffed and said: “It doesn’t look anything like him”. Jackie Kennedy was adamant “It isn’t Jack” she declared “That looks like something you’d find in Madam Tussaud’s Was Museum.”


Today doctors who worked on Kennedy, Dr. Robert McClelland, Dr. Paul Peters, Dr. Richard Dulany and Dr “Pepper” Jenkins all agree there was a large hole in the back of Kenny’s head, an exit wound. Evan the news media initially including Walter Cronkite agreed that there was a large gaping hole in the back of Kennedy’s head.


Dr Charles A. Crenshaw describes the wounds very differently from the official autopsy photos, he said Kennedy had two frontal wounds and the loss of the front of his head with exposure of the cerebellum.


According to Dr. Cyril Harrison Wecht, American forensic pathologist. He has been a consultant in numerous high-profile cases, says it is impossible for the bullet found on the stretcher to be the bullet that shot Kennedy and Connolly because it is pristine condition.


If it were the bullet then it would be damaged and misshapen. It would also not have magically appeared on the gurney in the hospital the way it did. It is also impossible for a bullet to turn at right angles like this one supposedly did. The bullet is alleged to have entered Kennedys back turn upwards and come out of his throat. Then made a sharp right turn veered upwards to Connolly’s chest come out turned and gone through Connolly’s wrist. Then made another shape right turn and lodged itself in Connolly’s leg and then fallen out on a gurney at the hospital which Connolly was never on, and still be in pristine condition.


Kennedy’s original autopsy photos clearly show an entry wound into the front of his neck and then a large exit wound at the back of his head. These photos and Kennedy’s body was mutilated to make it look like he shot from the back.


The pristine bullet found in the hospital, the one that has supposedly shot through Kennedy and Connolly and then magically appeared on a gurney in the hospital is considered even more suspicious when you consider that Jack Ruby was also in the hospital at that time. It has been theorised that Ruby was in the hospital to place the bullet gurney.


Allen Dulles was the head of the newly formed CIA, He was also in charge during the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy fired him over the Bay of Pigs incident, so why was someone with such bias against Kennedy put in charge of the Warren Commission? The CIA is a community, not an organisation, so the people in charge knew that Dulles would toe the line and keep the conspiracy intact.


Alan Dulles worked closely with Nazi bankers (Prescott Bush and Averill Harriman) during World War II. This qualified him to become director of the newly formed CIA. People were shocked when he was put in charge of the Warren Commission given he was a prime suspect. Being fired from the CIA doesn’t mean much. The CIA is like a brotherhood and you only trust who you know, those were loyal to Dulles, were still loyal to Dulles.


George H W Bush is tied to Dulles through his father Prescott. Alan Dulles was close friends with Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman. Before the CIA that Prescott worked for Army Intelligence the forerunner to the CIA. Through Harriman, Prescott is also tied to Richard Mervin Bissell Jr the CIA Director of operations for the Bay of Pigs and also fired by Kennedy. Bissell like E Howard Hunt worked for Harriman for ten years.


During the War E Howard Hunt was working in Europe and reporting daily to Averell Harriman.

Prescott Bush was a director of the Union Bank along with Averell Harriman, they were also partners in Brown Brother Bank Co. Prescott Bush sponsored Nixon into politics, Nixon in turn hired Jack Ruby, E Howard Hunt and Governor John Connolly.


Through Skull & Bones, George H W Bush met Neil Mallon, CIA Recruiting officer, who gave him his first job out of Yale, working for his oil mining company. Brothers under the skin are what Bonesmen call each other.  Robert A. Lovett architect of the CIA was also a Bonesmen. F. Trubee Davison was also selected for membership in 1918, the year Prescott did the picking. Davidson was in charge of hiring at the CIA in 1948, the year George HW Bush left Yale, and was looking for a job. Davidson had a son Endicott Peabody Davison was in the class of 1948 making him a ‘brother under the skin’ with George H W Bush. He’s also the Bush family lawyer.


