1776, Adam Weishaupt (and many other of his German Jewish friends) begin the Order of Illuminati. This was three years after the Vatican suppressed the Jesuit Society with the financing of the Rothschilds.


Adam Weishaupt was raised and taught by Jesuits, at the age of 28, he was Dean of the faculty of law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. He was obsessed with ancient Egyptian rites and rituals. He maintains contact with Freemasons. He was an avid reader of Jean-Jacques Rousseau who was a Francophone Genevan philosopher, writer, and composer of the 18th century. By the time of the Illuminati Freemasonry was already a prodigious secret society of long standing.


Goldsmith, Mayer Amschel Bauer (1743-1812), Bauer who changed his name to Rothschild and aligned himself this Adam Weishaupt.

On May 1st, 1776 the Order of the Illuminati was born. The Illuminati were a perfect storm of Freemasonic, banking and religious interests. If you are truly interested in separating fact from fiction then what remains fact about the Illuminati is truly disturbing. The Goals of the Illuminati are:


1. Abolition of all monarchical government and patriotism to it.


2. Elimination of private property and inheritance.


3 Destruction of the traditional family.


4. Eradication of all religion.


The Illuminati were an extreme sect of Freemasonry. The effects of these institutions cannot be overemphasized 


Over 5000 years of Occult history have been focused into freemasonry and the Illuminati


Weishaupt divided his Illuminati levels into thirteen levels - By that time Weishaupt borrowed the strict military standing hierarchical standing of the Jesuit and divided it into thirteen degrees. 1st level Nursery,  2nd level Preparation, 3rd Level Novice, 4th level Minerval,  5th level Illuminatus Minor, 6th level.  Second level freemasonry divided into two levels. 1 Symbolic Apprentice 1st Fellow of the Craft, 2nd Master Freemason. 2nd Scottish Illuminatus Major and Illuminatus Dirigens. Third level Mysteries 3rd Mysteries lesser - level 1st Priest and Regent and 2nd Mysteries Greater 1st Magus and 2nd Rex and the top level King or Areopagite.


Up until 1780, the orders of the Illuminati were only known within the boundaries of the Bavaria. If after three years as Minerval’s and they when on to become Illuminatus Minor they were permitted to know a little more a little more about the order. Weishaupt designed for his order a complex system of codes and analyses. The Illuminati became a true secret society within another. It soon became clear the Weishaupt’s Illuminati went far beyond simple ultraism.


The Illuminati grand plan was to install agents in all governments around the world. In the case of Russia an effective way of gaining control was to infiltrate its government structures.


Through his growing associations with Freemasons, Priests, Preachers, Dukes, Cornels, Professors and Counts. Weishaupt worked to weave the Illuminati into the rope of Freemasonry.  The Nobility wished to become members of the Illuminati to establish more connections to advance their own enterprises and interests. Members of the Illuminati were gradually told the intentions of the group, as long as they agreed with them and could be trusted to keep its secrets. In 1782 dozens of participants attended the masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad which became the power base of the Illuminati.


1782, Congress of Wilhelmsbad members of Weishaupt’s Illuminati Order met members of the Freemasonry at the Castle of Hesse (under Rothschild's care) from that time on Jews were allowed to become Freemasons.


Despite their best efforts at necessary secrecy, the Illuminati were exposed in 1784 by the Barvian government which soon issued an edict banning all secret societies. The workings of the order were contained in writings ceased by Barvian government which took them so seriously as to publish them in an official document entitled the original writings of the order of the Illuminati which was distributed to the major governments of Europe.


Some member of the Illuminati were arrested while most fled Barvian under the edict. This only spread Illuminati philosophy further throughout Europe. Adam Weishaupt went underground and re-emerged under the sponsorship of Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg. Where he would continue to write books on the Illuminati until his death.


The order of the Illuminati spread across Europe like wildfire.


It is accepted by historians today that the French Revolution was formulated by the Illuminati.


Occult Symbolism of the French Revolution. Scattered from Bavaria the Illuminati quickly re-emerged in France within pre-existing revolutionary groups the largest of which was the Jacobin club. The Jacobin with money from Louis Phillippe II, Duke of Orleans: Member of French Grand Orient Masonic Lodge bought up the grain supply in France to create an artificial food shortage in 1789.


The famine that resulted drove the people to revolt. The Jacobin’s told the people to blame the famine on King Louie XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette, and the Royal Family. The fate of that family was assured when it was alleged Queen Antoinette said “Let them eat cake” in response to the famine. Jacobin propaganda pinned this saying on Marie Antoinette to create maximum hatred for the royal family. It worked.


The hatred of all French authority did not stop with the King and Queen in 1793. By the time six successive waves of the French revolution had passed, over 18.000 people had been guillotined without trial. By the time the French Revolution burnt out it was estimated that the program killed 300,000 people all in the name of liberty, equality, and fraternity. The world’s first revolution guided by the Illuminati was complete.


Adam Weishaupt history is clouded in mystery although many say he bears an uncanny resemblance to George Washington. Others say that Weishaupt killed George Washington and took his place as the 1st President of the United States. Though this is hard to believe and even harder to prove..


Adam Weishaupt was taken in by Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg and wrote more materials for him. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was Great Grandson of Ernst II and consort to Queen Victoria. The British Royal Family are direct descendants of Ernst II. Since Ernst II became a member of the Illuminati 1783, it is expected that the teachings of Adam Weishaupt are being used by the British Royal Family today.


Giuseppe Mazzini replaced Weishaupt as the head of the Illuminati and also created the MAFIA. MAFIA is an acronym for the five founding members Mazzini, Autofizza, Furti, Incendi and Avvelenamenti.


Soon after Adam Weishaupt died Italian Giuseppe Mazzini was made the head of the Illuminati in 1834. Mazzini became a 33rd degree Freemason while attending the Genoa University. Mazzini formalized the MAFIA. With the waves of Italian immigration to American starting in the 1890’s the practices of the MAFIA merged with the Illuminati in America. There is a statue of Mazzini in Central Park, New York.  


Mad King Ludwig (Ludwig II of Bavaria) was a member of the Bavarian Illuminati, it was his castle that Walt Disney modelled one of his main Disneyland castles after. Ludwig II was used as the model for many of Disney’s Prince Charming characters. Ludwig II was a friend for many entertainers, he was a particular fan of Richard Wagner.

Adam Weishaupt