Prime Minister Tony Blair was facing an uphill battle to win the parliamentary elections. National polls showed that his pro-war party was sure to lose. Then right on time, the bombings of 7/7 and 7/21 occurred. And then evidence began to emerge indicating Western intelligence western involvement.

To understand the London bombing for first has to understand the Madrid bombings of 11th March 2004. Years after the train explosions it was discovered that Al-Qaida had nothing to do with the attacks. Everyone one of the bombers had links to the Spanish Security services. Including the head of their bomb squad. The alleged leader of the bombers reported gave dynamite to the terrorist was connected to the Madrid bomb squad.

On the morning of 7/7, we see the same thing. At 8.50am three simultaneous stations blow up on three separate trains. For the next hour and a half Scotland Yard claimed that the explosions were caused by power faults. Then the 15 minutes into the attack the London police orders the Number 30 Hackney to Marble Arch bus to leave its normal route and to park at the corner of Woburn Square and Tavistock Place. At 9:47 a four bomb goes off killing 13 people. Please note that of all the buses running that morning in London it is the only bush that the London police take control of. What’s even stranger is there is no Number 30 bus.

Weeks later police said that all four of the bomber didn’t fit the Modus Operandi of terrorist bombers. They bought two-way tickets, they had family families and good jobs. After Scotland Yard detectives spoke to witnesses on the record Scotland Yard stated that known of the bomber seemed aware that they had bombs in their backpackers. This only received passing mentions in the back pages of the newspaper.

Haroon Rashid Aswat was seen as the mastermind of the 7/7 bombings, he is also a British intelligence agent. This was revealed FOX 29th July FOX daytime programs. Former Justice Department Persecutor John Loftus revealed to FOX news that 7/7 Terrorist mastermind Haroon Rashid Aswat was being protected by MI6 British intelligence. 

David Shayler a former MI5 agent tells a story from a train bomb survivor, where he claims that the metal in the floor of the train was pointing upwards, indicating that the bomb was under the train and not in a backpack as described.

In Tony Blair’s cabinet in 2003 Michael Meacher was sacked for asking important questions about on the eve of the Iraq war. He says 7/7 was a very convenient means of control for those and ensuring there is fear and ensuring those who are in the know are in a position of extreme power.

Israeli Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on his way to meeting near the scenes of the blast when he received a phone call telling him to stay put. Ariel Sharon gave instructions to all Israeli ministers not to give an interview to the foreign press. Israel then attempted to manipulate the situation by saying they’d given a general warning to the British that day.

One of the chief tool used by the government is staging mock exercises at the same time as the real event is taking place. On 19th April 1995, the Oklahoma federal reserve building was bombed the AFT were running a mock exercise with their bomb squad at the same time the real event took place.

On 11th September 2001, the Pentagon was running five exercises two of them being the exact same places that were being attacked. This caused NORAD to stand down believing it was just a drill.

London was the same thing. It’s important to note that those taking part in the drills need not know they are part of a larger operation, in fact, it’s better for the conspirators that they not be informed. One of the chief reasons this done is if any operatives carry out the operation are court they can simply claim they are taking part in a drill or an exercise. On the morning of 7/7, there was an exercise targeting the exact same train and bus at the exact same locations.

Peter Power of Vasor Consultants a crisis management firm based in London explained on the news that they were running a terrorist Preparation Drill on 7/7.

Peter Power told ITN News in Britain: “Today we were running a drill…for the private sector and we sat everyone down in the City, a thousand people involved in the whole organisation but the crisis team, and the most peculiar thing. We’d based our scenario on simultaneous attacks on the London underground and mainline station we had to suddenly fix our exercise from fiction to real…”

Newsreader: “Just to get this right, you were actually working today on an exercise that envisioned a circumstance today”

Peter Power: “almost precisely…” he repeated himself to BBC radio five.

To put it in perspective for this to happen the odds of this happening is one in one Quattuordecillion that is a number with 41 zero behind it. Scientist has estimated that the earth has quintillion grains of sand, A Quintillion has 18 zeros after it.

So the question is who benefits. Tony Blair’s popularity had dropped to a 7 year low, his party was destined to lose the upcoming elections. Support for the war was dismissal but 7/7 attacks increased his ratings we still barely able to maintain control over the House of Commons. In the wake of the bombings, Tony Blair’s administration descended on the people with a raft of tyrannical legislations attacking the Press, Freedom of assembly and setting up the country for a martial law Civil Contingencies Act.

The Bombing took place during the G8 conference in Scotland, so Bush and Blair could grandstand and blame the whole thing on Iraq. Legitimizing their war.

Madrid Bombing