In 1947 Jack Ruby was working for Congressmen Richard Nixon. Nixon has admitted he was in Dallas on the day Kennedy was shot. Nixon has two different explanation as to how he found out about the assassination.


Jack Ruby who was seen in Parkland Hospital near where the mystery bullet was found. Ruby who was possibly aware he had cancer and was dying when he was given free passage by the Dallas Police to sneak into one of the most secure places in the state and was able to walk straight up to Oswald in a crowded garage and shoot his long-time friend. It is also possible that Ruby was being blackmailed or had his family threatened if he didn’t go along with the plan.


In 1959, George H W Bush started his offshore drilling rigs Zapata, just off the coast of Cuba, the same year Allen Dulles started to plan the Bay of Pigs code named operation Zapata. Zapata was a front organisation for supplying guns and other equipment for the Bay of Pigs invasion force.


During the Bay of Pigs, E Howard Hunt moved to the CIA as a supervisor for the invasion, and Richard Bissell to become director of planning for the invasion both moved from Harriman’s Office to the CIA. At the same time, GHW Bush moved to work at Zapata.


Prescott also partnered with William J Casey director of CIA under Reagan. In 1962 at the time Kennedy was moving to dismantle the CIA, Prescott and Casey founded the National Strategy Information Centre to fight against Kennedy’s efforts.


There were overlapping agendas, John J McCloy, former head of the World Bank, former President of the Chase Manhattan Bank and former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and Former Chairman of The Ford Foundation and former trustee of the Rockefeller foundation was appointed to the Warren Commission. McCoy was definitely not a homicide investigator.



Allan Dulles was made head commissioner of the Warren Commission. As already stated, this was suspicious. The report concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman. The Warren Commission decided that there were three shots fired. In reality, there were as many as 12 bullets fired.


According to the Warren Commission Report, there were only three shots:

1st Shot struck Kennedy in the back and exited his throat and Shot stuck Governor Connolly in the back and exited through his right chest, then went through his right wrist and ended up embedded in his thigh and the bullet fell out at Parkland hospital.


2nd That it probably missed and flew off into Dealey Plaza somewhere.


3rd Shot struck President Kennedy in the head and killed him.


No witnesses at any time have ever described the assassination that way.


Jim Garrison of the Warren Commission and New Orleans district attorney called the three bullet theory “One of the grossest lies ever forced upon the America people...”


Garrison got David Ferrie to talk and he gave details of the planning, however news of Ferrie’s co-operation leaked out and Ferrie was killed. It was said that he died of a brain haemorrhage although there was two suicide letter found in his home neither of them signed.


Clay Shaw was a businessman involved international commerce, he is the only man convicted of killing President Kennedy. Clay Shaw was a CIA asset. Oswald was paid by Clay Shaw to distribute pro-Castro pamphlets in Miami however that was just a front.


Lee Harvey Oswald told a friend that Roscoe White was supposed to kill Kennedy. Roscoe White was Dallas Police Force member. It is believed that he was ‘badge man’. Man number one, who passed the weapon to man number two behind the picket fence, behind the grassy knoll. Beverley Oliver claimed to have seen White at the scene of the assassination.


The CIA never questioned Guy Bannister. 


In 1942 the assets of the Union Bank run by Prescott Bush and Avril Harriman was seized by J Edgar Hoover, as they were operating as Hitler’s bank in in the US. They were charged under the ‘Trading With the Enemies Act’.


The full extent of Lyndon Johnson’s murderous ways was not made public until eleven years after his death.  Billie Sol Estes was one of Johnson man. Sol Estes claimed Johnson killed Henry Marshall, George Krutilek, Ike Rogers and his secretary, Harold Orr, Coleman Wade, Josefa Johnson, John Kinser and John F Kennedy.


Johnson murderous cycle began with John Douglas Kinser who was having an affair with Josefa Johnson, Lyndon Johnson sister, she had loose lips, she was a drug user, she was an alcoholic, and she was sexually promiscuous. Lyndon Johnson suspected Josefa might tell Kinser or others Lyndon Johnson political activities. Malcolm Wallace shot to death John Kinser, Wallace was provided with a lawyer by Johnson.


Malcolm Wallace was found guilty of the murder of John Kinser. Lyndon Johnson got him off with a five-year suspended sentence.


Johnson’s friend Edward Power gained power with a number of high positions in the Texas State Government. He became Johnson’s lawyer and ally, Edward Power would make sure power was controlled by their top men. John Douglas was an attorney in Austin said “Edward Clark took care of thing in Dallas” This I just one of the theory about the men who killed Kennedy.


After Johnson became a senator in Washington, Johnson established an unrivalled power base, using his forceful personality, political skills, and corruption. He established himself as one of the most influential men in Washington, but as vice President to Kennedy, he lost most of that power.


By 1961 his past was catching up with him. Henry Marshall a local agricultural official began investigating one of Johnson illegal source of funding. Marshall became aware of Billie Sol Estes illegal cotton funds. Attempts to buy off Marshall had failed and his investigations had threatened the Vice President. On 3rd June 1961, Henry Marshall failed to return home. A search of his property led to the discovery of his body. Despite having five bullets to the head his death was ruled a suicide. Clinton Carter was the trigger man and Malcolm Wallace gave the order, under instruction from Johnson.


Bobby Baker was the secretary to the senate, he was one of Lyndon Johnson closest associates. Everything Johnson wanted to perpetrate he had Bobby’s help. If someone wanted a military contract they had to pay off Bobby Baker, who would pay off Johnson. Bobby Baker was involved in a call-girl service, he was involved in real estate schemes, he was involved in organised crime, and he was involved with oil men, particularly "Clint" Murchison from Texas. With some arm-twisting, Lyndon Johnson was done for. With a little inspiration from the Kennedy’s, Baker was convinced to talk. Which meant that not only was Johnson not on the ticket for the 1964 election, he was going to jail.


Behind the scenes Kennedy was pulling a lot of very dangerous strings, He was committed to pulling out of Vietnam, he signed a document to that effect; MSA33, a thousand troops home by Christmas, and a total withdrawal by 1965. That wasn’t very good for the American Military Industrial Complex.


Kennedy was dismantling the CIA as it was and bringing the back to just providing intelligence. He had enemies within Texas, the home of big oil. He was planning on cutting the pollution allowance, they would have made billions of dollars if it stayed as it was.


‘Clint’ Murchison was Kennedy’s major nemesis, Murchison controlled Johnson. BH Bird was an underdog for Murchison. He owned the Dallas Book Depository. He founded the Civil Air Control, Lee Harvey Oswald was a member of the Civil Air Control. ‘Clint’ Murchison was involved in many illegal operations with Bobby Baker, and if the corruption would lead back to Murchison and maybe he would go to jail.


John Connolly was Johnson good friend. Connolly was the person who enticed Kennedy to Texas. Once they get Kennedy there they were in charge of everything, the motorcade routes, the evidence and the Dallas Police.


The Late Madeline Brown was Johnson’s mistress, she first met Johnson in 1947. She was invited into the Johnson inner world of corruption. One the eve of Kennedy’s assassination she was invited to the home of Clinton Williams ‘Clint’ Murchison Snr. There were many significant people there, Richard Nixon, J Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Johnson and a number of others. When Lyndon Johnson arrived they all went into a room for a private meeting. When Johnson came out he whispered in Madeline Brown’s ear “Those Blankety Blank Kennedy's will never embarrass me again, that’s not a threat that’s a promise”


The Late Dr Charles Crenshaw experienced the new Presidents controlling hand. He was working to save Oswald’s life after Jack Ruby had shot him. He was urgently called to the phone in another room. He heard this voice like thunder “This is the President…” he asked how the patient doing is. He then ordered him to take a message to the surgeon. “I would like the patient to take a deathbed confession”. When Crenshaw published his memoirs, he was criticized and Johnson denied the call. The Parkland Hospital Switchboard operator confirmed Crenshaw received the call. She said she received a call saying “Hold the line for the President.”


From the moment he became President, Johnson had the power to curtail the investigation, both nationally and on the ground in Texas. One of the most compelling evidence that Johnson killed Kennedy was Malcolm Wallace and the fingerprint. An unidentified fingerprints taken from cartons on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository on November 22, 1963. The fingerprints were those of Malcolm E. "Mac" Wallace, a convicted killer with ties to Lyndon Johnson. It was much later that it was proved to be Wallace’s fingerprints.


Fingerprints do not last long on a cardboard box so it fair to say Malcolm Wallace was up in the sniper nest around the time of the assassination. It was a thirty-five point match, enough to convict anyone. The Dallas Police were the only people to take notice of the fingerprint because to them Kennedy’s murder still an open case. They were told to forward it up the line to the FBI. The FBI took eighteen months to say it wasn’t a match. According to official records Malcolm Wallace died in a single car accident on a lonely stretch of highway in Texas on 7th January 1971, there were no witnesses.


Eight months later Cliff Carter unexpectedly died. Shortly before Carter died he met with Billie Sol Estes, Sol Estes knew some things but Carter knew more, there were seventeen murders that Carter told Sol Estes about. He told Sol Estes that he feared for his own life. Two days later Carter was dead.


Johnson was an evil man, however, he was but a bit player in the murder. While he might have been in on the planning, there was power far greater than Johnson also planning the assassination. For the true answer, we must go must deeper.


In 1970 Nixon bought George H W Bush and E Howard Hunt into the Whitehouse.


After Bush lost two elections for senate, Nixon invited him into the Whitehouse. E Howard Hunt came trailing behind. According to HR Haldeman Nixon’s Chief of staff said, no-one could figure out how Hunt got into the Whitehouse. No-one in the Whitehouse had any connections to the CIA. No-one but Bush who had worked on the same anti-Castro CIA operations as Hunt. How is it possible that these three people happened along to the Whitehouse? Could it all be tied into the death of JFK?


Nixon was only a small fish in 1964, if we want to talk about the big string puller we need to look at the Fords, The Harriman’s and especially the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who had so much to lose under Executive Order 11110.


Nixon insisted on hiring John Connolly in the Whitehouse as Secretary of Commerce despite the fact he was the leading Texas Democrat. Haldeman says that before they hired Connolly they first had to find a Whitehouse job for Bush.


Spotlight magazine wrote an article sighting a memo written by Richard Helms CIA Director for Nixon which place E Howard Hunt an admitted assassin in Dallas on the day Kennedy was murdered. The memo says “Hunt was in Dallas the day the President was murdered and was involved in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy”. Hunt sued Spotlight for slander. Over the years, Hunt had given five different accounts of where he was when Kennedy was shot. The jury found the magazine innocent thus making Hunt guilty of killing Kennedy.


During the trial, Richard Helm testified that Marita Lorenz was a CIA agent working for them. During the trial, Lorenz testified that she was part of the CIA’s operation 40, who carried out terrorist raids against Cuba from 1960 to 1963 during 1963 she was working for CIA operative Frank Sturgis.


One day Sturgis told her to pack her bags they were going on a mission so they drove to Dallas, with two station wagons full of men and guns. When they got to Dallas, E Howard Hunt appeared and started passing out maps and money. It was clear this was going to be an attack on American soil. Lorenz told Sturgis I’m getting the hell out of here and flew back to Florida. The next day Kennedy was shot. The following day Sturgis returned to Miami and told Lorenz “You should have been there we made history, we killed the President”


Hunt didn’t have the power to steal the President’s body though. And he didn’t have the power to get the media to lie about it for the next 40 years. Former president Richard Nixon might be a good place to start. Nixon chose Hunt to lead his private Whitehouse goon squad called the plumber unit.


Hunt became famous as the head of the Watergate burglars. Hunt started sending messages to Nixon that he needed one million dollars to keep his mouth shut or he’d start talking about being a CIA assassin. At the same time, Hunt started talking to reporters saying that he was a CIA killer. Nixon called up the FBI and told them to stop investigating Hunt and that it would open up the whole Bay of Pigs thing (code for the Kennedy assassination).


The money came to him via Bill Liedtke, Bush’s closest a most trusted business partner. Liedtke helped Bush found Zapata offshore. Even stranger Liedtke just handed the company over to Bush, no sale just a gift, so Bush could go on helping the CIA in the Bay of Pigs.


There was a memo released in 1988 from J Edgar Hoover entitled the Assassination of JFK, it talked about a meeting the day after the assassination between the FBI and the CIA. The memo names George H W Bush in Hoover’s report on the CIA’s misguided anti-Castro Cubans. The memo suggests that George H W Bush was responsible for the management anti-Castro Cubans. It also claims that the CIA sent Bush to Washington FBI the day after the assassination to answer for the anti-Castro Cubans.


The memo was a scandal in 1988 because it said Bush was in the CIA in 1964, which means Bush lied when he told the public he had no CIA experience before becoming the director in 1974. It means he was in the CIA when he ran for Senate and lost in 1964 and when he ran for senate and lost in 1970. When confronted with this information George H W Bush claimed they must have been talking about another George Bush.


 It meant Bush was in the CIA when Nixon brought him into the Whitehouse in 1973 bringing E Howard Hunt with him. The George H W Bush of this memo was clearly a supervisor of the Cuban operations. We’ve seen both the CIA and the misguided Cubans associated with the Kennedy assassinations. This makes George H W Bush directly associated with the assassination of Kennedy.


The trajectory of the shot to Kennedy’s head was consistent with a bullet being shot from the gutter on Elm Street, causing Kennedy’s head to move back and the left. The back and to the left movement proves without a doubt that a shot from behind, where Oswald supposedly was, made it impossible for his shot to have killed the President. Had one of Oswald’s shot hit Kennedy he would have slumped forward. There may have been shots from the grassy knoll as a large number of people ran up towards the fence at the back of the grassy knoll, however, the police surrounded the School Book Depository immediately.


Kennedy was shot on the incline up a pyramid with a missing capstone. Symbolism is crucial in Illuminati rituals.


In 1976 The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations were investigations the CIA role in the assassination of JFK. The CIA own publican stated that Hunt was in Dallas on the day of the assassination. William Colby was director of the CIA at the time and confirmed for the committee that Hunt was there. Colby claimed that Hunt and Bush were there and in charge, however, they were taking orders for Dulles and the Rockefellers.


Out of the blue Colby was fired. Bush was put in charge, supposedly with no CIA experience. He ended CIA co-operation with the CIA and the committee and shut down the whole investigation.


Furthermore, out of his own mouth, Bush admitted that he was in Dallas on the day of the shooting. Bush claims he doesn’t remember where or what he was doing the day Kennedy got shot or making the phone call. He’s in a unique club, like Nixon and Hunt who can’t remember where they were at the time Kennedy was shot. All have given conflicting statements concerning the day’s events.


177 people involved in the Kennedy assassination have died suspiciously, including many Dallas Policemen. As soon as Kennedy was killed a massive cover-up began, including getting rid of people who knew too much and people who refused to fall into line with the ‘official’ story. Once Jim Garrison started investigating, even more, witnesses were killed.


Just one the deaths: Dallas Police officer Buddy Walthers was on duty that day in Dealey Plaza he found a fourth bullet. Jim Garrison convinced Walthers to testify at the Clay Shaw trial. In June 1968. Walthers reported a bombing outside his home in Oak Cliff. It has been suggested that this was an attempt to warn him off talking to investigators such as Garrison about what he knew, regarding the assassination. The Shaw trial was due to take place in February 1969.


On 10th January 1969, Walthers was sent to a motel to question Walter Cherry, an escaped convict and a man suspected of a double murder. When the detective entered the room Buddy Walthers was shot dead but it unclear who shot him however no-one was ever arrested over the killing.


The CIA have developed a gun with a dart made of ice. The dart goes into the body and it mimics a heartache.


During Gerald Ford’s funeral, George H W Bush grinned when talking about the ‘deranged killer’ who assassination of JFK.

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